TVS to Re-Launch Electric Scooters

Greetings! Here is some exciting piece of news for all the TVS fans (Especially for those who want to own their own Electronic scooters). TVS is planning to re-enter the electric scooter segment and they have decided to launch e-scooters in the near future. As a matter of fact TVS is testing as many as 50 e-scooters in different parts of the country. News has it that TVS has planned to enter the e-scooter segment long back. However, Mr.H.S.Goindi revealed the intentions of the company to enter the electric scooter market during the unveiling ceremony of TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS in New Delhi, recently.

Mr. Goindi was of the opinion that the company is looking in to launching electric scooters and thus the scooters are being tested in various parts of the country. He also said that the company may be by next fiscal launch e-scooters in to the market. One thing is for sure that e-scooters are getting popular these days because of soaring high prices of petrol. Thus if TVS comes up with e-scooters then consumers will have an additional option to choose from.

On the contrary, the electric scooters that are being tested by TVS comprise of existing as well as new models. Some of the news sources speculate that TVS may re-launch their Scooty Teenz Electric which was launched back in 2008. Mr.Goindi said that the electric scooters will be powered by lead acid batteries. However, TVS will explore newer and better technologies in future to power their electric scooters. He also said that the company will use its Mysore facility to manufacture their scooters.

Goindi further said that government subsidies have a major hand in promoting these electric scooter markets. In the 2011 budget it was resolved that the excise duty on hybrid vehicle’s production and development will be reduced from 10% to 5% which has dragged most manufacturers to enter electric bikes and scooter segment. Back in 2008 when TVS launched Scooty Teenz Electric, it expected to sell around 40,000 units a month but the company could not attain their mark or rather the market response was not so good, which made them shut the production. Now as they are starting to enter the e-scooter segment again, we hope that everything goes just fine for the company. We hope that they roll out some excellent and promising electric scooters this time.