CRAZY! 150cc Vespa 946 Dragon Launched at 14.27 Lac in India

Piaggio believes Vespa 946 is their halo product and it can command any kind of money from it – by calling it a collector’s item…

Vespa makes some beautiful looking scooters and there is no doubt about that. But it also does some crazy stuff like this. The Italian brand has introduced the Vespa 946 in India in a special edition at a mind-boggling price tag.

The single seater Vespa 946 Dragon edition is a good looking scooter – one that appears to be crafted well. It comes with some dragon stickers here and there along with a commentary about the concept – which makes zero sense!

In essence, it is a stylish 150cc scooter which has a single leading-link shock at the front, 12 inch alloys and 220 mm disc brakes. And it has been priced at, wait a minute, 14.27 Lakh ex-showroom. And this is not some international price that I am converting to Indian rupees. This is the scooter’s actual price and you can buy that here from the company’s Motoplex stores.

Vespa 946

Promoted as a collector’s item, the Vespa 946 will be brought to India as a CBU (Completely Built Unit) and Vespa says there will be a very limited numbers it will make. Along with that Vespa will gift you a Varsity Jacket – which again gets a lot of commentary, just that there is no mention of safety (it appears to be a non-protective ‘fashion’ jacket).

If you are wondering, let me tell you this is not the first time such an atrociously priced product has landed in India. Back around 2015 also Vespa had introduced this 946 in some special edition at 12ish Lakhs!

How do you see such crazy acts from companies? Do buyers of such products exist? in India? Can anything be sold under the garb of ‘collector’s item’?