TVS Apache RTR 180 with ABS

Automobile markets have been witnessing a lot more change than one could expect. Everyday there is some new innovation in the world of two wheelers. No company wants to lack behind in these changing times. Thus, TVS has come up with ABS technology in its Apache RTR 180.

Yes, you have heard it right. TVS has already unveiled their all new ABS equipped Apache RTR 180 at Delhi Auto Expo recently. A source close to the company says that the company is to launch this amazing machine with ABS anytime soon. The launch date is however not disclosed but news has it that TVS will launch this baby by the end of February 2011. We have the very first video by Overdrive magazine featuring the first ride of TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS. You can find the video below.

As regards pricing is concerned, sources close to the company say that the price could be relatively increased by Rs.8000 for the ABS version i.e. the bike gets costly by Rs.8000. TVS is trying to uplift the riding experiences in its motorcycles and as a result the upcoming Apache 180 ABS will also sport sophisticated hydraulic ECU (Electronic control unit) and speed sensors. All in all, TVS has tried to improve rider’s safety with the ABS system.

Speaking of safety, Apache RTR 180 ABS also sports another safety feature termed as Rear Wheel lift-off protection (RLP). The main aim of this RLP feature is to prevent the rear wheel from lifting off the road in a panic braking condition. RLP is smart way to protect bikers because it senses the rear wheel lifting and immediately releases the front brake pressure for a fraction. Thus the rear wheel always sticks to the ground. Bikers also have an option to switch ABS on/off according to their wish. One thing is for sure that ABS technology will reduce the number of accidents. The Indian motorcycle market is ever developing and we will see lot of bikes come up with ABS and safety features anytime soon.