New TVS Wego 110 Ride Review; Smart & Hip!

Words & Pics: Savio Tavadia

Switching over from the heavy weights to the city lights is one thing and going from all geared to variomatic is just another. After biting into a taste of rural soil we thought about the GO factor – the TVS Wego. As far as I can tell TVS has put in their best yet to make this click with the ladies who balance both work and personal life in today’s challenging environment and its styling ensures it suits the darker sex as well. So taking into consideration that this will be majorly used as a utility family get-around, I will talk about relevant stuff only in this relatively brisk review of the scoot…

New-2014-TVS-Wego-Red-Pic (20)

Design & Build Quality:

After showcasing the new 2014 Wego at the Auto Expo, TVS launched it in May last year. It is available in solid colors but we were provided the dual tone red-black scooter for our tests in Pune.

In terms of changes from the previous Wego, it gets newer graphics, blacked engine bay and alloy wheels, redesigned seat, new exhaust, introduction of econometer and other such minor updates. But the most useful introduction are tubeless tyres! Wego looked handsome from day one and with all the blackened-theme it has just become handsomer!

New-2014-TVS-Wego-Red-Pic (7)

According to us, Wego is the most flamboyant scooter in this space in India and the new version does appear better put and finishing has also improved. There are some areas which, however, could have been paid more attention to.

Practicality 1:

Though its footboard area is eaten by the protruding seat on one side it does manage to pass the ‘water canister test’, where we used a standard size 25 litre can, apart from accommodating a standard sized backpack together. I do nor recommend but I feel it can accommodate a bigger can as well.


For those who prefer locking their full sized helmets on the bike, the flat grab rail at the rear can accommodate helmet locks without much harm to the nearby areas without causing a dent or chipping off some of that very well-done paint.

Comfort & Convenience:

The blue backlit digital console comes to life one keyed in. Unlike the good old needle the digital Speedo shades out the number on the HUD with a fuel gauge odo and trip meter to boast of. The new Wego gets an ‘Econometer’ which is this green light (in the pic below) and tells you that you are doing just fine on the fuel efficiency front. But for all your short bursts, flip the throttle and the scooter gleams a bright orange light to warn you, that you are burning more than what is required! The switchgear, its quality, operation and ergonomics are decent but not the best in the segment.


Practicality 2:

On a quick hop to the supermarket the hook placed at the centre will ensure your market bag is kept from going overboard. Also on a ride to the nearby hotspot to meet your friends, you can just carry your cellphone (smart or not) and wallet which can be secured in the under seat compartment.


The underseat storage can host a half face helmet and not your full-size bulk, obviously in case you do not want to tie it up on that grab rail. If you are an office-going executive and prefer the variomatics, you can store your office bag pack on that footboard and still have space left for your tiffins or they can go under the seat (and still remain hot!). Also as a standard (and mandate) Wego has a toolkit and a basic first aid kit neatly tucked away under the seat.

Engine, Performance & Fuel Efficiency:

For whatever its worth, the 110 odd cc engine churns out adequate power to get you to places, be it just to work and back or to a hill top temple for the special days of devotion. Given the variety in the two wheeler market and the arising growth in terms of traffic the Wego’s engine does not fail when it comes to getting you out of a jam without much ado. It is fairly responsive and can be little ‘fun’ too for some small neighborhood ice cream joint meetings!


As for the specs, this CVTi single cylinder, all-aluminum motor produces 8bhp of power and an equivalent amount of torque. TVS claims a fuel efficiency figure of 62 kmpl. Though, I couldn’t exactly test it up, in city riding conditions I felt it is good enough for about 45 to 50 kmpl.

Handling & Braking:

As mentioned earlier, Wego is nimble indeed and those TVS-made tyres are, to an extent cornering friendly, thus ensuring when on the road you stay on the road. However, they are shy of slush or wet during rains! As far the “body balance” theory goes, well this could be a good reason why the Wego feels lighter than others in its class.


To the extent parking in tight spots are easy unless you have to use the main stand which is NOT one of this scooter’s forte, specially when we have used the much easier ones on other scooters in this class. Thus when you are riding in flip-flops or fancy sandals the centre stand is best avoided. The front brake was a little loose and thus for the start of the ride we refrained from testing the emergency braking. Otherwise in standard conditions there were no issues found with bringing the bike to a halt.

New-2014-TVS-Wego-Red-Pic (25)

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The overall ride quality is fairly decent and it is indeed a nicely packed scooter and a good alternate to the ever-growing population in this sphere. The new bettered Wego is practical, looks interestingly good, can be ridden by both – male and females and is fairly comfortable too. I did find the engine heat seeping into the under seat compartment but that should not be much of a deal breaker. It costs about about Rs 50,000 ex-showroom in Delhi and there is also a higher placed disc brake variant which costs approx Rs 2000 more.

New-2014-TVS-Wego-Red-Pic (17)


  • Light weight and easy to handle in heavy traffic and tight corners
  • New Blackened Looks
  • Telescopic shock absorbers and stylish alloy wheels


  • Main stand use needs a little bit of practice to get used to
  • Underseat storage gets ‘Hot’!

Some Pics

New-2014-TVS-Wego-Red-Pic (29)

Those big blinkers on the front apron and sharp design make it a pretty handsome looker!

New-2014-TVS-Wego-Red-Pic (19)

Overall plastic quality is decent. Fit and finish is good, better than the previous iteration


Telescopics should be made mandatory on scooters. Alloys look cool and so are those bigger 12 inchers

New-2014-TVS-Wego-Red-Pic (7)

Keyhole to open seat is on the left side..

New-2014-TVS-Wego-Red-Pic (24)

We won’t mind because the scooter comes with an external fuel cap. So you do not have to open the seat up everytime you refuel!


Thats how much space you have at your disposal.


That tail light design is attractive.


That’s how the instrument cluster looks like during the day. We are not big fans of all-digital stuff, but pleasing for all of you who do. In bright sunlight, it doesn’t become completely invisible!

New-2014-TVS-Wego-Red-Pic (32)

Here is all what you get in the toolkit.


That tiny little number plate illumination bulb captured, well…just for nothing 🙂

New-2014-TVS-Wego-Red-Pic (17)

And here is that solid stance, once again!

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