GET READY! TVS R&D Chief Confirms Bigger Apache Launches Next Year

TVS-BMW Motorrad tie-up was inked in April 2013 and the intention was to develop and manufacture motorbikes ranging from 250cc to 500ccs. Till they get ready with their products, TVS has some aggressive plans, meanwhile.

TVS-Draken-250cc-pics (2)

Speaking to recently, the chief of R&D at TVS, Vinay Harne, underlined his company prioritizing in-house R&D and about the company going higher up the pecking order in terms of offerings by launching bikes between the 180cc to 250ccs.

Above and beyond its portfolio of small-time commuter bikes, at the present time, TVS has its Apache range of bikes with 160cc and 180cc engines. The 180cc Apache RTR comes with an option of anti-lock braking system. What we can expect to see next from TVS are some new bikes over their top of the line Apache 180.

TVS-Draken-250cc-pics (3)

As Mr. Harne says, they will launch new range of Apaches and they have not one but 2 to 3 products to bridge the gap between 180cc to 250cc. Simply put, this is a confirmation from the company that we can expect new Apache 200 and possibly Apache 250 as well. This goes in tandem with the recently unveiled radical TVS Draken 250cc concept at the Auto Expo which is also featured on this page. Launch is scheduled for next year!

And if that is not enough, this is apart from TVS and BMW’s bigger bikes. BMW Motorrad has the distinction of producing some of the best bikes in sports and adventure-touring segment. A small bore dual-sport bike (the Motorrad prefers to call them Enduros) produced in India is intended for domestic and Asian markets. India (read TVS) will also play as the production hub for smaller bikes manufactured for U.K. The smallest Enduro from Motorrad at present is the G 650 GS. This enduro carries a 652cc four-stroker tuned for 50bhp with 60Nm.

TVS-Draken-250cc-pics (3)

BMW’s technical prowess and the stupendous reach of TVS in the local markets bode well for Indian motorcycling. Boot up; for you are about to see some real good rides at the currently neglected TVS showrooms all across the country. So, how about a 30PS Apache 250?