User Review Yellow Karizma R: Dinesh Shares Mileage, Problems & Love for His Bike

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This is Dinesh Kumar.R. I am residing in Chennai. During college days i used to go by cycle. Once I completed my graduation, my goal was to own a motorbike which should be sporty but economical. Finally, after a year I bought my New “Karizma R” at the end of 2012. A Yellow beauty.

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Actually, Karizma R is an old bike released in 2007. In 2011, they refreshed it again with some changes. During my college days, I use to see the ad of Karizma with Hritik Rhosan. This ad inspired me a lot. The way they presented the ad which tells about the sporty look and the power of the Engine. It is something like king of Indian sports bikes.

At the time of my purchase. They also released “Pulsar 200 NS”. which was very new to the market and at first sight it looked cool. When I studied the bikes on engine, mileage, maintenance, I finally concluded that my Karizma R is far better in the above mentioned factors.

The factors I loved in my bike are 225cc Engine which is really powerful, Sports look (Indian bike with sports look, this is the best). Sports bike with economical price (Karizma wins again). I like the roaring engine sound. When I start the bike in the morning, I used to throttle for 1-2 mins which boost me to ride with energy for the day.

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When I ride my bike in the city, I feel like I am riding the bike which is faster than all other bikes on the road. When I overtake cars, I used to cheer up with words like “common…. u r the best my darling“. I had not used it much for long drives but once I took it to Tirupati. There were not many complaints.


I owned the bike for nearly a year. The mileage is ok but not excellent. It is 35 kmpl in the normal areas and 38-40 kmpl on highways. Pick up is one of the highlights in Karizma.



  • The electrical problems are very annoying in Karizma. The fuse blown away many times. Suddenly, in the night the fuse will show their back. I used to ride without lights. that moment it gets really irritating.
  • Tyres are one of major disadvantages, rear tyres are not well placed. Some times it skids when I apply hard brakes. Sometimes no control when I apply brakes gently.
  • Gear shifting is another thing which makes huge noise, especially when you shift it to first gear from neutral. I am dependent on my front brakes only most of the times.
  • Head light is also not good when compared to other bikes.

Apart from the things what I have mentioned here, My Karizma is a lovely bike and I will keep it for as long as I can.

Some of the moments I love my bike.

I like when others watch my bike, admire and tell something good. Sometimes others will ask me how is your bike regarding mileage and maintenance. Others will wonder when I ride faster in the city roads where others can watch! The racing sound (not exactly but almost racing sound) will pump up when I start.

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I recommend others to go for Karizma if you are a bike lover. In case if you feel more aged, ride Karizma to bring down your age and feel youthful.

Thanks guys for giving me the opportunity to admire and think about my bike.


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