TVS Motors has recently rolled out a bigger brother of its award winning Apache series, yes the RTR 180! The much waited and anticipated APACHE RTR 180 which was being developed under the project code known as Menace was launched recently creating a big revolution in the world of racing.


The bike is just stunning with it’s refreshing new looks the engine and not to mention the new ergonomics, the bike takes it all with pride.


Bull Horn Grab Rails: RTR is always known for it’s uniqueness in each and every detail that is being fused on to the bike, and the main highlight is the split grab rails that are shaped with Bull Horns in mind, will give the bike an aggressive look and the bike gels with it adding style to functionality.

Engine Fairing: With this part alone one will be able to understand how much of detailing has gone into making of this bike, the design has some aggressive curves that cools the engine rapidly and allows the heat to be dissipated as well as adding style. Not to mention it over does its job of saving the engine from elements that can knock the engine while riding.

Graphics: The bike also comes with all new graphics to be precise the Legendary Racing GT Stripe that adds best complements to the bike when looked from all the angles it’s an absolute turn-on to every biker, also the RTR decal that is put partly on the air scoop and the tank. The RTR rims also have luminous rings that distinguish men from the boys.

Forged Brake Lever: The RTR employs one of a kind of Forged Brake Lever and Gear Lever Set which is much lighter in construction when compared to the normal ones add functionality with great sense of styling.

Removable Rear Fender: This feature is one-of-a-kind that is first in India where the bike employs a rear fender that acts as a Mud flap that can be removed giving the looks of a Super Bike rear fender with safety reflectors attached as TVS never compromises on safety.

Lightweight Alloys: The RTR 180 employs all new stylish light weight alloys that are designed specifically for this bike reducing the burden of weight when it matters only about speed. Light weight doesn’t mean that these will wear out fast but these are tested extensively for durability too giving the bike a sturdy feel in all terrain conditions.

Ok, let’s pack the above features for now and let’s peep into the essence the bike that possesses:


The bike is totally a tech savvy and some of the most innovative and advanced features includes:

Over Square Engine: That’s the technology implemented in RTR 180, an Over Squared engine that churns out 17.3 ps @ 8500 RPM with a max torque of 15.5NM @ 6500 RPM is just mind blowing. With these values the bike is just a screamer and can easily reach top end without losing out its breath. To the stunters out there the bike can pull really good wheelies in 2nd gear and that is the amount of low end torque this bike possesses.

Roto Petal Disc Brakes: The bike employs ROTO PETAL DISC BRAKES for both front and rear that can put all the power to a stop when required. With 270mm front and 200mm rear ROTO DISCS the bike never hesitates to stop and also for people who wants to know about this advantages of ROTO DISCS, it’s been proved that these discs dissipate heat faster than the normal discs and provides a fool-proof braking.

Clip-on’s: The bike comes with all new wider Clip-On handle bars wider than the old RTR models that provide the rider with great posture for riding as well as adds a tinge feel of racing as these are the standard equipments in the Superbikes and in here it also comes with adjusting feature that can be adjusted for the reach of the rider according to his height.

Rearset Foot Pegs: The Bike employs sporty lightweight foot pegs that are placed in the rear set giving the user the racing feel and also for the techs this design contributes to the bike’s power to weight ratio.

Wider Tyres: The Bike employs the widest rear tire in the entire RTR series with a size of 110/ 80 that can put all the power on to the ground without hesitation at all.

With all the above Features and Technology that no other bike has, the new RTR 180 is truly a racing pedigree that is waiting to unleash its power. Taking a test ride of the bike, the bike sounded and felt really amazing and doesn’t have the old boring complaints of its ancestors and you guys know what, yes, the Vibes. TVS has this time did their homework well on this issue and has bought the levels of Harshness and Vibrations down and this adds to the new feel of the bike wanting to accelerate faster and faster and coupled with a carburetor there is always some room for further improvements which can’t be done in the case of an FI. The bike accelerates faster and cleaner than the 160’s but not as clean as the FI. But who cares when it’s a screamer, the bike screams past against all the bigger competitors with ease and it surprises me each and every time when I think of that.

Although the RTR-FI and RTR-180 share the same 0-60 timings, from 60-100 and above the total scene with the RTR-180 is all game. It accelerates faster than the fastest leaving others behind and the top speed that I was able to achieve was 136 Kmph on the Speedo console and I still felt that there was lot more juice left to extract from the engine, but being a new engine I didn’t want to rev the bike hard. The bike also comes in an all-white scheme that distinguishes the other RTR’s from the 180 and personally I like this color as it looks like an angel while parked and a white devil when ridden. The other color options available are Yellow, Grey and Black which are also equivalently good and I would say it’s always a personal choice and go with what your heart says…

The all new RTR 180 with tons of positive feedbacks and features is surely a value for money than any other bike in this segment and I would surely not hesitate to book right away for the thrill it offers.

– Ram

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  • martin

    This bike rocks!!!!

    • Hello All… I just bought my White APACHE RTR 180 Before 35 days…. I never ridden a so awesoeme bike like this one…!! What a sexy bike.. I just rule the roads.. Feel like King! This bike is going on and on and on unless you want to slow down.. Trust me, it was VERY difficult for me to keep this bull under 50kmph during the running in period (~800 kms). But I somehow managed. After the first service, thats it.. No one in the road can even think of going beyond me.. What a POWER, What a CONTROL, What a stylish LOOK.. I’m in complete love with this charming and stunning creation by TVS… I can write MORE… But you buy one for it and experience the pleasure!!! You will definitely Rock…!!!!! I love my RTR 180!!

      • rajiv

        Hi dear I have read your article on rtr 180 I want to purchade this should I go for thos this is a value for money how much aver I can get for this I have two option hunk and rtr 180.kindly advice I want abike which should be with me atleast 5to 6 yrs is there is any vibration in the bike

  • I really like the sound of this beast and it looks much better in person. TVS will launch a FI version too some day.

  • Nilamuddien

    Proud owner of first Apache RTR 180 in Lakshadweep. This bike RoCk$…….

  • Bala Aravind

    i think this bike has got more to show because i own a Apache RTR 160 [not FI]. its loaded wit NGK irridium sparkplugs. The bike gives awesome performance with that sparkplug.
    0-60 kms in 4.2 secs. . .topspeed 140 kms. fuel eco- 40-45 kmpl. . hope with those NGK apache RTR 180 would do more

  • auf13

    great i’ll wait till 180 Fi launch…
    u not think that this bike will strike pulsar 200

    • Gurvinder

      yes it will surely strike pulsar 220

      • chandan

        Dont even think about it buddy.

  • Deepungsu

    not suited for tall guys!

    while my new Pulsar 180 2009 Edition, carries me really well!! (i;m 6’2″ 😀 :P)

  • Apache owner of Rajasthan

    I just bought this machine Apache 180, this bike is superb, accleration is fantastic and it easily touches 120 within 20-35 sec and still Rpm meter was showing that i can increase the speed…. this bike superb …one of the best bike in indian industry right now.
    Pulsar is nowhere in the race with this machine.
    i beat new pulsar 220 which bajaj says that fastest indian on the road…..

    So friends just go and grab this machine.

    • Janarthanan

      So True…..! I bought it before 2 months and Rocking the roads!!!! WOW!!!!

      • Prakash

        Don’t Joking Man! Apache 180 has 17.3 ps and Pulsar 220 has 21 ps of power. Do you feel that 17.3 ps may beat 21 ps, if so, then the man who drives over 21 ps (Pulsar 220) would be an old man of more than 100 years of age.

        However, Apache 180 not look as good as Pulsar 180. But, in the beginning every machine does the same. See how it will be after 3 services, especially TVS services. TVS manufactured a very good bike of Apache but they fail to deliver a good service through their service centres.

        But, Bajaj is good in service. I have used Pulsar 150 for the past 6 years and now upgrade the new Pulsar 180 UG4. It is amazing man!!

        Whatever it may be, TVS and BAJAJ are the true INDIAN competitors. APACHE vs PULSAR. Go on with Indian High Machines!!!

  • ashok

    i want to buy apache 180 till sept. ent
    so, please tell me about ith perfomance & millage.
    my id is

  • Paras J

    Today i have completed 1 full month with RTR 180. and its just awesome. according to techies its not good to ride any bike above 50 kmph before its first service(500-750 km) but believe me its really hard to keep the speed low. acceleration is better than any bike, when you start on green light you will notice no other vehicle around it. the only problem is little bit of gear shifting but i am sure it will fix up after first service, apart from this bike is like a sweet and sexy girlfriend….. and I like the tag like “Why do I race? its hard to say”

  • nirav6369

    no way can APACHE 180 beat the PULSAR 220.dont joke please…….
    do u know 220 has 21 horses of power,better handling,best braking,good styling though its a bit heavy……….if u dont believe me check out the OVERDRIVE ANIVERSRY issue……..

    • akash

      mofo pulsar 220 has 21hp but it cannot beat apache rtr 180 because its technology is completely different…rtr can even beat yamaha r15

    • Gaurav

      DUDE its nt always the bhp to win…..
      there are many factors to win a race…..
      apache rtr 180 has it all…..

    • srinivas

      haha dont always compare horse power man! compare the weight to power ratio, aerodynamic design of rtr reduces resistance from air! its very clear that pulsars 0-60 is more than 4.5 secs but rtr can reach it in jus 4.0 or even 3.7 sometimes! hav a luk at rtr180s accelleration and its sound beat in the following link and u decide -

  • rajeee

    i going to buy new rtr 180 menance. but im confused now which bike is super ?im very crazy on bike when the tvs launch 180fi. pls urgent mail me `rtr180 high speed how much

  • kabilan

    hi guys .. Tod i bought rtr 180 ! I wil definetely comment abt its performance after its break in period ..

  • nafees syyed

    i have bought apache rtr 180 just recently and i loooooooooove this bike. it is too good to be described. i know that some people reading this might feel that it is too early for me to comment considering that i just bought the bike but trust me, i have riden all other brands and can tell the difference of experience. it is worth the money put in buying it.

    • karan

      hii need to know if it is good afer two to three years or not please answer

  • Apache owner of Rajasthan

    Hi Friends,

    To be very Frank let me say few Good Qualities about Apache RTR 180 which makes it different from any other bike in india. The Throttle Response is 0-60 in 4.15 sec 0-100 (11.12 sec)…127kmph at 7500 RPM ..Roto Patel Disk breaks Front 220 MM Rear 200 MM (Roto patel disc introduced First Time in india), Breaking system 100-0 (in 6 sec).

    Now look at these Figures and compare your Pulsar accordingly. I am not denying this fact that pulsar 220 has more power, but check out the Riding Dynamics and throttle response Guys. And just look Pulsar 220 front mask i think bajaj has not worked much on that.

    Every bike has some bad and good qualities but i think this Machine Apache RTR 180 doesnt have any Bad to say…..and alreay it is giving competetion to Pulsar’s check out showroom review in Overdrive …

  • ashish

    hi friends….

    going to buy this bike soon, jst want to know from the owners of this bike that is it a good bike in terms of braking as this one is the first bike to have a rear disk brake, so is it good on the corners, i had heard that the bikes gives some problem on the corners of the roads due to the rear disk, and is it requires much maintenance in comparison to the other bikes of this segment…..

    plz help….

