TVS Reveals Upcoming 110cc Scooty Zest; Launch Soon; Cheapest 110cc?

Funky little gadabout. At the Auto Expo, TVS showcased an upcoming model of its popular TVS Scooty. The new scooterette, as we already know, is called the Scooty Zest and TVS would like you to believe that this new piece of kit is well worth their concerted efforts and your hard-earned money.

TVS-Scooty-Zest-110cc-Pic (7)

If you ignore the protrusive brake cable (or is it the speedo cable) at the front wheel, you will find the Zest to be a lovingly crafted vehicle with fit and finish to boot. This new wheel from TVS looks elegant and trendy with its contemporary styling; and so much more feminine like its intended customer base. TVS claims that the independent women and young girls will find the Zest to be a stylish ride with better ergonomics, comfortable seating, better handling, and stress-free commute.

The biggest change however is the introduction of the 110cc engine, first time to the Scooty series. From the looks of it, Zest appears to carry over the light-weight nimbleness of the Scooty with a more powerful engine. TVS also claims that it has best-in-class fuel economy, better pickup and ride comfort.

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In terms of cosmetics, Scooty Zest comes with a comprehensive makeover to the rear, wider seat, new instrument console, switchgear and a reworked front with new side blinkers.


TVS plans to launch the new Scooty Zest for sale “in the next few months” and it will be available in a choice of vibrant colours as can be expected. The price tag has not been made public yet but we believe it will be under the Wego and may just go onto become the cheapest 110cc in the market.

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