TVS Tops Customer Satisfaction Survey; Hero & Bajaj Finish Last

The two-wheeler industry in India is one of the most competitive markets in the world. To succeed, manufacturers not just have to offer great products but also need to back them up with fluent after sales service. You may offer a rocket but what use is it if it can not be serviced properly or spare parts can not be arranged/made available in time. They (manufacturers) also have to compete against several independent workshops.

As per a survey by JD Power Asia, more than one in 5 two-wheeler owners visit an independent workshop even during the warranty period. This inaugural study focuses on what matters most to owners when they take their vehicle for a service and also analyse the processes that define service experience.

This survey was conducted on 7,270 two-wheeler owners from across the country in 45 cities who had bought a vehicle between November 2013 and March 2015 and had a service experience of more than 3 months. Narrowing down things, the study involved 10 two-wheeler manufacturers and over 75 different models.


The study was divided into five criteria –

  1. Service Initiation
  2. Service Advisor
  3. Service Facility
  4. Vehicle Pick-up
  5. Service Quality

A cumulation of these factors added up to form the Overall Satisfaction score.


Over a 1,000 point scale TVS ranked the highest with 773 points and scored particularly well in all the five parameters. It was followed by Suzuki with 764 points. Rounding of the podium was a surprise РRoyal Enfield with 758 points.

Scooter owners turned out to be more satisfied than motorcycle owners.

The standing was followed by Yamaha at 4th with 757 points and Honda with 750 points – both of which managed to score above the industry average of 748 points.

JD Power Asia

The two bigwigs, Hero and Bajaj finished below this benchmark with 742 and 738 points respectively. Another surprise is Mahindra, which finished last with points equalling Bajaj. Considering the relatively smaller number of vehicles they have to service, they could have done well.

Final Standings

JD Power Asia survey 2

A few clarifications –

  • Bajaj has been placed above Mahindra only on an alphabetical order basis.
  • KTM and Piaggio were also included in this survey but not ranked due to insufficient data size.

So, what do you feel – do you agree with this result. Do share your service experiences with your authorized dealer in the comments below.