Hornet & Unicorn 160 Recalled Over Faulty Digital Display

Unicorn 160 & Hornet Recall is a genuine acceptance from Honda since not many issues are reported online…

According to Honda, few customers of Unicorn 160 and Hornet 160R have reported clock-related issues on their motorcycles. As a proactive step, the company has announced a recall of the said motorcycles.

Honda says, they will inspect the vehicle for the issue (non-functional clock) and if required they will change the complete digital meter assembly. All this obviously will be free of cost to the customer.

It must be noted that you are covered in this recall irrespective of your warranty status which means even if your motorcycle is out of warranty, your vehicle’s digital display will be replaced if the issue is found.

Hornet recall
The issue pertains to non-functional clocks in some models.

Hornet Recall – What You Need to Do?

  • First check if your motorcycle is under this service campaign by entering its VIN No or Frame No on Honda’s official website. Do note that this pertains to only the two aforementioned 160 cc motorcycles.
  • If found faulty, you can connect with your local service centre and schedule an advance appointment.
Apart from Hornet 160R,the other motorcycle affected is the Unicorn 160

Interestingly, we have not heard of many such issues on either of these motorcycles and it is indeed honest on the part of Honda to issue a recall and get the part changed. This is very unlike our Indian manufacturer Royal Enfield who continued to sell terribly sub-standard Himalayan for almost a year before the hue and cry became so widespread that they eventually were forced to stop sales.

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