TVS Apache RTR Hyper-Edge Ownership Review by Arjun Taval

Hello bikers, firstly I really thankful & congratulation to for its wonderful effort in bringing in so much reviews of bike at one place, which helps buyers to make their buying decision. This article is not really a review of the bike but it also my experience with the Apache RTR.

I am Arjun Taval from Sangli (miraj), I am pursuing MCA course from Sinhgad Institute of Business Administration and Computer Application Collage, Lonavala. I am going to be share my biking story with you over the next couple of minutes. Well, the story goes like this.

I took admission in MCA 1st year and since from that day I had been observing the students desires even though I was also a student and therefore I easily observe the most important part of students life is vehicle and I personally feel that the bike is a symbol of standard for every student.

But the important thing was I had not bike in the entire two years of my college life then after the completion of second year I decided to purchase a good kind of bike and then I started to search the bike which fulfill my requirements. My requirements were the bike should be attractive and which grabs the attention of people around me.

I discussed lot about it with my friends and got number of suggestions and gone through the websites and then I finally convinced to purchase “TVS Aapache 160 Hyper-Edge”. I was having a number of options for choosing bikes (ZMR, Karzma, CBZ, Hunk, Pulsar, FZ-16, Aapche) this are the options which I was having.

Hero Honda ZMR and Karizma R

A very good high quality bike, Value for every single penny you pay but puts hole in your wallet if you drive around in the city.

Hero Honda CBZ and Hunk

A Sporty Bike that had all important stuff it except it didin’t have a puch to it’s comfort positioning.

Yamaha FZ -16

This is good for the people who rides but not for the back sitters who are not being comfortable while going for long tours.

Bajaj Pulsar 150cc

Bajaj pulsur is a common bike and just because of it’s design people purchase it but engine gets rough after tough usage..

TVS Apache 160cc

  • TVS Apache is Decent Choice, which gives great combination of Sporty look and Classy look.
  • TVS company knows that, What’s the customer expectations and it’s very well satisfied it by apache bike.

Initially there were some issues for the selection of bike. My family don’t like sports bike, because it is not comfortable for back sitters and also the mileage is low and bikes prizes are too costly. But I needed sporty and stylish bike. And my budget was around 70k. So it’s difficult to choose the bike, which satisfy my family and also my expectations.

So I did all the calculation and analysis then I decide Apache RTR 160 Hyper-edge. I am fall in love with this bike. I took the default black color with orange racing stripses running on it. It’s Really cool design. Look like stylish.


Handling is probably one of the strongest aspects of Apache RTR 160 Hyper Edge. Among the other bikes in the market the RTR stands out in the handling department. The bike gushes in any gap you want flawlessly. This bike is born for cornering. Its aerodynamic tank scoops and chassis provide better control and makes you feel comfortable.

Engine and Performance

15.2 bhp of power was more than enough for our present road conditions. TVS claims a top speed of 120km/h. A weight of bike is 139 kgs, the bike is a pleasure to ride around and in the city.


The disc brakes on the Apache RTR 160 (roto petal discs) are the best in its class giving more superior stopping power and shorter stopping distance than any other bike. But some rear issue about tyre, The tyres are a bit slippery not only on wet roads but also on slightly muddy surface too.

Instrumentation and Electricals

The Digital speedometer on the Apache is one of the best ones speedometer available in the Indian market. A lot of functionality are inbuilt in it.

Below is,

  • Digital Speedometer
  • Digital ODO meter
  • Digital Fuel Gauge
  • Digital Clock
  • High Beam Indicator lamp
  • Neutral Indicator LampTurn
  • Signal Indicator Lamp
  • Two trip meter A and B
  • Highest speed indicator
  • Shortest 0-60 Lap Time Indicator
  • Mode and Set Switch button: to change the setting, reset the trip meters, set clock time.
  • Tachometer
  • Fuel Warning indicator Lamp
  • Service reminder indicator lamp
  • Battery Charge Indicator Lamp

Vibrations and Riding Position

It has vibrations that occur at 56-68 kmph before and after that the engine is as smooth as butter, but The vibrations on the bike are negligible for someone who needs power in a bike and ride at high speed.

There are complaints about the riding position of TVS Apache RTR like backache, wrist pain etc but that happens only in that start but after you get adjusted to proper position which gives you comfort. Then, it feels like you are on a rocket.

Maintenance and Servicing

Now this was the only reason why I was skeptical before buying a Apache. A lot have been said about the pathetic service you get for the Apache. But then, I was pleasantly surprised to see the TVS service station which available in almost each city.

I believe it is very important to service your bike at regular intervals. Only then the bike will be able to respond to your needs. There is no point in blame a bike model if you are not servicing it properly.

Looks and Styling

This TVS Apache RTR 160 Hyper-Edge has a Decent Look. Which mean good combination of sporty looks as well as classy look. Every part of the bike excels in design from the LED tail lamps to the tank.


The bike is sure to offer a mileage of 48 to 53 kmpl in the city, with good run and right gear shifts. On the highways it will offer 55 -60 kmpl. But who cares about mileage when you can reach 0-60 under 4.2 secs.


  • Stylish bike design
  • Comfortable riding position.
  • Suspension
  • Great Pick-up
  • Well equipped digital speedometer with having Digital clock
  • High beam spread from headlights


  • The tyres are a bit slippery not only on wet roads but also on slightly muddy surface too.
  • Difficulty to face to get full turn ,in short space.
  • Gear box is notchy.


Finally I can say that, I fall in Love with this Bike , because it’s decent look, great pick-up and give comfort to rider. Just take good care of it, and it gives it all back to you. Enjoy every bit of it. Also an excellent bike for highway Racing. Apache RTR 160 Hyper-Edge. Its really “Now Or Never”.

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Arjun Taval