Two-wheeler taxis will soon ferry passengers in the city. The civic authorities are planning to try the project with motorcycles in the tourist zone of Fort Kochi in the first phase.

The project is being introduced by the Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project (KSUDP) authorities under the Poverty Social Fund.

According to the authorities, a five-member group will be given support for operating motor bike taxis in select areas of the city in the initial stage. The beneficiaries will have to be suggested by the  corporation councilors and approved by the welfare committee  constituted by the civic body.

The motorcycle taxi scheme was being planned under the livelihood improvement  scheme  of KSUDP,  said City Mayor Tony Chammany.

Two banks have come forward to supporting the project and 35 per cent of the project  cost  will be  shouldered by the KSUDP as subsidy. While the contribution of the  beneficiaries will  be 5 per cent of the  total cost, the banks will finance around 60 per  cent of the funds  required.

According to primary estimates, each beneficiary would require around Rs.75,000 for  the  project, an  official of the KSUDP said.

The scheme would be launched anytime and the civic authorities were waiting for the  beneficiaries to come forward. The fare and routes would be finalised in consultation  with the beneficiaries.There would not be any gender discrimination while considering  the beneficiaries, said an official.

Incidentally, though there were earlier attempts to introduce bike taxies in the city, the scheme had to be wound up following law-and-order issues.

Source : ‘The Hindu’ dated June 13.

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  1. yes not only in Goa & Kochi or China. the idea is good for the people. It is really economical and time saver machine. instead of 6 person auto this is good. If i got an opportunity i will start it in Orissa.

  2. Its is a very good initiative by kerela government, this type of system is already a proven sucess story in Goa. This project will save money,fuel and traffic congestions but care has to be taken to keep a close watch over this project.

  3. Tourists usually roam in group, not alone. Then what the use of it in tourist place to carry single pillion passenger. Secondly, due to security concern tourist would avoid to go alone in unknown place. It would be much better to use for local public transport in the place of 3 and 4 wheelers or to use to ferry in Mall roads or sea beach areas.

    • Single pillion rider is good for covering small distance aswell as long distance. When the cost of travelling in a car is more, local bus transport is not available and to much time taking, as a tourist u dont know the road or way to destination, but want reach at destination fastest, and chepest mode then taxi car is taxi bike is best.

      Here in Goa it has worked very well..since decades, ask any one in Goa… and many livelihood are dependent on it. And taxi bike is safe and reliable in Goa, cant say same for other places.

  4. 2 wheeler taxi’s existence in Goa since long time, at least 27 years.( cos my uncles use ride them, iam now 28 yrs) and still going on. Its success depends on city, region, people.( now the petrol cost is gone up too)It started in Goa since state transportation was very bad after liberation. So tourist taxis were used. It was convenient as people knew each others.

    The rider is called “Pilot”. Till today this profession is called “Pilot”. the system is, you tell your destination to pilot, he tells you the fare (if your are new in location, if u are local he just take u to destination) as there are no meter system. U bargain, and if both agrees he drops you till destination, safely.

    Off the track: would also mention here, there another system prevails in Goa. U hire a bike per days basis, with helmet, with out rider. U have to ride the bike ur self , in other words u are the owner of bike for one day, petrol is yours. Most of the tourist use this option and this is a big business in Goa. U can bargain if u want to keep the bike for 3-4 days. Almost all the models are available from Rs. 200 to Rs.450 per day (24hrs), including Bullet,FZ etc. Also available four wheeler on rent price Rs. 900 to Rs200 perday.

  5. Dear sir,
    I am happy to see that Kerala Government is right to allow two wheeler taxis on the state as an economical means of transport for hopeless commuters who is daily traveling a short distance.
    I have seen such transport system of two wheeler taxis are operating in many African countries in rural areas and metros as well as in Paris for tourists.

    I hope and wish other state governments will soon follow the suit to implement this welcome scheme especially when other modes of transport day by day become expensive for common man on the street in face of ever increasing cost of living.

  6. Dear All,

    Kindly let me know your view points on Two wheeler Taxi services in the Metros (Mumbai, Delhi, Kokatta etc).
    Looking at the fast moving life in Metros whether Two Wheeler Taxi’s will be a hit or a flop.
    Kindly take into consideration the following points:
    1. Increasing Crowd
    2. Increase in the no of Three/Four Wheeler on road
    3. Traffic
    4. Expenses

    Thanks & Regards


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