Triumph Speed 400 Accessories with Prices (& Video)

There is a big list of official Speed 400 accessories that Triumph is offering. You can customize your roadster as per your likings…

As I have been saying, Triumph and Bajaj (and even Hero and Harley Davidson) have come much better prepared this time to rival Royal Enfield, after failing to create any significant impact in earlier attempts. Along with a phenomenal product, brilliant pricing, there is a big list of accessories that are being offered for personalisation.

You can watch the following video that shows the fully kitted Speed 400 and how the roadster looks in reality…

Here are more details of the accessories…

Speed 400 Accessories

Headlight Grille – The black colored grille has also been lifted from the Scrambler (on which it is offered as standard). It is to prevent it from stones or any other thing that can damage the glass.

Top Box – The hard luggage box is lockable and can hold your helmet as well. It has a payload of 5 kilos and capacity of upto 35 liters.

Soft Pannier – This can be fitted onto the left side of the motorcycle and has a 20 liter capacity along with 5 kg payload. Price Rs 20,033.

Different Exhaust – Taken from the Scrambler’s kit is this 1-into-2 exhaust canister that sounded a little bassier than the stock unit.

Tank Bag – The nylon tank bag has an 8.5 liter capacity and can hold upto 3 kilos of weight. It also has the provision to store your smartphone in it.

Engine Protector – There are two engine protectors – Upper as well as lower. Both are made up of tubular mild steel with black finish. They prevent the engine as well as your legs during a fall. Price Rs 1037.

Sump Guard – This is again lifted from the Scrambler’s bin. The stock Speed comes with a plastic sump guard. This aluminum protector is there to save your engine’s bottom from any big bolders or rocks, specially during off-roading. Price Rs 4578.

speed 400 accessories
Here is the fully loaded Speed 400

Knee Pads – These are rubber pads that are self-adhesive and can offer your knees some cushion to rest your knees on. They also act as preventors from scratches, etc. Price Rs 1343.

Visor – The transparent visor offers protection from wind blasts. Price Rs 769.

Bullet Indicators – These are round indicators that come with 6 LEDs in that compact body. You can get these to enhance the ‘classic’ appeal of the motorcycle. Price Rs 2434 (front) and Rs 2490 (rear).

Radiator Guard – There is a steel mesh grille painted in black to save the radiator from mud, debris and other stuff.

Cushioned Seat – Extra stitched seat looks to offer more cushion and comes in a different pattern than the standard offering.

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So, this is the fairly big list of accessories that you can install on your Speed 400. Do note that all the official accessories offer two years and unlimited kilometer warranty.

In case you haven’t watched our review of the Speed, where we have discussed the roadster in detail, you can do so now, below…