UM Discontinues All Motorcycles Temporarily

UM Motorcycles discontinued from the market till they get equipped with ABS. However, better planning could have avoided this gap…

There have been various regulations that have been imposed on the 2-wheeler industry in the last few years. Out of that the upholding of the date of the transition from BSIII to BSIV caught many makers off-guard. However, there was ample amount of time for the ABS-ruling which got implemented in April this year.

The ruling mandated all motorcycles over 125cc displacement to be equipped with Antilock Braking System (ABS). Almost every maker made changes to their arsenal and ensured their business continues. However, seems like UM Motorcycles did not have a robust business continuity plan!

UM Motorcycles Discontinued

They have not been able to make this transition to ABS smoothly and have suspended all sales at dealerships. According to the official SIAM sales data, they have not shipped a single motorcycle from their factories since April. In fact, sales have been terribly low even before that with dispatches of 12, 90 and 126 units in preceding months of this year. Going has been so bad that UM Motorcycles lost two-third of its sales in the last financial year (more details).

This ABS transition was relatively not very massive and there may be some internal issues that may have plagued the motorcycle maker which calls itself to be a US-based brand.

UM Motorcycles Discontinued
UM was scheduled to launch this Vegas but it has also overshot launch timelines…

However, UM continues to operate in India and their social channels and many dealerships are still functional. They have promised that they will be back with ABS-equipped versions of their motorcycles in the coming months, however, no concrete timeline has been shared.

UM Renegade Duty ABS Launch by Mid 2019

There were many motorcycles that were in pipeline from UM, the most prominent among them being the spied Adventure 200, which if launched at an attractive price, can give a lot of traction to the ailing brand…