Moving away from mainstream bikes and scooters, we talk about Mopeds and share an exclusive story. Many of you who feel mopeds are defunct from India are mighty wrong. We have TVS which sells its mopeds in India and a few other countries.


TVS sells XL HD 2-stroke as well as the XL Super according to its official site. And what you see here appear to be snapshots of a facelifted version of either one of them, shared by a couple of our readers Giridhar Radhakrishnan and Anand Kumar at the Bangalore highway.

Giridhar informs us the mopeds were being pushed to their limits and were travelling at around 60kmph or thereabouts and there were around 5 test mules under test.

This set of covered TVS XL mules run on the same circular headlamp design but may go through a redesign of the tank (since it is hidden from view). These mules run on a single combined seat and have an upwards bent grab rail which also appears to do the job of a pillion backrest. In the spyshot below, you can notice a bottle tied at the back which possibly signals at fuel efficiency tests a few or all of these mules might be going through.


Apart from this we can not make out any other changes to this upcoming moped. If you are good in mopeds and can notice anything new, do share with us.

The current TVS XL is powered by a 69.9cc 2 stroke single cylinder engine which churns out 3.5bhp of power and 5.0Nm of torque. What new changes these mules sport with respect to engines, we do not know!

Mopeds, once a popular mode of transport have been reduced to a very tiny share in the overall two wheeler market by motorcycles which are coming down the price ladder. It is now preferred by people who have cargo to transport and are looking for a cheaper mode.

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  • Nicely snapped but is this a very important model for India, I don’t think so!

    • DON

      That’s because you haven’t seen the total of India. No offense meant, since neither did I. The part of Chennai where I live, have seen these things a lot. Considering the riding style of the folks over here, this is the best bet…

      • Jubin Jacob

        Well said DON. XL-HD is undoubtedly the best utility two wheeler ever seen. North Indian pals may not understand, no offense though…!

  • Raja

    Look at the exhaust pipe, it looks broader and finished in matte black. Also look at the engine head, it protrudes even more longer than usual. So these two tells us that it might be the 4 stroke engine from the scooty pep. But not sure, it’s my guess.

  • Saran S

    I could find three observations:

    1. The Part right below the seats has changed shape and material too. The current gen XL Supers come with a body colour metal part with a small storage space. Now it is been replaced with a Black Fibre pannel which looks good.
    > The storage space is lost. (The new tank may have a small container like that in Flame)
    > The fibre panel not only reduces weight but also manufacturing cost.

    2. The silencer has grown in diameter a bit (to my eyes) and the heat shield is missing. [This may be a prototype and the production model may have one]

    3. I could see a small chrome colour part near his right foot. Is the the kicker? The old model had the kicker on the left side. (Again to my eyes – not sure it is just some reflection of sunlight)

  • thirumal

    The above snapshots are TVS XL Super and not Heavy duty (HD). HD sports a split seat 😛
    I mean you can remove the pillion seat to hold your baggage.

  • I my village many fishermans and newspaperboys uses this.

  • TVS XL is popular in Bangalore and also in many rural area’s, usually used for commercial purpose, as its value-for-money, offers great mileage and low-maintenance cost. TVS is the single seller in this segment in India, they can offers many variants of the XL like the Bajaj Discover series…