  • Bala

    Its not de disk brake which is de problem its bcos of de tyre. . . TVS tyres r not tat good. . . u can change de tyres 2 MRF or sumthin else. . . de bike is fyn nd has a lotta performance. . . its one MEAN MACHINE u would love 2 ride. . .

  • ashish

    wat bout the bike servicing which is offered by TVS, are they good enough to provide a complete & satisfactory bike servicing…….?????????

  • speedhunter

    Well p220 might have higher hp but don’t rate a machine with number’s, rate it with it’s performance’s RTR Series are sprint type machine’s with corner killing stability and a drag speed engine. i have tested all these bikes p 200, p 220 rtr 160,160fi and the menace well pulsar’s engine is not that responsive lik rtr and the aerodynamics in pulsar is not gud it tangles with the stability of the bike at high speed’s and more over cheap part’s plz dont talk abt bajaj it’s waste of time .

  • S. Kumar

    Hi, I took the delivery of RTR 180 last month & am very impressed with it. But the refinement is on the downside as after 7000 rpm, some vibrations creep in through seat & handlebars. Also the stock Tvs tyres are a complete let down due to which the bike feels skittish while cornering. I recently replaced my current set of tyres with 90/80×17 Front & 100/80×17 Rear Mrf tubeless tyres of R15. Yes they look small but grip level now is simply phenomenal.

  • raghav

    how is the apache RTR 180 for long rides??….i have heard the sitting position is not too comfortable and it gives a back ache….am planing to buy one soon….

  • anurag shankar

    plz tell me about rtr 180 white

  • ashutosh jee

    plese go for fzs it is fastest pick up than any other 150cc bike.

  • Brian

    I bought an RTR 180(Black) and am really very happy with it….
    Haven’t rev’d it much yet since it’s in the run-in period..
    so have not got any vibration problems yet….
    The bike has a really amazing pick up….
    (although the p220 2009 beats it hands down…)
    ie…p220 has a glorious pick up….
    you turn the throttle…it flies….
    For power and a good average…the RTR is a good buy according to me…(thats y I bought it)
    Fz has freakin killer looks…and a very comfortable ride…(wide handle bars n ol..)
    but has no punch in the Power block…
    The RTR 180 is power packed….
    and also has front and rear roto petal discs…

    The only complex one has while riding an Apache RTR 180 is that it is TVS…. 🙁
    But you forget all of it once you turn the throttle… 🙂

  • rohit

    hi guys i have bought 180 RTR and if you go about the looks its cool and the pick up is ossom it can easily beat pulsar 200cc.I m loving it…………..☻

  • RACER menance

    buddy i got 180.. itz power nd performance is gud.. m facing sum probs like tappet noise.. now i have ride 1800 kms.. the service man corrected tat noise in 1st service but noise started again.. plz gimme a solution 4 tat problem.. wil they correct tat noise in 2 nd service or my engine got fucked ??? plzzzz reply

    • vikky

      please check out with the capillary adjustment.

  • Deepak Kumar

    Pls. tell me mileage of Apachee RTR 180 cc.

  • Bala

    hey dude its normal in all apache RTR’s u get de tappet sound. . . u can go on wit it its not a problem at all. . .i own a RTR 160… even i gave de sme complaint but they told me its common in all RTR 160s & 180s. . . so dont worry jus enjoy riding

  • pravin

    Hi, I have an apache fi and it makes the tappet noise. I have never heard of any apache model that doesn’t make tappet noise. So Mr.Racer cool down and enjoy your ride

  • bala

    See i told u “racer menance”. . tappet noise normal for apache rtr’s. . .

  • xavi

    Guys help me out wit d colour fr apache 160 rtr Fi version wit air scoops…
    jus temme which is best among these 2….BLACK or MATT?….

  • bala

    uh Xavi am sorry 2 tell u tat Apache RTR 160 FI is available in ORANGE,YELLOW & MATT GREY…. Yellow would be great!!!!!
    Y dont u go for Apache RTR 180 its available in PEARL WHITE,BLACK,MATT GREY & YELLOW

  • Apache owner of Rajasthan

    Hi Guys,

    As per the performance is concern Apache RTR 180 is superb, i admire this bike’s in all aspects , as per the tapped sound is conern then it is not common in Apache RTR 180 for all bikes it depnds the riding condition. if still u face problems then go to nearest TVS Showroom and get it tested.
    For choosing colour in Apache RTR 180 although it comes in 4 variant, but Pearl White looks stunning on the Road, those who think that it seems like police bike, they must not aware of racing tectics. Check out CBR 1000RR latest variant they launched same pearl white colour, Ductai,Aprilla, all leading brand promote their segmant in striking colour like Mint orange, Leaf Green, Midnight Black, and Pearl White. So guys just dont keep this thinking in ur mind about this colour once u ride this colour on road people will surely turn their head because no one can ignore Pearl white.

    Just go and grab this machine with Pearl white colour becaue i think this variant is limited in stock. so hurry up before stock finishes.

  • xavi

    Hi guys,
    I ve decided on d 180 menace bt still thinkin abt d colour…i like both BLACK nd PEARL i ve heard tat PEARL WHITE is of metallic paint nd will fade as years go by, which is nt so in BLACK.. so help me out b/w these 2 colours guys..

  • bala

    Xavi… go on with de pearl white RTR 180. . . cos all de other colors hav become common. . . PEARL WHITE IS 2 good. . . i ve done my RTR 160 Black 2 pearl white… i re-painted it

  • Brian

    I have a black RTR 180 and am quite happy….
    Didn’t buy white since after a year i wud think….
    (kya saala white bike khareeda-since it would get dirty n ol sort of things..)
    can any 1 tel me what is tappet noise???i hav not understood it yet….n mebbe not got it on my rtr 180 yet…
    so can sum1 plz xplain that to me….

    m trying to keep the bike below 50 but time and again it reaches 56 n ol without knowin…
    its a beast….seriously…
    Averagewise i think i am getting around 40…

    Can’t wait to complete another 50 kms and then give it for the first servicin….
    After which….
    Why do I race….????
    Its gonna be hard to say…..
    😀 😀 😀

  • xavi

    Bala,,, i accept tat white is unique n nt d reason is coz its too bright on roads at day time…jus imagine a maruthi painted in white nd compare it on roads wit a black 1…also it luks similar 2 a police bike wen put on similar standings..

  • bala

    ya tats rite…. but it looks fancy…. trust me de black colors of TVS will fade in six months nd de luk on de bike wil be like its 2 or 3 yrs old…. i had a tough tym wit de black one … i used 2 wax it evry day… n used 2 give a teflon coat once in a month… now mine luks sexy nd hot… i did de paintin… de entire body is pearl white jus like de 180… de rims r milky white… it suits de bike….

  • xavi

    Thanks bala, i ve decided on gettin d pearl white itself…since its nt d same white as d police bike…nd gt wat u meant as how it luks on d roads…:):)

  • bunty

    rtr 180 is awesome bike, if ur planning 2 buy pulsar180, tk test drive of rtr 180, ur heart wil definetely say, lets go for APACHE RTR 180………..!!!

  • bala

    hehe!!!! ya man njoyin riding but do wear a helmet nd a riders jacket!!!! safety first!!!!!!!!

  • RACER menance

    ty bala.. now my bike s fine.. tappet noise has been recovered… m happy now i have touched 132kmp/h on ma beast but it doesnt make lil vibrations itself .. ty 4 ur comments.. keep rocking we guyz rox…. if u dont mind u can publish ur orkut. id … anywayzzzzzzz take care..

  • Brian

    Yeah the RTR 180 beats the pulsar 180 hands down….

    well can sum1 plz explain tappet noise…???

  • xavi

    Tappet noise is usual in rtr’s…its bcoz of d tap of some lever…bt am sure it’ll b alrite after d 1st service if u mention abt it 2 d servicin ppl…enjoy ur ride wit d menace[:)]

  • xavi

    HI brian,

    As already said tappet noise is common in most rtr’s,,bt it cud b corrected once its done wit d 1st happens bcoz of a tap in a don worry nd jus enjoy ur menace

  • Arun

    Tappet Noise appears on those bikes only and only because you may have ridden it too hard in the first 1000 Kms… Its clearly advised in the manual not to do so, you can get it fixed by the mechanic but that may reduce mileage, i had that experience with my apache, thats why…

  • sudhakar

    Hi guys,

    I bought Apache RTR 180 pearl White, This is my first bike.people commented that it looks like a police bike but i donot care, the only thing is we need to maintain it very clean everyday.
    It is very hard to maintain the speed limit 50Km/Hr till 1000Kms completed,

    Can any one suggest that in future if i want to change the coulr of this bike can i or not

    • rahul

      dont change your bike color white is so nice

  • xavi

    hi sudhakar,

    Your choice of d pearl white is gud, its one unique colour that will surely catch up.It also shows d uniqueness that its a 180.
    And i think even ZMR copied d idea of pearl white frm rtr. Am sure its sure a head turner.Ppl tellin it as police bike must b jus enjoy ur menace

  • RACER menance

    i owns 180 yellow.. i feel this s better.. so u guyz dont feel white is bad or sumthing.. our byk is no 1 in pulling.. so u dont think u can beat pulsar220.. its the 1st nd apache180 is next…. so guyz keep rocking wid ur bike…!!!

  • sudhakar

    Hi Xavi and Racer, Thabks for ur comments. ALso suggest me, in future if i want to change colour of my bike, can i get it done or not.

  • Bala

    sudhakar!!! y do u think of abt paintin….. u knw wat i had a black RTR 160… i painted it 2 pearl white…. if u paint it u ll ve get endosment certificate… PEARL WHITE rocks…. rock wit it

  • sudhakar


    I purchased my bike 11 days ago. My first servie has to be done after 750 Kms done. But i have done 500 kms so far. The service light is blinking at that time when ever i start my bike. Does it mean that i need to get it serviced immedeatly or what? can any one suggest.

  • Bala

    500-750 kms is de service line!!!! it ll blink till u get it serviced!!!! its normal..

  • abhi

    haiiii guys
    i am going to apache 180 on next mounth is there is any troubles with tht byk plzzz suggest me friends how much mileeage can we expect friends

  • Ram

    hi friends. i’m goin to buy my 1st bike n i think I shud go for Apache 180. Can any1 pls suggest me which color shall i go for?

  • Siddharth

    Hi Thugs,

    RTR 180 is a cool machine and for me its showing 45KMpl so far before the 1st servicing. which is very good and above my expectations. The sound is superb and its very easy is in handling. Swift and sound. Really its RACING THROTTLE RESPONSE…………:-)

  • RACER menance

    hi ——>RAM .. better u go wid white.. i have yellow 180. but it also gud.. i think white s gud.. u shud maintain properly keep rockin!!!

  • Apache owner of Rajasthan

    Hi Guys,
    You guys absolutely correct Apache 180 Rocks … i am going to complete 3 months in my Peral white 180, i must say it is one of the best bike i ever ride.

    I love Apache 180 those who compare it with pulsar and any other bike let me tel u may be top speed of pulsar 220 is more than RTR 180 but in pick up it can easily beat Pulsar 180,200,220 Karizama, FZ and any other indian bike.

    If you dont believe then just try on stop line open throttle of your Apache 180 you feel a jump start there …. this is called pickup i did 0-60 in 3.8 sec…those who love wheelie this is real machine for them….

    So Guys love you RTR 180 and i will suggest you that either choose Pearl white or Yellow colour but i personally suggest go for Peral white colour …it shows ..big brother of RTR 180..

