TVS to Increase Hosur Plant Production Capacity for Wego

TVS, one of the efficient two wheeler manufacturers, is trying to adapt to the demand supply chain. According to the latest news, TVS is all set to scale up its production facility at Hosur in Tamilnadu to meet the high demand of their two wheeler Wego.

Wego was introduced by the company in November 2009 and since then the scooter is doing good in Indian markets. In recent times, TVS battled huge demand for Wego and thus the company has decided to increases the production capacity at their Hosur plant. Accordingly TVS plans to operate the plant at the maximum possible capacity such that they could capitalize on the demand supply ratios and gain from the increased demand.

TVS Wego is not available in Tamilnadu and some of the eastern regions of the country. TVS motor’s President of Marketing and sales, Mr. H.S Goindi said that Tamilnadu is one of the largest markets for TVS and thus the company will be launching Wego in the state as soon as January or February 2011.

Goindi further said that TVS is trying to meet the demand by utilizing the existing facilities and updating the products. The company expects that after the rise in the plant production capacity, it will be able to satisfy the demand of the consumers not only as regards quantity but also quality. The current capacity of the Hosur plant is 12,000 and the company plans to increase it to 20,000 units.

Goindi also said that the capacity will be increased for their model Wego exclusively. News has it that TVS sells 12,000 to 15,000 units per month (excluding Tamilnadu) and thus the capacity increment could add to the revenue of the company. TVS officials said that the market for scooters is on a rise and TVS doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to capitalize on the scooter market. If we analyze, Yamaha will also jump in to the battle field with their scooter soon and thus TVS may have a competitor in making.