TVS and Jio-BP Announce Partnership To Establish EV Charging Infrastructure

The TVS and Jio-BP partnership aims to offer robust EV infrastructure for all customers… Other EVs can also use their charging network…

So, TVS Motor and Jio-BP have announced their partnership and together will be working on establishing robust EV charging infrastructure for two as well as three-wheeled electric vehicles all across India. 

Both the partnering companies state that this partnership will ‘help drive EV adoption in the country among two and three-wheeler customers who aspire to take a step forward in going electric’.

‘Jio-BP’ is a brand under Reliance BP Mobility Limited (RBML) which is an Indian fuels and mobility joint venture between Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and British Petroleum (BP). Other than marketing conventional fuels, RBML is offering advanced mobility solutions and alternate fueling options to their customers such as Electric Vehicles (EV) charging points and Battery Swapping Stations (BSS).

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This new partnership between TVS Motor and Jio-BP is aimed to establish both a regular AC charging network and DC fast charging network to offer their customers wide-spread and reliable charging infrastructure. 

Jio-BP is operating their EV charging and swapping stations under the brand name ‘Jio-BP Pulse’. Using the Jio-BP pulse app, their customers are able to easily find stations nearby and charge their electric vehicles. Under the terms of their partnerships, customers of TVS EV will get access to the widespread Jio-BP pulse charging network.