    Keep Rocking keep enjoying your RTR ..

  • bala

    dude well i don think de RTR 180 can take de p220…. cos man dat bike is loaded wit power… i took my frnds p220 nd i did 0-60 in jus 3.2 secs… 0-100 in 11 secs… on de RTR 180 0-60 came in 3.6 secs nd 0-100 17 secs… on karizma 0-60 was a bit late due low pick up it took me 4.1secs to touch 0-60.. but 0-100 was fab in 13 secs… i hav a RTR 160 its a kick ass machine its as powerfull as de 180….it does 0-60 in 3.7secs.. 0-100 in 19secs….0-132 in 30secs….

  • Brian

    well…i have never faced any such tappet noise…
    so i was askin what is it…
    well…i have touched 118 kmph…i know its less….
    but so much of traffic…phew…
    the braking is terrific…
    I mean when i am at around 100 kmph…n hav to suddenly brake to standstill…i feel m gonna crash…
    but the dual discs are so f**kin awesome…

    Will try to touch around 135 in d near future….
    The bike touches 100 at 9000 rpm on the 4th gear..
    so i presume it should touch 135….

    will post it when i touch it…
    till then keep revvin….keep draggin

  • RACER menance



    ny1 comparing 220 cc’s with 180cc……????

    Well you talked about initial pickup…..thats what RTR is for….

    But after 3digits u may find the power of 220….

    I own RTR180 and respect 220 owners…
    Both are equally good in looks too..
    But yes RTR has a plus point somewhat…

    GUd to See its TVS vs Bajaj..
    Both solely Indians….
    No Yamaha no Suzukies…..

    Go India…World is waiting….

    i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ma APACHE180…. 😛

  • Brian

    Yeah….definately agree….

  • Ram

    hi. i will get my Apache 180 delivery tomorrow. very curious to take d 1st ride on it.

  • sudhakar

    Can any one tell me why my apache rtr 180 is giving some kind of noise when i am going on 2 3 4 gears. On 5th i fell going smooth. but in other gears, the noise is not good. compared with one of my friends apache bike. It is not making any noise. His bike is 2 year old. Mine is 20 days old. Why is it so. can any one explain me please whther any problem in bike or i will get the smoothness after 2 nd or third service. I did 1400 km so far 1 st service is over.

    • vikky

      please get ur gear box checked and even check the capillary adjustment. problem ll b solved

  • Apache owner of Rajasthan

    I think that Apache 180 is the bike which will change the bike lovers mind in india……Tvs is truly making its effort and i think this is the only indian company which promotes professional Racing machine.

    Recently i got a chance to watch TVS racing….let me tell u guys it was one of the best moment of my life, all professional riders with TVS bikes…

    TVS team won 4 awards out of 5, where yamaha won 1

    TVS gonna rule india very soon…with its brand Apache…..

  • Brian

    touched 133 kmph……single….
    it wud go more but bloody traffic…..
    it felt really awesome….whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Mighty

    Its an awesum bike!! its pure beast!!! wat awesum power!!! 1 day i went 95 on just the 3rd gear!! dis bike is a dream cum true!! also its givin awesum average!! 45-48(in city)!!!
    M in luv wid dis bike!!

  • King

    Hi everyone,

    i have Apache 180, but i dont know what is the maximum speed of this bike i touched 119,i am not a professional biker, so can anyone suggest me how i can increase speed of this bike or is this the maximum speed of this bike.

    As brian touched 133 kmph in this bike, so brian can u please give me few suggestions that how to catch atleast 125 or 130
    because i almost give full thorttle response….is there any distance which u need to maintain.

    Help me Friends i really i need suggestion from all of you i find this site best in class, where i can really get answer to my query.

    Please give me few tips to increase speed and also tell me how far this bike can go Apache 180

  • bala

    Hey King, De 180 is a monster am sure it would touch atleast 140 wit sum minor modifications…Ur modifications are

    NGK Irridium SPARKPLUGS it wud be around 550 max>>>
    K&N Oil Filter it wud be around 1700… dese r de mods tat i hav in my RTR 160… nd its performance is like a hell ride

    0-60km in 3.7secs
    0-100km in 18secs
    Top Speed 137km/h
    Fuel eco around 35-40 kmpl….

  • King

    Hi Bala,

    Thanks for your precious suggestion, i will surely do that but before that i just want to ask u that without these modifications how far i can go with this bike, because just now i purchased it and i touched 119 so what do i need to do to increase speed ……

    and also suggest me that what is the minium distance i need to achieve to get this speed because i achieved 119 in 1.5 kms distance….

    Please suggest me bala i would be waiting for ur suggestions
    thanks once again….

  • bala

    on stock de 180 wud do atleast 130km wit perfect shifting…..
    well 119 in 1.5kms is a bit long..cos on my RTR 160 was able 2 touch 130 in 1.5kms. . .

  • omkar

    hey guyz plannig for rtr 180….
    got many info abt dis bike it really rOcks….really a noob rider…i hav never ride a bike more tan 125cc..but wanna go for 180 rtr really itz awesom3…so plz tel me hw muc it will cost me onroad at Mumbai……plz guyz rply
    n yes PuslsaR sucks really bloOdy all same variants in design xcpt engine…LOL TVS 180 givs a tough figth to p220 lOL hw comparison na……!!!!!!

  • RACER menace

    hi omkar wel…….. if u want gr88 pick up.. less mileage go wid p220..

    if u wannt pick wid gud mileage go wid the apache180…

    p220= 32-35 in city… 40 in highways

    a180 = 42-50 in city… 55 in highways.. i owns yellow colour apache 180 it rox……….

    i luvvvvvvvvvv ma byk :P:P:P

  • King

    Hi Bala,

    So as u said that ur RTR 180 was able to reach 130 in 1.5 kms. so do i need to check this with service station or there is some missing which i am doing while riding please advice me i need ur suggestions.

    do i need to change my riding statics Bala because i just purchased Rtr 180 just 2 months back. please i am scared Bala i am really upset please help me.

  • bala

    Dude my bike is not RTR 180.. mine is a RTR 160… a well tuned RTR 160… ders nothing wrong wit de bike!!!!

    Do de gear Shifts like tis nd u wud c de magic

    1st gear shift at 4000-4500rpm
    2nd – 5th gear @ 8000-8500rpm…. these r de perfect shifting for RTR 160 nd RTR 180….
    Doing like tis wud give de power of bike but don do often it might screw ur bike’s life

  • keshav

    i own a apache 180,pearl doubt…
    its far better than its 160 junior version.

  • King

    Hi Bala,

    Today i went to Tvs service he did some tuning and all and he also suggested me that let the bike run atleast for 5000 kms after that only bike will go beyond 125 or 130 is this true bala, he also checked everything … and told everything is ok…

    So is this true that before 5000 kms and after few service only this bike will go beyond the limit.

  • RACER menace

    ya A180 rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    der s no doubt in tat………

  • bala


    dey told de same thing me too.. but i don give shit abt it…. i jus kept ripping de bike from de day i got it MY RTR 160 does 137 top nd fuel eco around 45-50 in city nd 50-55 in de highways

  • King

    Hi everyone,

    Please need ur valuable suggestions Guys how to increase speed of my Apache 180, i touched 119 but want to go more tell me what is the procedure or what do i need to do increase the speed.

  • Ram

    can anyone tel me how much mileage does a180 gives. i havent yet got my 1st service done. im getting around 35kpl.

  • sonu

    i’m planning to buy a bike within a range of 70,000 to 85,000.
    so the bikes which all fall in this range & which i’ve considered are Yamaha Fazer, Apache(180 RTR, 160 RTR, 160FI) & pulsur 180. can anybody tell me which bike i should choose?
    actually i wanted to buy apache 180 RTR, but i’ve listen that the vibration is very high. that’s why i considered yamaha. and also tell me what is the average of apache 180 in city?

  • Brian

    Sorry for the late reply folks…
    Well, I had tuchd 118 when it was at 820 kms….after 1st servicin…|agreed I was too impatient|
    at around 1500 kms….i touched 120….double….
    and then 133 single….
    on single
    on 4th gear, drag the bike till 10000 rpm….ie 100 kms/hr on 4th gear…
    once it touches 98-100 shift it to 5th gear and rev….
    5th gear 8500 rpm it will touch 125…(the claimed speed of the bike….
    after that it slowly goes higher till 130 and all….
    Around 130 it is like 9000 rpm on 5th gear…

    on double it would go to 93-95 kmph at 4th gear 9000 rpm…
    then 5th it would touch 115kmph easily….
    after that it slowly goes higher till 120 and all…

    My gear shift pattern….
    1st gear-7000 rpm
    2nd gear-8000 rpm
    3rd gear-8500 rpm
    4th gear-9000-10000 rpm
    5th gear—Till the bike says |bas kar yaar| 😛

    But such revvin can cause damage….
    Had got 40 kmpl average when i used to ride around 50kmph
    but now i get around 35 kmpl…

    So revv hard folks…
    Just dont let it bcome very hard on your pockets 😀

  • Brian

    Also, aerodynamics plays a very big part…!!
    THIS always helps….

    * Hold the tank tight between your knees…(It kills all vibrations)
    * Your helmet should almost touch the front vizor of the bike..(You will notice a big difference…trust me…)

    The second 1 is basically when you are trying to hit a |HI SPD|
    {as the console shows};) 🙂 😀

  • Brian

    I meant hold the tank tight with your knees….lol 😀

  • bala

    has anybody tried de RTR 180 wit NGK irridium sparkplugs!!!!! dose sparkplugs do lott good on ma RTR 160… hw is it on RTR 180??????

  • King

    Hi Brian and Bala,

    Thanks you so much for ur valuable suggestion.
    Brian as suggested by you i will try with my bike but also i will take care that my bike should not cause damage ..because last top speed i got was 119 kmph in around 1 – 1.5 kms and i opened full thorttle ….although i am not a professional biker but i love biking….as your advice gave me few tips to become perfect in biking…but last time when i got only 119 i had bit upset because i want to see my machine flying high as i only did 1st service TVS mechinic suggested dont try to get top speed before 5000 kms i dont they are correct or not but i think somehow they know every bit of this machine…so they gave us this suggestion ….

    But i will tel u guys this bike has the fastest pickup ever i have seen in any indian bike……every time when i stand on stopline i always get wheelie…

    Hope till my next comment in this blog i would get some good amount of speed with my machine…

    serriously i love this machine…

    Thanks everyone ..plz keep replying i really wait for ur replies.

  • King

    Hi Bala and Brian ,

    Today again i tried with my A180 i reached upto 118, please friends tell where do i lack with riding statics ….i want to know from everyone because i know that u guys know better then me…i am waiting for ur reply.

  • bala

    King ur shifting is de lack because on stock de RTR180 is capable of getting a top speed run of a 130km… shift at 9000rpm form 1st gear to de 5th…. u ll easily get on to 128-130…. dude its shifting tats causing u de speeds… just imagine i have a RTR160 my top speed is 132kmh wit de kinda shifting i jus mentioned…. WEN A 160cc engine can do upto 132km Y WONT A 180cc engine do it…. i checked up wit frnd RTR180 it did 138 on stock….

  • Arun

    87 comments and a majority of that is from owners… let the haters hate the bike, its the lucky owners who know how truly badass the bike really is….

