Unicorn 160 to Co-exist with Trigger & Unicorn 150, at Least for Now

Honda is not really a fast mover when we talk about the 150cc motorcycle segment. The premium 150cc segment is being ruled by its Japanese rivals for now, with Yamaha leading the way and Suzuki following suit. The products at Honda’s stable may seem a bit laidback in terms of design, but where it can gain some valuable ground is with variety and refinement.


What we gather from the words spoken by various Honda officials at Unicorn 160 launch is that the company will NOT completely discontinue the existing CB Unicorn 150 or CB Trigger after the oncoming of the new more powerful Unicorn 160, as was expected earlier. This would be the scene at least for the time being.

The Unicorn 150 is now more than a 10 year old motorcycle which has been liked for its refinement and fuss-free nature. It is a thorough-bred commuter which is generally preferred by people over the age of 30 years. Honda did try to spruce up things in the sportier segment with the now defunct Dazzler and existing Trigger, but it had added little to its tally.

Honda-CB-Trigger-150 (1)

Keeping all the three motorcycles in the arsenal will enable Honda to play in a bigger space. Their 150cc range will hence start from about Rs 63,000 and span across till Rs 75,000 featuring three motorcycles (apart from the CBR150R). But the problem is that there is nothing really sporty here. The new Unicorn 160 appears to be just a little bettered version of the older Unicorn and that is about it (on the looks front)!

Honda CB Unicorn 01

Currently, its only the Trigger which comes with a variant featuring both CBS (Combined Braking System) and rear-disc brakes and it is the costliest of the lot. Sooner or later, Unicorn 160 will definitely get this variant higher up the ranks to rake in the moolah, if it manages to create one! Currently, it is offered with CBS but without an option of rear disc brakes.