Vehicle Ownership Transfer to Become Easier in Case of Death

In such cases vehicle ownership transfer is a big hurdle as the nominee currently has to visit various offices to get the work done…

In a bid to make vehicle ownership transfer experience hassle-free, the road transport ministry is proposing an amendment of Central Motor Vehicle Rules. The proposed way of ownership transfer will work on similar lines of a bank account, wherein the account holder can have a registered nominee.

According to the new proposed rules, the vehicle owner can have a nominee named while applying for registration. If you already own a vehicle, you will get an option to add a nominee registered through an online application.

In case of the vehicle owner’s unfortunate death, the nominee can inform the registering authority in the state of his residence or place of business through an application and get a fresh registration certificate in his name electronically.

It will be a big sigh of relief for people, as currently, the deceased’s family members have to approach multiple offices and meet different requirements to get the registration transferred.

vehicle ownership transfer

The transport ministry also proposes new laws to make it easier to register vehicles that are more than 50 years old. The owners of such vehicles have to pay Rs 20,000 for the first registration, which will be valid for ten years. Post that, the renewal fee would be Rs. 5,000.

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These vintage vehicles will have a different registration mark, with a format – ‘XX VA YY ****’. While ‘XX’ stands for the state code, ‘VA’ expands as ‘Vintage’, ‘YY’ will be two-letter series, and ‘****’ will be a four-digit number from 0000 to 9999.

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Such vintage vehicles can be used only for display, demonstration, technical research, refueling, maintenance, or to take part in a vintage car rally.

Moin Ahmed

Source – ET Auto