Triumph Clocks 600 Bookings So Far; Tiger XC Completes Mission Kanyakumari to Kashmir

Triumph Motorcycles India Pvt Ltd has successfully completed the Mission Kanyakumari to Kashmir, thanks to a lone rider riding from the southernmost city of the Indian mainland, Kanyakumari, to the crown of India, Kashmir on one of the best touring motorcycles available in the country, the Triumph Tiger 800 XC.


The ride spanning over 10,000 km was divided into 5 legs, spread over a time period of 3 months:

  • Kanyakumari to Ooty
  • Ooty to Pune
  • Pune to Dasada
  • Dasada to Delhi
  • Delhi to Srinagar via Leh

India has a wide variety of terrain and each one requires a special motorcycle. There are very few products available in the country which can tackle all of them together. The Tiger 800 XC being one of the chosen ones. It has the right charisma and build quality strong enough to take you to the moon!


The brand Triumph, itself has grown pretty rapidly. They have managed to sell 600 units of their beauties in just eight months since its launch. This has been a significant achievement for a premium motorcycle manufacturer in India. Rides such as these have greatly helped in promoting the brand. Active usage of social media platforms to engage with customers as well as prospective customers has also been a key reason behind its success.

Tiger 800 XC has the rugged looks and comes with an 800cc mill has the power of 94 horses and 79Nm of torque. Tipping the scale at 215kg, the bike is indeed heavy but has the finesse to be one of the best off-roading motorcycles in the country. Tiger XC is priced at Rs 12 Lakhs ex-showroom Delhi.