TVS December 2021 Sales – Exports Shine, Domestic Sales Decline

TVS December 2021 sales show the same generic segment pattern of fall in overall numbers as the Indian market fails to lift up…

TVS Motor Company has seen a drop in its sales figures in December 2021 in comparison to December 2020. TVS sold 2,50,933 units in December 2021 against 2,72,084 units in December 2020 – a drop of 7.7% YOY. 


Contraction is observed in the sales of Scooter and Motorcycles while an increase is observed in sales of Mopeds. Motorcycles registered sales of 1,19,051 units in December 2021 – 10.96% down from 1,33,700 units of December 2020.

Scooter sales dipped to 67,553 units in December 2021 which is a drop of 13.06% as compared to 77,705 units of December 2020. Mopeds saw a growth in the month of December 2021 – they were up by 4.17% from 46,834 units in December 2020 to 48,788 units.

TVS recently launched new Jupiter 125 to strengthen its presence in this space…

Summing all of this up – total domestic sales of two-wheelers were down 17.04%, dropping from 1,76,912 units in December 2020 to 1,46,763 units registered in December 2021.

However, exports of two-wheelers fared well in December 2021. They increased from 81,327 units in December 2020 to 88,629 units in December 2021, an increase of 8.98%. 

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Total three-wheeler sales stood at 15,541 units in December 2021, 12.25% over 13,845 units sold in December 2020. The domestic sales of three-wheelers saw a drop of 16.94%, from 903 units in December 2020 to 750 units sold last month. Three wheeler exports showed an increase of 14.29%, registering sales of 14,791 units in December 2021 when compared to 12,942 units in December 2020.

The total two and three wheeler sales suffered a contraction of 7.77% YOY from 2,72,084 units to 2,50,933 units.