TVS Apache RTR Hyper Edge Review by Manoj

I had purchased my Apache RTR Hyper Edge in November, 2010 just a month after its actual launch in the market. It has taken 2 days of waiting period being from Chennai. Prior to this, I have done a lot of homework on different machines (bikes) to decide up on RTR of course. Initial days during this research (what I call), I was having different feelings on different bikes. And I don’t mind to say that every bike is different and has got its own pluses & minuses.

You need to prioritize on what features your heart responds before going for any bike in that case. My heart was always on to the throttle response & pickup and you know that RTR is the best in these segments. Of course you need to check up on other things such as mileage, torque, pickup, maintenance, reliability, service etc before freezing. The above mentioned factors matched up well with the RTR. New graphics were added advantages to the bike and finally I have opted for it.

Experience with the Monster

It has been more than a year since RTR Hyper Edge has entered my family and I still remember my first ride with my Hyper Edge. Prior to this I have ridden & owned bikes of other manufacturers but let me say this RTR is ‘real a monster’. The throttle response and pick up are the ever rejoicing experiences and frankly speaking for anyone new to this bike needs to manage in its first gear and it has taken a week for me to adjust to its initial pickup. Now coming in to the technical aspects of it, being a mechanical engineer I will include certain rare facts about it in the trailing sentences.

Manufacturer promised mileage is 48kmpl and you know it is calculated / calibrated by keeping ideal conditions of road, load, wind, margin for design etc while proposing the mileage. So, forget about what the manufacturer has promised. In the span of its purchase to first service, my Hyper Edge was delivering at 43-48kmpl (driven in speeds not exceeding 50 kmpl) and let me remind this span of first 500 kms is very crucial for any machine for that matter to get adjusted to the conditions like ambient, riding etc. After the first service the mileage has varied to a lower figure (never less than 38kmpl till now) as you can rip apart the monster and I think one buys such bike to rip and not for the mileage. If mileage is your priority please shift to splendors or ct 100 s. 38Kmpl is pretty decent in this segment when you are actually raping the bike.

Manufacturer specifies a top speed of 116- 120 kmph and actually it delivers a little more than that i.e 121 – 123 kmph when ridden single and 110 – 115kmph when ridden with pillion passenger (depends on load i.e weight of persons, drag due to wind etc).

Stability wise RTR is good in normal dry conditions and because of TVS tires; the stability is less in wet or rainy conditions. People normally associate RTR producing vibes at speeds between 60kmph & 80kmph. I too encounter vibes but not complying with speeds but with RPM i.e from 4500 rpm to 5000rpm especially in 4th gear and after that it is normal. What so ever the reason may be, it does not bother me much as other bikes of this segment produce vibes or resistance after 80kmph and for that matter RTR crosses 100kmph with ease & roar, thanks to its engine.

Service is another issue which is very important for any bike. RTR has to be serviced for every 3000km and you will notice by yourself that your RTR has reached service period as the vibrations increase (4500 rpm range), chain loosens up etc. Literally saying you will feel a little bit uneasy riding without being service. These are common for any bike of course. But mileage of the RTR will never drastically decrease as the machine can take the beating even without servicing for another 1000 to 1500 km or so.

The rear suspension of RTR is a bit hard when compared to other bikes such as FZ s etc but can be adjusted depending on the road conditions (no mechanic required) as there exists a provision for 4 level adjustments.

The braking is also a bit hard and has no issue with the braking effectiveness. I have once (rainy day) encountered a road mishap and thanks to its brakes, I escaped with no injuries. The bike’s wind guard or visor was broken and the side indicator was damaged and the replacement with repair costed me just around Rs 600/-.


If your heart beats for throttle response, pick up just go for RTR and unleash your racing DNA.


  • Model: TVS Apache RTR 160 Hyper Edge.
  • Date of purchase: 11.11.2010.
  • On Road price: 72,000/- approx (Chennai).
  • Servicing complete: 5 No.
  • Odometer Reading: 15956 km.
  • Top Speed recorded: 121kmph @ 10000rpm.
  • Parts replaced in this 1 year: Indicator lamp, Wind shield, Front disc brake shoe.
  • Additional accessories installed: Centralized digital locking system, Bosch Horns.

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– Manoj