  • King

    Thanks Bala,

    For your valuable suggestions …again i will try as suggested by you ….even i know that A180 can go beyond imagination…….wil keep in min ur advice….

    And what do u say do i need to do some changes in my bike ….

  • Bala

    NGK irridium spark plugs and K&N airfilter….
    a wel maintained nd a single user bike gives good performance…

  • Mighty

    do d irridium sparkplugs work der magic 4 A180??
    also let me know whether i shuld put in d K&N oil filters???
    coz A180 has air filters so plz let me know!!!

    And bala and King as well thank u both 4 all ur suggestions n tips!!!

    A180 rocks!! 😉

  • Bala

    Mighty de irridium plugs work der magic on ma RTR160… but for sure it wud be much better… nd de K&N will give u tat pull nd free flow ….. like always de K&N filter noise sound loud nd wild on de RTR family…. wen u open throttle it makes menace nd ppl run de hell out!!!!!! APACHE RTR 160&180 rocks….cheers 2 de RTR family

  • Mighty

    Thanx a lot bala!!! 🙂
    If der r any more upgrades, plz let me know!!!!
    RTR 160&180 r the best!!!
    Hats off TVS!!!
    Dey r like d best bike in der series!!!
    Cheers to ’em!!!

  • Bala

    wel dude i think tis more da n enough for de RTR family…. de oni thing left is tuning de bikes…. well if ur loaded wit cash u can go ahead nd do it.. but tuning will kill de bike…. .

  • King

    Hi Bala, Brian

    Today i tried upto some extent today i went till 118 kmph on 4th gear.. but my bad luck was because of heavy traffic and due to fly over i couldnt go beyond that although it was going above for sure.

    The best part is my bike was going on 117 kmph on the Flyover and fly over was too high i was amazed to see when i saw my bike touching 117 kmph on this Flyover.

    I believe that soon i would touch 130 also .. due to some bad riding conditons i am unable to do that right now but thanks bala and brian for ur valuable suggestion.

    Daily i login to this blog to check ur valuable comments . ……for sure A180 rocks … and one more think i beat P180 while going up on the Flyover…straight drag race on the Flyover.

    A180 is going to rule India..Proud to be an Apache Owner….

  • Bala

    Ya not oni A180 even de A160 rocks… cheers 2 de RTR family…. v rock wat do u say guys

  • Bala

    Well guys lets hav a vote here be frank nd vote for de bikes based on their performance nd styling:

    Here are bikes:

    APACHE RTR 160
    APACHE RTR 180

    PULSAR 150 DTSi
    PULSAR 180 DTSi
    PULSAR 200 DTSi
    PULSAR 220 DTSi
    PULSAR 220 DTSFi

    Karizma R
    Karizma ZMR
    CBZ xtreme



    Start voting…
    oni 2 votes per person is allowed
    my votes are APACHE RTR 180 nd Karizma ZMR

  • king

    Hi All,

    I vote Apache 180 and CBZ Xtreme….

  • xavi

    My vote- Apache rtr 180 nd R15

  • Brian

    Well, performance wise….
    p220 dtsi…. is a rocket….(A180 is not too behind)
    but p220 seriously has great power….
    styling wise….Fazer…..nothing comes close..

  • Brian

    U reached 117 on 4th gear?????mayne…That is some serious shit..
    If its true u would reach 140 on 5th….

    Well, on the western Express highway…Mumbai…
    The RTR 180 takes all other bikes like |aaraam se|
    But the other day was real fun..
    Was competing{wont call it racing} with an rd350 guy…
    whoaaaaaaaaaa….both of us were battling it at 110-120 kmph….
    literally swaying the bikes at that speed to keep ahead…!!!
    There came a spot where i touched 125 and zoomed ahead….
    I could see him in the mirror though…
    Then at a straight drag, mayne we both were ridin at around 125-130….side by side…
    and it was so awesome……
    But unfortunately,,,he *ghaseetaod* his bike even more…and went ahead….
    Even though i believe i lost….it was a lot of fun….


  • Ram

    A180 – 3 votes
    xtreme – 1
    R15 – 1

    Keep adding 1 to d bike which u vote

  • Bala

    A180-3 votes
    ZMR-1. . . .
    keep voting guys at de end of dis month v ll c which bike gets de max votes

  • Mighty

    Apache rtr 180
    Karizma R

  • king

    Hi all,

    Here is another poll i want to start please participate in it which is the max speed u reached from your Apache 180 and when you want to see Apache 200 …..

    my vote is

    i reached 119 kmph

    and i want to see Apache 200 till dec 2010

    plz vote friends …

  • Brian

    Well, I touched 124 doubles….and 133 single…
    gonna drag it more soon…
    Regarding rtr 200…i hope it comes out soon n they stop the prod of 180/…..
    so we few will be the only 1s havin rtr 180….
    sumwat like a limited edition…lol

  • king

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your comments….Guys plz post your comments on this poll as well …..

    Top speed you achieved from your RTR 180

    And When you want to see RTR 200

  • Brian

    So king…..Where u 4m?

  • bala

    King nd Brain

    Is it confirmed tat RTR 200s gonna come out!!! wel i dont think so!! it might take a yr atleast

  • linkin park

    hiii…i too own a RTR 180 tit grey …the showroom guys told me that it will take a year to release any new Apache as of now and it would be probably RTR 180Fi

  • xavi

    Hi guys,
    Got ma menace yesterday nd am very thrilled wit its performance… bt hav topped oly want 2 get along wit dis speed atleast fr a week…am waitin 2 bring out d real devil after a week..:))

  • king

    Hi Guys,

    If you really love A180 then post ur valuable comment what is the maximum speed u reached from your A180 and when u expect A200 (Apache 200)

    Waiting for ur valuable comment for this poll…

    Hi Brian …. waiting for ur precious comment too …

  • bala


    A200 will take time currently TVS is working on de RTR180fi nd TVS isotope

  • king

    Hi Bala,

    I respect ur opinion….so Guys poll for

    Top speed u achieved from A180

  • xavi

    Hi guys,
    Can anyone help me by tellin, wats d ideal default RPM level 2 b set in rtr 180 wen d engine is on so tat it would not affect d mileage as well.. i’ve set it around 1.2

  • bala


    i think 1.2 is enough … is ur bike not switching off cos off dis…. but de idling level will not affect ur mileage nd all..

  • speed breaker


    2ND 3RD GEARS -85000 RPM

  • king

    Hi Speed biker….

    Nice ridiing stats but there is no bike in the world which can go…85000 RPM…i know that’s a typo mistake by you ….

    And let me tel u that Yzfr15 is good but just ride A180 you wil feel what is bike actually …..belive me friend if you dont belive me ask all bike lovers in this section with their comments for APACHE 180 …….

    So what do you say Guys ..about APACHE RTR 180

  • bala

    i agree wit u KING Apache RTR 180 gives us de real feel of pure power…. R15 gives only de ultimate racing feel but not much power as de RTR familly gives

  • xavi

    thanks bala,

    bt d engines switch off’s if i go below 1.2…nd also even after adjusting to 1.2 wen i start d engine,it automatically goes to 2 after d engine gets heated wen i start riding…also ma fren said tat more d RPM levvel den more d decrease in mileage.

  • King

    Hi Xavi,

    let me tell u that once u will adjust Rpm level this bike gonna ride sommothly …and as from my point of view …usually it happens once Engine start generating power and heat rigoursly Rpm level will automatically touch 2….there comes the power of A180…

    What do u say Bala and Brian…

  • King

    Hi All,

    We have reached above 120 comments here ……so biggest comment section for this bike ….this is all your love for Apache 180 …this bike is truly gonna rock india…i salute the person who created this blog….Thanks To DEEPAK….for his great work….Many thanks …..

  • xavi

    hi king,
    ur abs correct king.. i cud feel it already frm 2 weeks..waitin 2 giv it a full rev

  • King


    Ride Safe Always Wear a Helmet….Safe Driving Smart Driving…

    And All Apache Lovers ….just love your A180 as you admired it…previously.

  • Brian

    Well….I love the bike….
    I havnt rode the r15 yet though….
    about the idling rpm…..i keep it below 1000 rpm….
    But this bike can make your new year go bad….:(
    I was ridin at 130 kmph to go and pick up my gf for the new year party….
    but the keys of the house where we were gonna party fell off my suit pocket….thanks to fuckol mumbai roads…and I did not intend on reducin my speed below 100 watever the roads….and i had the most fuckol new year ever…
    so beware ol u RTR 180 riders…see that you keep all keys in your pant pocket….lol

  • Brian

    But although i lost the keys, i still raced a karizma later…we were battling it out at 120 kmph….(both bikes doubles)
    i was actually surprized that i beat him….
    and that too western express highway in mumbai…..
    it was quite an achievement….

  • linkin park

    103 km/hr 3pl seat..could have gone much much frnds stopped me

  • rohit

    hey guys i own a black Apache 180.. almost 5 months since i bought.. idling of my bike is exact 1.. top speed 129kmph, 0-60 3.6sec.. doubles on highway i made 125 but never rode on singles.. i noticed i shift in similar pattern as u guys.. i had a doubt though.. a180 doesnt hv a rev limiter right?? so till wat rpm is it advisable to rev?? red line starts from 9000.. i never crossed 9500.. have to try it out,but i’m worried about d engine.. any suggestions asap plz?!

  • King

    Hi Rohit,
    First of all congrates and welcome to our group, so now you are in A180 Group we welcome you heartly.

    Now as you asked about the RPM Apache 180 can reach above 10,000 rpm too but you will only touch about 10,000 if you reached above 9000 in 4th gear. so it is quiet possible. But let me tell you friend this practice can make some damage in ur engine and performance, so dont practice it often, yes anyways you can try and achieve it if you feel like. I think that till 9000 bike is sufficient to handle it’s presure and load. So if you really want to go beyond then you need to change your Gear shift pattern but dont do it often because it can lead serious damage to your Bike.

    So man love you A180 and love the way it is, I love my A180 like the Girl next door, it is sexy, stylish, Macho and Masular,and Far above in performance than other indian bike.

    So Enjoy your ride and keep sharing your thoughts.

  • xavi

    Hi guys,
    Its been 3 weeks since i ve gt my 180 nd am enjoyin it..

    k can any1 give me d best gear shift pattern fr a 0-60 drag?

  • King

    Hi Xavi,

    Start your thorttle from 6500 from 1st gear go till 7000 change it to 2nd go till 8000 change to 3rd go till 8500 change to 4th and to till 9000 or more and change it to 5th gear.

    I hope this Gear shift pattern is good and nice start for A180.

    What do u say king and brian …….what happened to both of you keeping quiet these days

  • xavi

    Thanks King, will try tat

  • King

    Hi All,
    Where are you guys and what u doing nowadays….no comments …it is being so long come on guys tell us what new you are going to do with ur Apache 180, or what new you did.

  • Mighty

    Hi king!! how r u man??
    Well as d latest update i went 135 widout much efforts on my 180 beast!!
    I culd hav gone more bt silly traffic!! 😀
    N i reached 97 on 3rd gear!! 😉
    Dis bike is d bestttttttttt!!!

  • Brian

    Well i just missed to crash…!!!!

  • Brian

    lol…..The only problem i am facing is dat my suspensions r making noise….i think i should have rode slow in those khaddas…lets c…il tel to servicin guys bout it….
    odawise nuthn much hapenin….jus drinkin n dancin…lol
    r u guys on fb?

