TVS Commits 1200 Cr for Electric Vehicles & Future Tech

Expect many new TVS electric 2-wheelers in the times to come as the company steps up its efforts on future technology..

TVS Motor is going big on electric as well as other technologies that will help it sustain its business in the future. In its bid, it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Tamil Nadu Government commuting to invest 1200 crores in the state.

TVS says it will use this amount for future technologies and that includes electric vehicles. It has also set up a deadline of four years within which it will utilize this amount for designing, development, manufacturing of new products for the market.

It will also use this amount for capacity expansion in electric vehicle space. TVS is among the only few legacy makers that already has an electric vehicle in its portfolio – the Qube.

tvs electric 2-wheelers

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With new infrastructure ready, it intends to make it really big and far ahead of others in this race. This also means that we will get to see many new electric models from the company in the coming times. And that may also include a motorcycle, probably sooner.

TVS intends to be leader in this transformation of the two-wheeler electrification. It says this investment will also generate overall business in the area and will be beneficial for other small and medium industries that are connected with TVS in this sphere.