Whether the tyre is tubed or tubeless mainly dictated by the construction of the wheel rims in the first place, the tyre itself in the second and the nature of the riding you do. Naturally, rims with wire spokes that go right through the middle of the rim need tubes while alloy rims that are cast as a single unit can accept tubeless tyres. Rims with spokes that attach to the rim on the side rather than the middle, can be used with or without tubes.

Tubed tyres and their associated spokes rims are hardier e.g. one can deflate the tyre to a greater extent when travelling over thick desert sand. They can also tackle tough off road conditions with stones, rocks and potholes as the spokes wheels can handle this type of abuse better than alloy wheels.

Tubed tyres are seldom speed rated over 200km per hour as they generate more heat than their tubeless counterparts. In the event of a sudden puncture they are also more dangerous as the tyre can easily come adrift from the rim (unlike tubeless).

Tubeless tyres and their light alloy rims are not well suited to tough conditions as they loose their shape and the tubeless tyres can no longer seal themselves against the rim. One of the big advantages of tubeless tyres is the ease of repair when one has a puncture as the tyre can stay on the rim during the repair process (large side wall punctures are the exception). They are also safer at high speeds and can be speed rated in excess of 300km per hour. The tyre also fits more tightly onto the rim meaning that a sudden puncture is less of a threat (this is why “breaking the bead” is more difficult than tubed tyres). Badly damaged tubeless tyres can accept a tube in an emergency if they are ridden slowly back to a repair shop.

Mahavir Kothari

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  • fas

    I think now tubeless is a must on all vehicles so really a no brainier,

  • arun

    Hi Mahavir Kothari that was very useful and can you tell me exactly that is it good to use nitrogen gas for tube and tubeless tyres because currently i own gs150r which has got alloy wheels tubed tyres so i am planning to install nitrogen air here after to those tyres any suggestions………

  • Great info there…

    I have a doubt, can anyone answer me please – Where can I get a Michellin tyre for FZ-S (back wheel) in Chennai?

    • In chennai, michellin tyre I have seen a tyre shop sometime back between saidapet and teynampet on the main road itself. You can drive to check if there is a tyre shop somewhere there.

  • Shadab Nizam

    Very good and informative article bro….

  • madhu

    Useful and nice one thanks Mahavir Kothari

  • Thanks for the informative post. BMW also provides for some “run-flat” tubeless tyres (don’t remember the exact name) which can easily operate 250 kms after suffering a puncture!

  • thx bro. This is what i am looking for.

  • Himanshu

    tyres filled wth nitrogen gas are better at extrmly high speeds as it helps to keep d temp. cool n reduces wear n tear…
    it is usd in top end rolce royce……..
    but, dey wl do nthing mch on a byk lyk gs150 as it dont attains mch high speeds…….

  • Himanshu

    …….Its lyk fitting iridium spark plugs on a splendor….
    wastage of money n resources….
    it wl wrk efficiently on performance bikes lyk d r1, cbr, ducati etc.
    bt it doesnt makes sense on a 150 cc commuter…

  • arun

    Hi himanshu thanks for your suggestion

  • Ronnie Raju

    how much air do i need to fill in my pulsar 220 dts-i. i think they are tube less. please give reply to my email id

  • abhishek

    i have rtr 180 with tubeless tvs tyre how thick are tubeless tyres is

  • abhishek

    i have rtr 180 with tubeless tvs tyre how thick are tubeless tyres is
    dose they get a rare puncture

  • yash kariya

    please tell me that what i have to do if my tubeless tire is puntured

  • Anil Nair

    I Own a FZ OCt,2008.After 20 days its rear tyre got punctured very badly,I just put a tube of Pulsar fitted into its rear tyre, its working fine till now but I really doubt it s effectiveness and I feel very suspicious about the performance.I never dare to ride par 100kms/hr,due to the fear of tyre.
    Pls help me,has anyone did such thing…Pls help me !!