  • bala

    Guys here s another milestone by A180…

    i took my frnds A180 for hell ride… it touch 147kms… man tis bike is so awesome… its got NGK irridum spraks plugs wit spitfire cables nd pipercross airfilters…

    0-60 in 3.1secs
    0-100 in 11secs…

    tats quite amazing rite

  • Ram

    hi guys…. TVS launched Apache 180 ABS. can any1 temme abt ABS?

  • hilmi

    hey i would lyk to buy rtr 180……… canu tell me something abt its performance mileage etc etc abt it….. my e-mail id s…….

  • King

    Hi All,

    Thanks u all For your comments and views …nice to hear from bala that he touched 147 thats really amazing man, Even i didnt reached much speed but i am trying some fantastic things with my A180, nowdays i am trying Drifting with my 6 months old A180.

    Welcome himli to A180 community ….it’s good that u r planning to buy A180, see as per performance u can read all comments here, and about milage i think it will give almost 45-50 kmpl after 2nd service, try to maintain Speed and Gear clutch shift pattern and u can get good milage, now about look it is one of the best looking bike in indian road nowdays. Pick up is awasome 0-60 in 4.6 sec (company claimed)
    still u can reach 0-60 within 4 sec.

    Rest i wil tel u in my next post..

    keep rocking keep biking

  • Swasthik

    hi guys…
    I have decided to buy RTR180 or Susiki GS150R… i dono which s going to rock in city… i need milage too coz i need to travel a long… Which will be gud..

  • King

    Hi Swasthik,

    As per my point of view go for RTR 180 because it will give u milage around 45-50km/L, and this bike is the style statement now in country. But if u only prefer milage not looks then go for Suzuki GS150R because anyhow it will give u more milage but looks …it doesn’t comes closer to RTR 180,u can only compare RTR180 with Pulsar180,200 or 220 or Karizma ZMR or with Ninja…so Brother if u prefer Average milage and Extraordinary and stunning look go for RTR180….Anyhow RTR180 is rocking already in the Country.

  • Swasthik

    Thanks King…
    Better i will go for APACHE itself..

  • King

    Hi All,

    How are you Friends, i was out of town for few days, now i am back… r u guys….

    Friends i need your views on this topic..

    Do u prefer Fast driving alongwith ur GF and if she is not wearing helmet….what do u say…

    i personally don’t prefer it if helmet on then may be we can..

    What do u say Guys…. waiting for ur views….

  • Brian

    I ride fast anyways….whether my chic is sittin behind or not….
    dude….they launched the pulsar 220 sdtsi…
    it looks the same like a 200 and has a 220 engine and two-piece handle…and rear disc….
    that bike is gonna be a beast…i feel heartbroken….since i always wanted a 200….n now there is a 220 without the shit fairing….can u imagine….
    btw how much do those race modifications cost…??
    like the sparkplugs n the air filter….coz m considering some engine mods very soon…..wanna cross the 135 mark…!!!
    The air filter will change the sound of my silencer rite…???

  • Bala

    Hi Brain & King its been sometime v spoke hw are u doing…

    Anyways brain de sprakplugs nd de air filter together will come around 2000k…. insist on NGK irridium nd K&Nair filter…

    To Knw hw K&N air filter sounds on A180 here check tis video: tis wud not chagne ur silencer sound u ll hear de air filter noise louder dan ur silencers beat sound

  • dev

    i am planninig 2 buy apache180..but bit confused betwn pulsar180 and apache height is 5.6″ and medium health ,,which bike will look good or rather look best …plz help me

  • jay

    hi guys,
    i just got my A180,peral white … i am now in himachal and i needed a powerful bike yet with good handling to negotiate sharp bends…in hills u cant go above 90… that’s my personal hi-spd… 0-60 in 4.1 secs..

    this bike is a eye cathcher and all villagers here surround the bike admiring it’s bit annoying..

    anyway i am happy with it… drives only in 4000 rpm as advised by dealers..

    my ol dealers forgot to fill the brake fluid in the rear disc reservoir and i got shocked when i found it reading the manual..

    so guys read the owners manual completely before taking the ride on the bike…

    bye for now.. will post again the cornering ability and pick-up in the hilly region.

  • Nazareth

    Dear all,I want to bike that gives economical mileage as well as decent power and is also reasonable on the pocket. I have shortlisted tvs_apache_rtr_180 ,bajaj pulsar 135 DTSi, Suzuki GS150R. pls help me. or is there any better choice.

  • Bala

    Hi Nazerth

    I suggest u go for TVS Apache RTR 180.. it wud suit ur needs… de mileage wil be around 45-50kms… top speed u can do upto 140Kmph.. it costs around 70,000-75000 approx… RTR 180 is now de talk of de town .. go ahead wit it

  • aryan

    apache rtr180 technical specification
    engine = 180cc
    topspeed = 125km/h.

  • Mighty

    Hey bala! hows u dude???
    hey btw i had a question to ask all of u!
    Whther v cn fit fuel injections to d apache rtr 180??
    if any1 know anythin abt dis, plz plz reply……

  • Bala

    fyn man…..i don think u can do it 2 a normal RTR180… cos der is something u need 2 chnge in de engine….

  • Harish

    wow wat an amazing bike…………!!
    feels like flying, just ripped to the max , after 1st service.
    thanks TVS!

  • King

    Hi All,

    How are you Guys….So i am back was away for a while ….

  • nidhin anand

    hi guys
    am planning to buy a new bike
    i like RTR 180
    but when i reffered about it some says it makes vibration
    after 80km/hr speed an loss control while turning with high speed
    is that true
    pls tell me
    if any one can pls mail me i will be very thankfull to you
    my id is-
    am waiting 4 mails

  • karthick

    hi friends im going to buy RTR 180 on april
    can you say anything about that bike
    give comment on my mail id pls
    try to send when your free


  • Amandeep


  • King

    Hi Amandeep..

    Welcome to the party…now you are the proud owner of A180 so welcome to the league….Well said Amandeep this bike has all the features which one indian guy wants ..and it is almost making history in terms of speed…

    And guys dont worry about its performance …you gonna rock the city ….so choose the best deal A180 is the best bike

  • vinoth

    apache 180 sucks to d core…
    (after all its a TVS company) 😛
    pulsar s best forever..

    • ram

      EDITOR NOTE: Pls. refrain urself from Flaming posts, as both have their own characteristics. If continue to do so, ur posts will be banned forever. Happy Biking!

  • RACER menace

    @vinoth how do u say apache180 sux? do u know how 2 ride a bike.. doesnt matter.. u know 2 ride cycle??? u *****R.. wel.. i dont say pulsar sux.. nd wont say apache is d best.. both byks r gud in both aspects nd power.. i assure rtr180 can give d sudden pick up.. coz i own it.. it rox… ma top speed is 131km… mileage s around 40.. but i ever worried abt d mileage.. i need power…. both rtr nd 220’s rox!!! go india !!! 🙂

  • Darshil

    i got my apache rtr 180………..nw i can say 1 thing for sure pulsars ur days r goan u r no more the fastest indians….man this bike is the unleashed beast…itz can reach 145km/hr n can reach a 100km/hr in jst 8 secs……the best bike i ever rode…hats of to tvs..

  • King

    Hi Folks how is going life,

    Was away for a while so couldnt post any cooments , so how is doing ur Rocket A180, i just saw few comments by the Editor saying that not to misspell for any other bike…. so i request u freindz that we all are bike lover am i right, so we all should love every bike surely the bike which we love is primary concern for us but dont say any wrong words for any other bike……Do appreciate your A180 but the way bike lover does, show ur true biker sprit.

    I really love Apache 180 this machine rocks….. For sure this machine can go beyone 140 , but dont make this a practice as high speed damages ur machine a lot ….so Ride safe and love ur machine…try your bike’s top speed in idle conditions….

  • xylo

    hey……i got da menace….5 mnths ago……havnt ride it much…….thnk itz aroun….1014 kms yet……..i got 2 of my servicing done… still…….i feeel thers a sound frm sumwer….i guess itz da mast thng….shud i chng da bush???

    wat about da K&N filters…???will it decrease da milege much??hw mch performance cn b boosted up?….ofcourse i ll do da jet thng tooo….um also planing to change my spark plugs to iridium 1ns….hop it ll help wid mor perfomance…and also da ABS ….in front tyres… it fy9???if i wnt 2 chnge mah frnt tyres as it skids so mch….wat shud i opt 4r michellin 1ns?????or mrf is fy9 2 do…..i find tvs 1ns terrible!!!!

  • SAP

    i am planin to buy an apache rtr 180 but is it a long lasting byk… the sense dat can it last me for 2 to 3 yrs down d line…..???? plzz help

  • mayank

    hey………i got mmy a180 last mnth i am really happy wth it
    jst a lil bit scared cuz sme kind of noise keeps cming from my bike i have dne 1000 kms bt still tht sound keeps cming
    so can any1 plz tell me how to get it fixd?????????????
    waiting for ur replies

  • Ashwin Antony

    Wow Man:::: “Angel when Parked, devil when ridden”

    Thanx for giving something to write on My new Apache when i buy one 🙂

  • Ravinder (Johny)

    Hi Guys,
    I am planning to by a bike more then 150 cc and studied A180rtr. Now I need reviews from a person who is using A180 for more then 8 months and Apache bike fro last 1 year. I just want to know its long term performance. Currently I am using Honda Shine. It was very nice in its first year, but after first year it started giving me problem, and now I can’t bear it. So please suggest me. I want to buy a bike for at least next 4 years. Your suggestion is very precious to me. Please be true with your words.

  • shakthi

    rocking bike

  • vp

    this bike is awesum….i luv to ride it…its definitely better than pulsar 180…the brakes n acceleration r better than any other bike n 40 is the mileage…brakes of pulsar r bad n doesn’t gve good acceleration though price n mileage is better..but the riding fun u get in apache is beyond nythng n the service is also gud n not bad as is said evrywhere…

  • sunny

    i m 19 year old taken many review, comments, test drive of bikes. but ma eyes stuck on rtr 180…itz awesome i hav ma bike last month…. and i m da show stopper in ma cllge…!!
    i hav rode 350km till nw…!! i got the milage of 45….its gr8…!! till nw i hav touched only 80 cuz want to maintain ma bike and after 1000km m sure gonna break all records…!! yeah…
    personally i luv ma white pearl..!! girls keep tingling around me rather than ma frndz having bike like pulsar,karizma and even fz…!!
    and i win in drag races wid ma frndzz….thanks for tvs for making such a beast…!!

  • Darvesh

    apache is gr8…

  • shanmugam

    Hey guys i’m planning to take a new bike next week. I’m totally confused which one to take.
    Apache rtr 180
    Apache rtr 160 fz
    bajaj pulsar 180
    honda unicorn dazzler

    which is best. I expect it be stylish also nominal mileage.
    The main thing is it shut suit me. I’m 6.2 slim n dark person. Bike shud not be awkward to me???? Please guide me as soon as possible i’m awaiting for u guys reply???

  • shanmugam

    hey guys my friends said rtr160 makes noise when it crosses 50-60 kmph wat about rtr180… Is tat fault is resolved

  • jitz

    hey frnzz
    i just wanna ask that should i try some modifications so that a180 will luk more sexy stylish
    what changes shud i do???
    plzzz suggest frnzzz

  • abhi

    hey guys m hvng same tappet noise on ma rtr 180 n m done ma 1st service n aftr dat they told me if u tight the tapped ur bike performance(pick up,acceleration,average) will be reduce..
    can ne1 help me,is this true??????

