Interesting Speculation: UM Motorcycles to Partner With DSK in India?

Upcoming United Motorcycles are one of the most talked about and interesting trend on the internet. They debuted in India at the Auto Expo 2014 in Noida and showcased their products for our country.


In an official statement, the Miami based manufacturer also confirmed that they will be partnering with an Indian company to form a Joint Venture of sorts before unleashing their bikes onto our land. However, they stopped short of naming the Indian partner and promised to announce in sometime.

In a scooping bit claims that it is Pune based DSK Motors which is the name that has been kept a secret till now. DSK already has a partnership with Hyosung and sells its premium motorcycles in India. This makes it a very interesting move by the Indian DSK, if this speculation goes true.

DSK is working on a manufacturing plant in Maharashtra where it will manufacture Hyosung branded bikes. They may use this facility to manufacture UM branded bikes as well considering that UM intends to locally manufacture their cruisers and other upcoming bikes to keep the costs low.


If this JV is in the making, it also let’s us believe that UM may be able to use the existing dealerships of DSK from which it currently sells its Hyosung branded bikes.

United Motorcycles is expected to launch its motorcycles in India by November this year. They have lined up 225cc Renegade Sport, Renegade Commando for India for the first phase. Motorcycle prices are also officially confirmed to lie between the 80,000 to 1.5 Lakh price band.

It is a very interesting prospect brewing up, however, we will await for a more concrete bit or even better an official word from the company itself.