TVS Star City Review by Anoop

Hi Guys, I’m Anoop from Bangalore. I’m basically a Keralaite but working in Bangalore. This is my first review of my 2 years old TVS Star City on BikeAdvice. I have seen only one customer review of the Star City in Bike advice though it is a popular bike. So I thought of sharing my experience with bike advice readers.

It was back in 2010. I was actually looking for a 100cc to 125cc bike or a scooter. My budget was very much limited. My priorities were mileage, decent power for city rides, looks, reliability and most of all value for money. My actual options were:

  • Bajaj Discover 100
  • Yamaha YBR 110
  • Yamaha Gladiator/SS125
  • Suzuki Zeus 125
  • Suzuki Access 125
  • Hero Honda Splendor NXG
  • Honda Twister
  • Honda Shine
  • TVS Jive


Star City was not my option at all. I visited a hell number of showrooms of different brands and was under utter confusion. That was the time when TVS launched the “clutch-less” Jive, a decent looking 110cc bike. I just went to TVS showroom for a test ride. I was quite satisfied with its performance and the price was reasonable. I decided to go for it.

But the booking got delayed as I was still not able to make up my mind. One day my friend (who comes with me to all the showrooms) told me about Star City. He took a test ride when he went to book a Scooty Streak for his sister. He told that he is impressed with the performance. He owns the 1st generation Discover 125. He told its can be compared to his 125cc bike.

I just took a test ride and was impressed. And Star City now sports a 110cc CVTi engine. It also comes with an electric start and alloy wheels as standard. Never expected this style and performance from TVS Star City. I felt it’s better than all the other bikes I had in my options. After that I started reading reviews in the internet about this bike.

The reviews were good and even in this segment bikes shootouts and comparisons it was rated at the top. Price is also reasonable. But many people told me that TVS bikes are not reliable. But that’s not true, do you all remember a legendary bike called TVS Victor. Just look at the number of Victors in Bangalore city. That will clear the doubt about reliability of TVS bikes. I didn’t think twice, just went and booked one. Got it delivered on the 3rd day.


Looks are quite impressive though it’s not an eye catcher. Mine is purple color with silver alloys. Black alloys were not available for Star City then. It’s a compact 110cc bike but gives the feel of a big bike. Thanks to the huge 16ltr fuel tank and the headlight visor. I give 3.5/5

Ride Comfort and Handling

This is Star City becomes a heavenly ride. Go for 10km or 100km continuously, you won’t find any difference. The bike is just perfect. Throw it to a corner and you will get a real feedback. The stock rear tyre is where it lacks. I have changed it to a grippier one after some 9000 kms. I give 4.5/5

Engine and Performance

Star City has got a strong and powerful 110cc engine which is ultra refined and smooth. It’s the same engine that‘s doing the job in the retired model TVS Victor. Initial pickup is decent for a small capacity engine and dashes all the way up to 80 kmph in the speedo in a reasonably quick time.

It can easily catch up with few 125cc bikes like Honda Shine, Suzuki Slingshot and Hero Honda Super Splendor and Glamour siblings. But after 80 kmph mark, it takes its own sweet time to reach its top speed of 95 kmph. This is alright for a 110cc bike. The best part is that the engine feels completely unstressed till the top speed.

Another notable thing is that the bike’s low end torque. It can go 20 kmph in 4th gear without engine knocking. Vibrations do exist at high speeds. But this is common for all 100cc to 125cc bikes. But it’s less compared to few of its rivals. I give 4/5


This is the main part of buying a 110cc bike. Normally I used to get a mileage anywhere between 58 kmpl to 65Kmpl (depending on the way I ride) in city. It has even given me 75 kmpl+ few times. After I bought a car (Chevy Beat), I did not take much care of the bike and was little rash while riding.

Once when I checked the mileage it was giving a mileage only ranging from 47kmpl to 52kmpl. I took it to a mechanic to check on this. He did the right turning for the engine without affecting the pickup. Now I get mileage of 60-65 kmpl in the city. I give 4.5/5

Value for Money and Maintenance

As far as VFM factor is concerned this is a big bang for all the other bikes in the segment. It’s 100% value for money. It offers whatever is required for its price. I bought it for Rs 49600 on road with basic accessories.

Maintenance is another notable thing. I just spend for service and for regular oil change. I have just change rear tyre as the old tyre got screwed up when I got punchered. Apart from that I changed the handle bar with a wider one which I felt is comfortable. I give 4.5/5


I am happy with my TVS Star City as it gives me whatever I require. This is the really good bike for office going, city commuting and occasional long trips. I give an overall score of 9.5/10.


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