  • Razer menance!!

    @@ ABHI…..

    yes dude dont try 2 recover d tappet .. it ‘l b fine after 3000kms .. even ma apache180 got d same issuse .. i was frightened plannd 2 giv bak d byk.. but now i ve done 9500kms on ma byk… jus feel free d noise wil go automatically widot doin any things.. u feel d diffrnc after d 3rd service…

  • abhi

    z tappet noise z harmful for bike???????????

  • HARSH…

    hieee…..king…how r u….m harsh from bhopal…m about to buy A180….but m confused about mileage….
    can u plzz just help me out…..

  • HARSH…

    and yaa…..m plannig to use NGK iridium spark plugs…
    do u think….i could have any benefit….

  • jk ultimate


  • santhosh

    Hi guys,I bought a new pearl white A180 on 7july.I get vibrations when I go above 40kmph.Vibes are too much.Will it reduce after the 1st service or is their any problem with the bike.Please suggest me…

  • LovinSha

    I’m going to own an rtr180 in a week. I test drove an rtr160 and EVEN THAT was amazing! RTR, Racing Throttle Response is rightly said about the machine…. I dont know about the top end stability, but pickup, technically low end torque, its mind-boggling. I’ll be a proud owner, always. Maybe p220 performs better, but i have many reasons selecting an rtr… First, the great looks.. i love the white deamon… second, easy handling and low weight. third, unique features like 0-60 timer and top speed saver(which would save ur life literally, by avoiding the reqirement to look at the meter every time you go racing..), and finally, 11k difference in price…

  • Harish

    So truly said: the look,pick-up & braking are just awesome…. i’ve completed 6000 kms and really satisfied. The pick up is so nice, even when we are at 90kms/hr,u feel that lot of power is still left.

  • DAN

    dudes i booked ma rtr 180 just today..eagerly waiting for its delivery…its one of ma dream bikes..RTR ROCKS..

  • nafees ahmed

    hi there. i have been using apache RTR 180 since past nine months, i bought it on 16.9.2010. I have enjoyed every moment of its use thoroughly, but, unfortunately inorder to meet some urgent personal need, I will have to sell off my bike, it is pearl white in colour, has travelled 8500 kms and is well maintained in condition. I am asking for 65000/- and it is negotiable. Anyone interested can call me on 9867940646.


  • DAN

    hi RTR 180 WHITE PEARL got delivered today…its so heart throbbing to drive that expects us to drive it to the core..amazing bike by TVS. I dint get any vibrations when i drove it today .but the fact is that people who drive this bike misunderstand the idling sound to be the vibrations in the bike.I’d like to clear the doubt by saying that its the idling which is very high in the bike and that makes the person who is driving the bike think as though the entire bike is vibrating..PLS stop complaining about the same error..There is no vibration in this bike..RTR 180 MENACE is TRULY A DEVIL WHEN RIDDEN….

  • LovinSha

    can anyone please tell me whether rtr180 is suited for a tall person as me(i’m 6’1″)…. please help me soon or i may go for a p220….

  • LovinSha

    i’m so very confused in the dilemma b/w p220 &rtr180…. help? anyone? about the height problem? isnt rtr a lil short in size?

  • DAN

    dude LovinSha, since u r a 6 footer i advice u to do for the pulsar series.but p220 would b a good choice if u r ready to shell out ur wallet for feeding ur baby..cos mileage is too low..on good conditions it gives only aroung 28-30..if u use it rough u mite get only 22-25..wen compared to RTR 180 and P220 i wud recommend u to go for RTR 180 but for long drives P220 would b many say there is no vibration in RTR 180 ..only thing for u is that u mite get some backache if u r a person who likes to go on for long drives…otherwise RTR 180 is always the best in performance ride,mileage,stunts..anything u name does..PEARL WHITE is just an awesome colour which u just dont get in any other Indian bikes.last thing to say..I just got ma bike today and drove it on the roads..wen i stopped at the signal,i was able to find atleast 4 to 5 heads turning to my bike just gazing at it till the signal turned green..i was feeling so happy at that moment..RTR 180 is always the costs 77,000 in downsouth of India..A good price for a Beast of this kind..RTR ALWAYS ROCKS..

  • DAN

    Am 5’5″ and i find it easy to ride the RTR 180…and abt the height of the bike..RTR 180 is a bit ie,only few “mm” lower than P220..actually it wud b more easy for u to handle the bike if its low on height..since u find Pulsars everywhere on the road,i wud suggest u to b different in style and go for the RTR180 . i assure u that u wont surely regret after owning RTR180. you could even go for a test ride on both the bikes..u wud surely find a lot of similarities in both the bikes cos RTR180 is tuned to b performed alongside P220.. if u plan to get RTR180 go for the PEARL WHITE model cos its surely a headturner on the roads especially wen u r in traffic….Do write abt wat u have decided to buy cos ur views too wud b useful for someone else…RTR ALWAYS ROCKS..

  • Abhishek

    Hi Guys,

    I am planning to buy a bike .Honda CB Unicorn was MY FIRST choice but seeing the delays in delivery (2 months) , i started looking for other bikes.I did a test run for dazzler but didnt find it good enough.

    I tried yamaha FZS and CBZ Xtreme and then went for Apache 180 RTR.The bike is phenomenal and i truly enjoyed the ride.

    I would like to know about the mileage in traffic conditions.

    I am located in Bangalore.

    Please reply ASAP.

  • Lovin

    Thanx Dan, for replying to my question…
    Ya i find that u r right… rtr180 is a great choice.
    and, i drove a 220 too yesterday. maybe its more powerful, but handling… rtr is simply the best.. and about the height problem.. i its not much of a problem after all! its really good for riding, than any other performance bike i tested. again, i find many six-footers rideing fz’s(which has even lower seat than rtr)!! So why should i hesitate, when i’m quite comfortable with the riding position?Also, many say that apache dont have half the complaints the pulsars do.
    so, Booked an rtr 180 pearl white, right away.
    will always be a proud owner….
    Im a keralaite, and here it costs Rs. 74,750.
    Reply me Dan.
    And once again thanx to u.

  • Lovin

    Hai abhishek, i have info from relyable sources that rtr 180 would give a city mileage of around 44kmpl and highway mileage of around 50. Isnt that enuf? For this great a performance??

  • DAN

    @Lovin..Glad to hear from u that u have booked ur white beast.Welcome to the RACING TRIBE…Its been 2 days since i got ma bike and its already done 100 kms and i havent still checked on the mileage..But wat the guy at showroom told was that the bike would start to perform only after the first free service( dont need to worry abt mileage till the first service is done..but i advice u to ride(TREAT) ur bike as an ANGEL(only 40km speed @2500RPM) till ur first service cos it is very much needed for ur beast to get tuned up …so ride safe and slow till ur first service is done…i’d like to tell u one more said before the new bike which comes straight from the factory is tuned in such a way that the idling is very high(ie,1400RPM) in order for the engine and all the other parts of the bike to get tuned up. So dont get surprised by the high idling sound that comes out from ur engine.dont need to worry abt that at all.It’ll be rectified and reduced only after the first service to increase mileage.some misunderstand that idling sound from the engine as a vibration and keep complaining that the bike vibrates at 40km/hr..till today wen i drove home at 11.00PM i dint feel any such vibrations in ma bike. do comment or reply after u get ur bike delivered…RTR ALWAYS ROCKS…

  • DAN

    check out this link everyone…it is very useful for those who own and gona own RTR180…

  • Ram

    RTR 180 rockz!!! superb performance n great handling… Mileage – 40 on Bangalore roads. juz love it!!!

  • Lovin

    I am a proud owner of a white rtr 180.
    my bike completed a 600km and these are my views on the bike…
    superb performance,
    great handling,
    perfect riding position,
    average mileage of 40kmpl,
    cute eye-catching looks,
    no much vibrations.
    i see only one major problem for this bike- the road grip of the default tvs tyres are poor.
    so go ahead and change it to a pirelli or nylozapper tyres at least for the rear. it will do good.
    i know many apache aowners who skidded off the road on wet roads.
    one tyre of the kind specified above would cost around 2750.
    and, before the first service, try to keep your bike under 50kmph and under 5000rpm.
    also give only stedy gradual accelerations. or your engine life and mileage, both would diminish.

  • RR

    My Bike is 3 days old!

  • RR

    If I use that NGK iridium Sparkplugs Than will it Affect onn my Average?
    Also Do the Zappers tyres Affect my Average?
    Plz Reply!
    My Bike is 3 days old!

  • Lovin

    i dont know about the sparkplugs, but tyre change will, as weight increases on tyres. and, after all the tyre grip is not sooo poor, after around 500km… as the tyres need to get grippy… but ofcourse it wouldnt reach the grip a zapper wud provide…

  • RR

    Thanks for Replying

  • RR

    The Rear Disc Brake becomes Hotter
    Is it Normal?

  • Lovin

    Its alrite… The discs are always designed to bear even red hot conditions… Dont underestimate the tvs indian engineers! 😉

  • Bobby

    Read the entire page and comments….. I really liked the effort put here and passion shown for A180..
    I want to own a A180 now and i get a damn to the tappet noise or the other bike comparisons… I know this bike rocks as I have done a survey as I am looking for a bike and I am dropping the idea of the Avenger… but surely that is comfortable cruiser but every one is a winner in their own way and I think A180 has won my heart completely..
    Thanks for all such good reviews and it has helped and I appreciate it..
    All the best guys, keep rocking with A180….

  • harish

    BTW Apache RTR has won several awards for the disc brakes… its the best available in India…
    RTR rocks 🙂

  • Lovin

    Right. Considering reliablity and power both, rtr180 is the best in below 85000 bikes. even the p220.

  • Ram

    Good news. RTR 180 has been selected as one of the top 5 best looking Indian Motorcycles by BikeAdvice.

  • Sabuj

    Hi guys I, think that ApacheRTR is pawarful bike in india. 180 max speed 148 kmph. 160 max speed 133 kmph. R15 max speed 149 kmph.220 max speed 151 kmph. ZMR max speed 138 kmph but RTR starting pawar better.

  • Ruban

    hey i am planning to bike a new bike. pls suggest me finding one. i have two option apache 160 and 180. i fear that apache 160, after crossing 160 will have so much vibration. my friends bike has the same complaint. the bike is so damm vibrating tat even we cant catch the handlebars. so pls do reply for it. will it happen in new version of apace rtr 160 ?

  • Kazamajin

    Hi everyone,
    I bought RTR180 white just 4-5 days ago and its my first bike and I haven’t ride any bike before. And I’m having difficulties with clutch release, So please can anyone tell me how should I release the clutch for a smooth start so that it does not stalls. 🙂
    Plz waiting for your comments

  • Lovin

    oh, it happens.. just, depress the clutch well, take the engine to 4000 rpm, and slowly, very slowly release the clutch. it’ll be all rite…

  • harish

    I wanted a performance bike, and RTR 180 was d best, its raw power, pick up and crisp braking…… No other bike provides the acceleration as RTR 180 🙂

  • ishaan

    hiiii,,, i wanna buy “rtr 180” but my height is 5.11,,, so is this bike good for me? plz send me mail at

  • Lovin

    rtr is one among the lowest seated indian performance bikes,after fz. So go ahead and have a test drive.

