Yamaha’s Upcoming Bikes to Get Low-Cost Fuel Injection

Technological prowess has differentiated Yamaha motorcycles from the rest the lot for like forever. The Japanese manufacturer aims to continue to do so and wants to go one step ahead and bring a modern change to its entire line-up.

Yamaha-FZ-S-Concept-Facelift-Auto-Expo-pic (2)

According to Economic Times, Yamaha is planning to bring Fuel injection technology to all its motorcycles, initially in its upcoming models and then with time to its existing line-up.

Yamaha claims that it is aiming for a change in branding, from being recognized as a performance brand, it wants to become a manufacturer emphasizing on performance with mileage. The company’s management believes that in order to grow in a maturing market like India, it has to provide a certain degree of value addition to their products. Fuel efficiency is one of the paramount features which people seek in their vehicles, and fuel injection is a major step towards that goal.

What fuel injection actually does is electronically control the flow of fuel air mixture as per the requirement, while the traditional carburetor provides a constant flow. This increases the efficiency of the engine as well as the performance. It is also beneficial for the environment as it provides a check on emission for a cleaner atmosphere.

Yamaha says that they are considering closed loop fuel injection to enhance overall efficiency of their motorcycles. But they also say that the company understands the competition and cost pressure in the Indian market and will, hence, need to develop a low cost fuel injection system so that they remain cost effective and their motorcycles become fuel efficient at the same time.

While we are at it, does this news snippet hint at almost the confirmation of the upcoming Yamaha FZ Version 2 being fuel injected?

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