User Review: Arun’s 2000 Kms Story of Dazzling Yamaha FZ-S

Hi Bikelovers,

I am Arun, a Radio technician by profession and live in beautiful valley of Dehradun, Uttarkhand. I am going to write my story of purchasing my dream bike and experience of riding it for first 2000 KMs.
First of all I want to thanks and all the bikelovers who have submitted their reviews which helped me in selecting a bike perfect for my requirements.

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Selection Process:

Story starts long back when I purchased an XCD 125 without self start in 2008. The bike ran fine for around 5 years and I was a satisfied customer of Bajaj till the Engine sound of my bike started changing. Let me tell you first that as a user I try to keep my belongings in good condition as far as possible. Regular servicing and upkeeping of every part of bike was a part of my life. Visiting service centre did not bring any fruits. Other than the Sound Rest all was good but still I sold it off soon and planned for a better 150 CC bike. XCD was fine though, at least for mileage 🙂

I started a survey about bikes in 150 CC segment. Most of my friends have Pulsar and because of that I decided not to purchase it. Changing sound of Engine after a few years is common in Pulsar also. This was second reason for staying away from it. I stroked out Apache for uncomfortable sitting posture and poor handling, but that was my personal experience, no offences.

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Other bikes in my mind were Hero CBZ extreme, Hero Hunk, Honda CB Unicorn, Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler, Yamaha FZS and Fazer. There are quite a few more 150 CC models available in market but I did not consider them for various reasons that include non appealing looks and common unpopularity. I chose Hunk from Hero, CB Dazzler from Honda and FZS from Yamaha as last three options.

After reading reviews on BikeAdvice and keeping my requirements in mind FZ-S became my last decision. Reasons for choosing FZS are as follows:

  • Chose FZS compared to Fazer because spending more money only for dual head lamp was not my requirement. However its adds to the looks and styling of bike but again it’s a matter of personal choice.
  • FZS has been in market for many years and proved to be a successful model among youngsters.
  • In spite of having 153 CC engine it produces more power compared to others.
  • FZS is best in styling and looks in its segment (ask any guy on road). Yamaha also keeps changing its colour schemes frequently so you shall not find same colour as yours everywhere around.
  • I rejected Hunk as Hero recently split from Honda made me doubtful about product quality and Dazzler had lean looks that I didn’t like.

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First Ride:

So finally I purchased a black-Orange (somewhat between orange and Red) combination FZS on 09 Jun 13. I purchased the bike from Ambala as the price was less in Haryana compared to Uttarakhand and decided to ride 200 KMs to Dehradun on the day itself. The Bike looked absolute beauty as soon as it came out of the showroom.

The bike started at first kick (Yes, Yamaha has recently included kick in FZS) and the steady sound of engine was lovable. I decided to limit my speed to 40 KMPH as Engine was new.

The route from Ambala to Dehradun includes both plains and mountains and offered a great opportunity to test the bike for riding comfort and handling. While riding through mountain curves I could see heads turning at my shining brand new bike. It made me feel like a Bollywood hero :D.

For about 4 Kms road was damaged and muddy but I could feel the grip of 140/60-R17 rear tyre and I realized how important role a tyre plays in a bike. The suspension of bike is a little stiff but you feel it only at low speeds. Cornering capabilities of FZS were absolutely fabulous and I can challenge anyone to beat FZS in this aspect. I completed the journey to Dehradun in around 4 hours and 40 mins and was feeling a little stretch in my back. That was because of the sitting posture which is not upright and gives a hint that this bike is not very good for long rides.

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Run In:

I kept my speed limited to 40 KMPH for first 500 KMs, 50 KMPH up to 1000 KMs, and 60 KMPH up to 2000 KMs. First few months pick up of bike was unexpectedly slow, but it improved with time and now its fine. But I must say Pulsar is better when it comes to pick up. I could also feel that RPM was dropping at minor slopes.

At steep slopes it required 2nd or sometimes 1st gear to climb up which was frustrating as I could see other bikes climbing at 3rd gear. But after Run-in period and 2nd servicing climbing capability also improved. I switched from normal petrol to extra premium and now my bike can compete any 150cc bike on road.

I have completed 2000 Kms now and completely satisfied with the performance of this bike. It turns heads even when I am with my wife (jelousy may be :P).


Mileage of FZS is the most controversial topic on internet and I have seen many people leaving the idea of purchasing FZS only because they have listened that it gives 35 KMPL mileage. FZS is a bike which mostly belongs to college boys and to be frank, most of them really don’t care about tyre pressure and timely servicing. Then they get less mileage and start complaining. I have used this bike for long and getting 42 to 45 KMPL now. But to get this mileage it is necessary to go for regular servicing, keep tyre pressure at specified value and to follow rules of safe riding given in user manual.

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If you are a person who prefers style and safety over price. If you want a bike with sporty looks and commuter like comfort. If you want a bike with grip on road and surprising cornering capabilities. Go for FZS. Yamaha has earned a name in years and you can trust it. Here below I am writing some pros and cons of FZS as I felt. These experiences may change person to person but it all depends on how you maintain your bike.

Yamaha FZS Pros:

  1. Superb Styling (Graphics and colour scheme).
  2. Best in class tyres.
  3. Kick start (newly inducted)
  4. Light in weight
  5. Changeable colour scheme (Thanks to modular design of fuel tank and other painted parts).
  6. Best handling capabilities (Cornering and Braking)
  7. Good suspension.

Yamaha FZS Cons:

  1. Low pick up (however it is smoother than most of the bikes).
  2. More price and maintenance cost.
  3. Non appealing instrument panel (I personally like analog RPM Gauges, they look classic).
  4. Shorter seat

For technical specifications you can always visit the official website.


Arun Kushwaha

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