  • Rajeev

    Hi friends.i’m planning to buy my first bike ever.first i was thinking of buying hunk,then yamaha fz s.den i started considering d apache rtr.but not dat much.but after seeing these reviews u guys have written.i seriously started becoming a fan of the rtr 180.although i ve not ridden this bike.i really want advice from u experts.dat am more than 6 ft tall.will d rtr be good for a person with dat dis bike reliable in terms of maintenance costs.dis is one of d major things y am not looking for d plzz help me guyz……waiting for ur reply

  • Lovin

    I am 6 ft tall too. the ht is nt a problem 4 u 4 sure, and the vehicle would be more handle-able than any other power bike, but the onlookers might feel that the bike is small. i own an rtr180 myself, and am quite satisfied with it. about the maintainance, most of my biker friends say that never buy a pulsar, but rtr would give equivalent power with much lesser complaints. i’m sure they are right. but u see, rtr is not as great as a p220 in running power, that is, after 60kmph. Bt the starting power of rtr…. it is tremendous. ride a 220 urself and see. It doesnt have this jumping effect. and i’ll tel u one thing, ride a 220 too before actually buying an apache. Its up to u.. beter power and more complaints or lesser power with lesser complaints. Never go 4 an fz. its starting power is poor. rtr costs 75k, 220 costs 82k, here in kerala. and if u r above 6’2″, then dont take an apache. It wud actually be small 4 u then. Altogether, rtr is one of the best vehicles in indian market, when we want both power and economy.
    mileage is 40kmpl in city and 50 on the highway. U can rely on me, but go ahead and test drive. That wud be safer, and that cud change things..

  • harish

    Yup, u r right, no other bike can match its pick-up, When the signal turns green, i will be one leading everyone, awesome pick up!

  • harish

    And guys about the mileage, i had filled d tank to the brim in shell petrol bunk, he could fill 16.25 litres and today it dried up completely.
    The readings are:
    Total : 742.7kms, out of which,320kms was in highway and remaining in city traffic.

  • Mudit

    Hii frndz..
    I buked my rtr 180(white) today…i m extremely happy…..this byk is truely a revolution n inspiration for other companies….there is no comparison between the rtr 180 n the pulsars….rtr 180 is the best….my bike is coming dis monday..i m very much exited..

  • cheeta

    i would gives to votes for r15 and apache180, both are awesome bikes yaar

  • Rajeev

    first of all thank u so much for ur reply
    i would like to add one more thing that i m a beginner in will the rtr be comfortable for me.nd yeah my height is 6’2″.so if rtr is not gud fr ma height.which bike would be requirements are these

    Good acceleration.that is i shouldnt be stucked in between while overtaking a bus

    Reasonable mileage

    Lesser vibrations at top speeds.

    Less maintenance cost

    And since the rtr is well known for its power.will it be good for city riding.will i have to shift the gears so often

    Hw about the tvs it good

    Please help me out with this

  • Lovin

    Tvs service isn’t very good, but its not bad too. Also, if u find one service center bad(purchased centre), u may move on to another one of tvs. The warranty will still be valid.
    For good acceleration, mileage and city riding together, there is no better vehicle than rtr180. Still, considering your height , as i said before, the vehicle would look a little short and small for u. If u r okay with it, no problems. top speed vibrations, that is, above hundred, isnt very low. That is, above hundred, the instability cannot be neglected.But comparatively with respect to hunk, stunner, unicorn, etc, there is no much instability. R15 would have been a perfect bike for you, given u have the money, and you dont have to ride in city much.. As it provides equivalent 0-60 performance with rtr, and extreme high speed stability. Think about it. And being a beginner in biking, i have one advice for you, if u do not follow, u will, eventually. Be very very careful in city driving, extremely cautious in a wet road, and, u wont believe me first, do not wear the helmet often, if u haven’t practiced on it much, before.
    u c, its been a month since i got my rtr, i fell on the road 3 times, once due to stunting, twice due to the concentration-lessness a helmet gives. fortunately, all the 3 accidents were at below-30 speeds, so not much happened to me or the bike.
    And, only just now did i think, karizma is a great option for you. Cost just 82k, very good accn, very low vibrations, okay for the city, okay servicing, perfectly suiting ur height… The only drawbak is mileage.. it could, in some cases, drop to even 28kmpl! But, i recommend you on it.
    u cant buy a p220 as the maintainance is high.
    So, choose from the 3:
    RTR 180- 75k, 45kmpl
    Karizma- 82k, 35kmpl
    R15 – 100k(around), 35kmpl.

  • Rajeev

    Thank u so much for your reply.u’ve written exactly wat i felt while driving a bike with the helmet on.since i am a beginner,i am not used to it and i used to get scared wen giving way to a heavy vehicle overtaking me from behind.and the karizma which you have mentioned,is it d old one or the new zmr.and i really like the r15.but i think its power output is same as the rtr,right?nd d budget also doesnt sound good

  • Rajeev

    Ur replies are actually innocent and very own an rtr 180 nd u have never said,it’s d only best bike.u said about other options also.nw i have almost taken a decision.please tell me one thing sincerely.i discussed about dis bike with my friends.dey said,after all this is a tvs bike n dont go for it.and i personally dont know any one who owns this is it likely to get complaints with this bike.and i’m a sort of guy who likes to travel at good speeds.please let me know if fz can be a good choice.i am not saying dat rtr is outta ma is still my primary consideration

    Please tell me if i wil have to shift d gears often while riding in a crowded city.some one told me fz is good in dat aspect.please help me brother

  • King

    Hi Friends how are you all

    So i am back …..

    How is everything .Festival season is on so what is the plan.


  • Lovin


    FZ is best for city riding, but its not a performance bike, and it wouldnt suit a 6’2″ person well.

    Karizma, the old one. zmr would cost nearly an r15.
    also, zmr is fuel injection, and is known for complaints.

    r15, the initial acceleration is equivalent to rtr, but at speeds above 85, r15 is an angel… and, if money matters, okay cut it out.

    Rtr too, isnt bad for the city, and gearshift wudnt be much of a problem once u have rode around 1500km..

    r15 is anyway poor in the city.

    my bike is perfectly in condition still, no complaints, and many others who have rtr’s are of similar openion.

    So, considering that r15 is out of budget 4 u, and considering ur height and also the reliablity of the vehicle, my best sugession is an old model karizma. If thinking of a second choice, then rtr. thats all.

  • Rajeev

    Thank u so much for your advice.i have decided to buy either d old model karizma or wait for some time nd buy d favourite r15

  • Sravan

    I purchased rtr 180 on sept 09.its a g8 bike.i did beat a p200 on d highway. My bike has done i notice sound frm d dash wen d bike vibrates.dis is d only problem tat i face.The stock types r nt gud.but they r okay at dry conditions.

  • Lovin

    good decision.
    also do consider rtr, as its a really easy-to-handle bike for a fresher. ok?

  • Sravan

    Rtr is a g8 handler.secret behind dis is d riding position.i hav done many long tours on my bike.if u can live wit d vibes its d best bike in its segment.

  • Sravan

    Rtr is a g8 handler.secret behind dis is d riding position.i hav done many long tours on my bike.if u can live wit d vibes its d best bike in its segment.wen is d launch of rtr hyperedge?

  • kk

    i m mad about bikes and love suggesting people about buying d bikes but now d turn of purchasing d bike is mine.even though i know about bikes very well then also gettin confused in p180 and rtr 180

  • Lovin

    @kk, if these 2 are your choices, no doubt go for an rtr. If pulsar, only 220. It has the least complaints, and its the single bike which can beat the rtr in the pulsar series

  • hari sudhan

    hi guyz i got my new bike rtr 180 on my grls b’day i love my bike more nd more, many suggest tat many complains in it bt i nvr mind now i’m fine wit tat..nd i love it too……its too attract nd admire..the big thing is white n it…thants to tvs company…byeeeeeeeeeeeee……..

  • Danish

    My new Apache 180’s engine is making some irritating sound as if something is loose the service guy told me that after the first service it will be corrected but then again one day after the first service it started sounding the same way now they it will go after 2nd service when the tighten piston or something like that he he said but i dont believe them pls help is there a problem in engine???? any advice??? i rode below 50kmph till first service and reached a highest of 112.

  • Venu Mohan

    What about the mileage of RTR 180. (not fi) ?????????

    • Danish

      @ Venu Mohan
      i am getting a 45 to 53 kmpl average with an average run of 50 kms in city.

  • Lovin

    There is no fi version of 180 yet.
    And mileage… singles mileage on highway 40-45kmpl.
    singles in city 35-40.
    Doubles- 32-37.

  • Rajah

    Hi Friends Apache RTR 180 FI. or ABS Do you know When it’s Coming Out for Sale. Pls Tell me.

  • Ranjan

    just touched 136kmph in my rtr 180……awesom bike!!! I even defeated p180(stock and k&n) and p200 (stock and k&n ). The only thing pulsar maniacs saw was my tail lights in the drag race…….

  • jitender vasisth

    hi can anyone sugest me da bike apache rtr 180.

  • Kaarthick

    Hi friends….i have planed 2 get apache rtr 180 only….but one thing tat bothers me is the braking system…..i heard having disc brakes on both wheels is dangerous…i ‘m not able 2 decide on this alone….can anyone please explain the pro’s and cons of disc and drum brakes please

  • Anoop

    Do RTR 180 possess Tubeless tyres?

  • rtr180

    since both r disk brakes, braking is sharp. you will take some time to adjust with the rear disk since u may hav never experienced on before. thats all.. once you are adjusted with the brake response and all, you will really enjoy the performance. no need to apply too much pressure on the brake pedal as in drum brakes and its not dangerous at all. brakes are one of the best features of this bike.
    Yes, both front and rear tires are tubeless – no need to remove the tire if punctured and very much safe in high speeds – will not give u any tire blasts like tube tires.

  • vikky

    my vote s for apache rtr 180 and r15

  • Mr.E

    i just got my DUCATI 1098 !
    the other night i took the beast out for a spin and went up against an unsuspecting tvs 180
    its safe to say he stood no chance but he put up a good fight ! Fierce rider ! but i just turned the throttel and zoomed away but must say its a mean bike ! wat r the performance upgrades u can get on 1

  • Bikram

    Hi all,
    i m going to purchase a rtr180 vry soon,I alrdy drive,p150,p220 i need some help…..
    1.Is this truth that apache rtr 180 have some vibration?
    2.Is this ok for long & short run trip?
    3.What abt its millage?
    4.What abt the handling?
    5.In this price any other bike could u refer for comparison?

    Plsssssss help me out…….

    • rtr180

      1. yes,little bit. it all depends on how you maintain.
      2. ok for long run and excellent for short run. not everyone will appreciate sporty riding posture for long runs.
      3.again, depends on riding style. if you are ease on the throttle, 40-50. otherwise 35-40 (city). its difficult to keep it under 50kmph.
      4.excellent. one of the best available.
      5. since you already have p220, nothing else.

  • what is da actual price of apache 180 rtr fi


    Hai friends. i’m going to buy my 1st bike and i think I should go for Apache rtr 180. Can anyone say what’s it’s mileage,performance etc.
    Does it have any problem’s?


    Apache 180 performance good milage 40-45 if you want pick up and milage go 4 160 Fi if u want more power gooo for 180


      Hey brother i’m 6 feet tall.Is Apache rtr 180 suitable for me…………..?

