TVS Graphite Not Ruled Out from Entering Production!

TVS has been one of the leading player in the automatic scooter segment. Their brand Scooty is synonymous with small 2-wheel scootterettes for teens. In the last two auto shows, they showcased two wonderful concept models. While the Entorq of this year’s show was a futuristic 212.5 cc model (capable of doing top speed of claimed 120 kmph), the Graphite, unveiled couple of years back, looks like a product which could make it to production earlier.

When we recently met with the TVS management at a press conference, they did not rule out the scooter when asked about it. Without revealing any specific details, they did not say no to (if) the scoot going to production. One senior member from the management said “….I am sure we will not miss you when we come back for that.”


Graphite of 2014 in its yellow-grey matte finish was the first product which showed BMW-design hints specially with that asymmetrical headlamp. With Graphite, TVS also became the first two-wheeler maker to talk about AMT (automated manual technology) on scooters in India. It also had paddle shifters and used stealth military aircraft technology as TVS informed.

TVS-Graphite-Indonesia (2)

Apart from a matte paint finish and security features like an inbuilt immobiliser, it also got features like petal disc brake at the front and a dual channel ABS.

With the TVS-BMW collaboration nearing the launch of their first product (G310R), will the Indian maker take the initiative in launching something interesting in this barrage of boring look-alike commuters?