    • Nikhil

      Hi, Anil

      You don’t have to worry so much about the tube. If possible just find out what are the dimensions on a pulsar tyre and compare yours if they are near about same, stop worrying.
      You also need to understand that in India we have very few technically sound tyre vendors and repair shops. AT these stations tube is a tube.
      If it still haunts you, get a fresh tube it will cost you about 200 INR.

  • Nizar

    When the rear tyre of my Apache RTR got punctured, I changed the tyre with Pirelli SD Tubeless tyre. But since my tube was new I am using the tyre with tube for now.
    Is there any disadvantages in using the Tubeless tyre with tube ?

  • R. SelvaKumar

    Hi Friends,

    I have TVS Apache 150 Bike. Now the front tubed tire is in bad condition. The mechanic advised to replace the tire. So I decided to buy a MRF tubeless tire. It is the correct choice or not? Please suggest me.


  • Vikas Bhardwaj

    Hi Riders,
    I hav Avenger 220 I want to change with alloy wheel any body cn suggest me to change this


    Please advice me whether tubeless or with tube tyres are same, because some mechanics fit tyre with tube on rim without tube but with valve ,saying both the tyres are same suggest me what is right as i want to change tyres of my bike.

  • Bhavesh Suthar

    I purchased Honds Twister 110 cc one month back in mumbai, got side puncture in both the tyres and I had to put tubes in it as changing tyre would be too expensive. There is also some issue with change in gears of cb Twister…

  • manmohan

    can it possible to get tubless tyre in passion pro bike does tubless tyre give less average of bike. what is the cost of tubless tyre.please must reply

  • jazz


    this is good link to know the difference n pros n cons

  • Its really a gr8 and helpful article about Tube and Tubeless Tyres

  • Vinay BVK


    Off late, I have had this problem.

    Own a Fazer and the front tyre got punctured en route a road trip or so… Got it fixed then and there.. It seemed okay for a while after that..

    But, since a few weeks now, hv been encountering my front tyre’s deflation almost evryday..

    Is it that the puncture has recurred again or any other problems might have accompanied this..??

    Does less air in the tyres lower down the mileage and stuff..??

    Need advice guys…

    Vinay BVK

    • karlog22

      Hi Vinay,

      That may be one possible reason if the sealant strip was of a low quality. Check for other punctures too.

      Yes, less air reduces mileage over time as the bike has to push harder bro. Get it checked properly dude.. 🙂

  • Great Information..

  • C@RS

    Thank u for sharing ur knowledge and letting us knw abt it all!!!

  • Badmash

    Tubeless tyre can be converted into a tubed tyre , but tubed tyre cannot be converted into a tubeless tyre

  • AVRA

    i have BAJAJ DISCOVER 100 cc, 4G, tyre size: Front-2.75 x 17, 4PR, Rear-3.00 x 17. is it possible to replace it with tubeless tyre. is yes, by which one, which size? plz help. thanks in advance.

  • Rajkumar Subramani

    Tubeless (+)

  • Rajkumar Subramani

    Hi Guys,
    -can’t slept on any turning (angle corner) becoz heay grips on tyres
    -better riding even on stone and any type of soils (can’t bouncing on rough road conditions)
    -smooth driving effect on lower and also higher speeds
    -comfort to drive a long travels(consumes much less heat)
    -never gets blacky when compare with spokes becoz in a spokes after some years the rim is blacky in color because on some waterdrops lay on rims (in tamil thuruppu pidikum).
    the above points is got from my real experiance while i drive on all above conditions becoz i use these in my homes i dont know tubeless(-).

  • sandeep

    hi guys. today i replace my pasion pro tube tyre with tube less.its possible with alloy wheel rims only.& same tube tyre is used as tubeless just applying glue between tyre & rim … just fitted external valve & your tube tyre work as tubeless. required rim edge in good conditions for stick tyre with rim edge.

  • prabhu

    I put tube inside the tyre in yamaha fz rear wheel
    local mechanic was removed the snap valve in the rim
    I like to change tubeless tyre now is it possible