  • Ankur Jain

    I dont think if A180 Fi is launched or announced. Apache with ABS has sure hit the news.

    Hello All guys,
    I am 5’8″ tall and planning to buy a bike. I was almost set for P-180 Blue as I have heard and read some bad things about apache’s :
    1> Vibration problems on high speeds
    2> Sporty posture
    3> Read abt mileage also and compared to P-180 is less.

    I have a little problem in lower back which sure will increase if the posture is too sporty. Also I am planning to go to hometown once in a while which is around 120 kms frommy current city. Highway is so so. Will the 180 be comfortable for a long ride of say 2 3 hours ? My biggest concern are :
    1> Not too discomfort in riding especially lower back.
    2> Mileage, a little ( Upto 50 is still ok )
    3> Must run with minimal problems for atleast 5 years.

    I am not much of a racer kind of guy especially due to bad back and this will be my first own bike. Have rode on Pulsar 150 so far. Haven’t got a chance to ride a Apache before.

    My question is to long time owners and if somebody is like me ( not too much racing kinds ) please advice. Although reading the comments I doubt if anybody is not racing this bike :P…

    Thanks in advance for ur replies



  • krish

    hi apache lovers
    even am a big fan of A180

    hey BALA and KING where u ppl are,,,
    am gonna get this thunder on next month,,,,
    i have seen all ur comments and 90 percent of my doubt is cleared… so i wish u ppl back on this track….
    i have never thought there will be soo many apache lovers coz everyone will go behind same boring pulsar….. i just hate that bike as i never liked it

  • Vibhas Singh

    Gonna get the it next month … So hyderabad should be ready to feel the thunder in pearl white … This is the first bike that i will own … Thank you guys for all the comments … Bala thatnks for the upgrade comments will get em done … I had heard that the bike has some seating problem … But i guess they really were rumours.

  • Hari Gopal

    I bought this bike 5 months ago and seriously its just pathetic. You get a good pickup and speed. But, engine wears out soon. Rear disc brake fails after a couple of months. Lots of vibration, engine gives creepy noise soon. Needs frequent tunning of chain as it gets loose very fast.

    My advice is, if you are buying a bike first time, please have apache as a last option. Its pure Waste of money.

    • rtr180

      @All the above reasons indicate that you are not maintaining your bike properly. I’m using the bike for past one year and I’m not seeing the engine wears out or the rear disk break is failing….lol….cleaning of chain is required every 750 kms as it is open type and our country is not dust free…but only air blow cleaning is required….

  • Vibhas Singh

    Got it on the 25th Feb … The bike is awesome … I can feel my adrenaline at the peak when i m riding it … Exhilarating and breath taking … I m loving it … 🙂

    • abhinay

      Trully agree with you brother. i am proud to be apache rtr 180 owner. i’ve done only 104 kms with her only but whenever i accelarate i feel a rush of blood going from all over my body to the brain. can’t describe it


    Am going 2 take my rtr 180 2mrw. A P A C H E…………………….

    • Dylan Xavier

      Gr8 decision bro,, good choice,, i bought it few days back.. awesome bike..

  • Yaswanth

    Hi Friends

    I’m also going to buy apache. Can any one tell me Which bike is better in Mileage and Ride
    Apache rtr 180 or Apache rtr 160 Hyper Edge or Apache 180 fi.

    • rtr180

      If you’re really looking for mileage, then you should go for the fi version. There is no fi version for 180. Fi is availbale for 160 only. Other versions availbale are 180 and 180 ABS. 160-FI and 180 costs almost equal. 180 ABS costs almost 9K more than normal 180.

  • Vibhas Singh

    Can anyone tell what do i need to do make my apache to go beyond 116 … I have tried to race it … Wont go any further than 116 … Its been just over a month and its ready for its second service … Please advice … Thanks.

  • Dylan Xavier

    RTR 180 is superb,, i bought a new 1,, loved it..

    • abhinay

      please check the lubrication of the chain if it isn’t well lubricated it will make huge noise……….

      all the best

  • abhinay

    i bought my gray apache on 7th of april 2011. the bike was looking very promising but started giving tapping noise after only few minutes i took it from showroom (SAJAWAT TVS, VASAI). Yesterday when i took it for rto registration it suddenly broke down i didn’t know what was wrong the ignition was on the horn and indicators were working but not the self start and even it was not starting with the kick. i was very frustrated and i gave it to the service center. till the date my apache has done 101.4 kms only with the top speed of only 51 km/h. i couldn’t sleep whole night as my baby my rtr was out of my sight. today i’ll be going to collect it back and hope its going to be alright…….

  • abhinay

    bike advice is the best place to gain knowledge about bikes………….

  • raj

    hey guys,
    could u all discuss your topics later on about rtr 180 or fz or p220…….
    many of the new readers are waiting for the response of your comments that -“what is the mileage of the RTR 180 on city roads”. Well as u all know hows the condition of the roads. So testing your riding skills on these are all tough. But also Its good to see that indian motor companies are doing a very good job in producing these BEASTS. But these beast are just scavenging our pockets(tell me if i am wrong). The petrol prices are at there peak, and also It may increase to 100 rs in 2-3 yrs. So think of it before you buy any bike with your fathers payment or with your own…..

  • Gideon James Samuel


    hai friends……… me 🙁
    I own an Apache 180 RTR white.I agree with all d matters that u all shared over here.But i have many complaints in my bike.Just my bike is 11 months old.I have problems in d engine sound ,gear shift,beat,vibrations etc.Really i’m sick and tied with d free service.Nothing has been rectified.I dont knw where to complaint and hw to resolve this issue.I am seeking ur help.Pls help me.

  • Anil

    Hai 2 hear ur comments abt apache.My mind is at the verge of blasting 4 dis apache 180 frm Kerala .Tell me about the this ABS version .hav any1 owned it already,am seeking ur c0mments about diz apache 180 ABS.

  • karan

    hii need to know if it is good after two to three years or not please answer i need to get it fast

  • Mighty

    @Vibhas Singh i wuld suggest dat u dnt let ur byk cross 100 – 105 b4 3k kms.. so dat d byk’s engin cn get v.well adjusted..
    afta dat u cn do it even upto 135kmph..
    fully throttl when u r in the 3rd n 4th gear!!! 3rd gear cn take u upto 96-97kmph. 4th gear speed cn go upto 110 i guess!! after its fully throttld in 4th gear, shift 2 5th!! it’ll work well!!!

  • mazi

    pls tell me mileage of apache rtr 180..?

  • hemanga

    m a bike lover i got a pulsar 220 dts-i ,pulsur 220 f, ducati multistrada 1200…n my best bike rtr 180…..i lv ridin rtr…no mattr itz nt gud dn ducati bt it is awesmly bettr dn pulsar 220….rtr wid a ground clearance of 180mm rocks d road…..1 dsadvantage is dat due 2 its les weight handle shakes whn it accelarates ovr 100kmph

  • Prajju

    Hi 2 all…. I took ma Apache wyt some 2 months ago… and no doubt, it s a good launch by tvs.. High power,, sexy look,, Better control… and somehw better milage it s giving… wit the other side frm 25 days after purchasing it started to give sm troubls… there was leaking of Engine oil frm Engine….. it rectified arter 2 times repair…. and later it gave me a big trouble… that is sudden changing of engine sound ( Just lyk old scooters or M.A.T moped sound), it also rectified later… and there is a rattle sound in rear disc… The service manager says its due to DUST and Small pieces of stone encounterd in disc pad… and there is some vibrations frm speed 40 to 70 kmph….. and also Speedometer cable prob etc… I fed up wit these things and i wanna change it by Pulsar180…. Is any1 having same probs? Pls suggest me something……

    • karan

      yes…..frnd ur right…..some vibrations between 40 to 70 kmp and also rattle sound in rear disc…..

  • Kamalakannan

    I have Apache RTR 180 CC bike. I brought in 17/10/2011, With in 1 years 7 months my bike self motor is not working. I asked in tvs authorized service center, what they saying self motor is repaired, we can’t service the motor. And they said to me, self motor warranty period is 1 year only. Please any one tell, what is the warranty period of tvs bike self motor, any one tell a suggestion.

    • Prakash

      If you go for TVS then you will have to suffer these kind of service issues. The bike is good, but, the mechanics are not so efficient. They are capable for TVS MAX 100, CHAMP, etc. They treat this good machine like that only. Only because of poor service many have skipped to other brands. Is it believeable that a self motor can get repaired within 1.5 years? This seems to be your bike will make worthless if you still go for TVS service centres. Go for Castrol Bike Zone, etc. for better result.


    Hey friends,i’m a great fan of apache rtr 180.I’m planning to buy this beast soon.l’m 6 feet tall,is it suitable for me?

    • Prakash

      Definitely not, it is a small packed machine with high performance. Go for Yamaha or Pulsar, it will suit your height. Plan to buy Pulsar 180/220S.

  • I had purchased TVS RTR ABS about month back from MATRIX Motors Bangalore. After month of driving ABS is failed and it had major problem with gear system, I took my bike to Matrix TVS service center for 6 times, My experience with this bike and service center was very bad. The main factor is that even the bike is worse and the behavior of TVS service center was worst. They never try to found fault on the bike rather these guys will always put blame customer every time. I was using FZ-S happily, now I feel like I wasted my money without proper review. Guys please plz be careful before buying RTR new module, I suggest to go for Yamaha FZ-S, its best bike I ever used.

    • Prakash

      Hi Prabu,

      Don’t tell that you won’t review properly. You have bought a very good machine with ABS technology. No one can judge the service centers when buy a new bike, merely they have concentrated on the new bike’s performance only. However, the R&D for TVS RTR ABS is very good. But the TVS have to develop their service center mechanics like the R&D people. Better, find other TVS service centers and post your fault/issues to TVS customer care.

      You have a very good machine, hope you will get a good solution!

  • yash rawal

    hey guys i want 2 buy this bike but i’ve heard a lot of bad comments about it that it’s an t.v.s bike don’t trust on it.u will get engine problems in 6 or 7 months. so please someone can tell about it that it will get problems in it’s engine or not.

  • sanjay

    its the worst bike i hav ever seen n m changing it by r15 becoz there is lot prblm in its engine in a little rain it do not start by self or kick
    a bad n mst disgusting bike made by tvs
    shame on u tvs……


    i love my bike rtr 180 because of its speed and look…….. and also it s the one of my greatest gift to me and i’m so lucky 2 have this bike. thank u tvs for releasing this bike

  • syed

    this byke jst awesom … fact,it bcme a drm f mine!..!

  • Pranav

    is there any benifit by teflone coating,does it realy work; or waste of money?

  • Abhimanyu

    I am planning to buy a bike and confused b/w apache and avenger. No doubt Apache is good but i have come to know that there are many probs arising with apache with in 7-8 months. Pls suggest me about it.

  • vishnu

    its not a good bike…i m facing problems continuously…especially during rains..have changed my accelerator cable twice n clutch cable once this year as both of them gave way..chain of the bike has come off 3 times in just one day..doesn’t start with power start in rains…horn is a problem since last year..have even got it serviced from castrol but its of no use…petrol tank requires cleaning in almost every service..there is a lot of noise from the brakes…hve travelled 17000km on my bike…bought it last yr april…

  • Shiva

    Please, can someone having an rtr 180 cc rear discs for 2 yrs give some comments about the bikes present performance…