Will Triumph-Bajaj Stick to Their ₹2 Lakh Promise for Upcoming Bikes?

Upcoming Triumph-Bajaj motorcycle’s price decision will be the most important factor for its success. We discuss if the partner duo can keep their promise…

Back in January 2020, at an event, Bajaj and Triumph announced the finer details of their first motorcycle(s) including a price tag of ‘under Rs 2 Lakh‘ for what was supposed to launch in 2022. The duo will focus on engine capacities ranging from 200cc to 750cc. And quite naturally everybody expected that this sub 2 lakh motorcycle could sport a near 200cc engine – the entry point of the window. Later on, I opined that that instead, the first Triumph under this partnership could get a near 250cc engine and here are my reasons of believing the same.

But later around 2022, the first spy pics started emerging that clearly suggested that the duo may be working on a bigger capacity motorcycle. You can check these pics here.

And while nobody still knows the exact (or even approximate) capacity of the upcoming motorcycles, that are launching on 27th June globally, a reliable website Autocar has speculated that it could be a near 400cc motor!

What makes me now align to their theory is the fact that this – 350cc-400cc is the crux of this retro segment. Clearly, the target is Royal Enfield’s massive buyer set (if you want to know how big is Royal Enfield click here). Considering that the ‘feel’ that is required in such motorcycles may not be possible in smaller engine capacities and the fact that these essentially have to have that ‘classic’, ‘retro’ appeal they can not come with truck-loads of latest technology – a near 400cc capacity just looks right – for a start! Rival Honda is also trying the exact same 350-400cc capacity with its India-specific CBs.

triumph bajaj motorcycle's price
Can a Triumph 400 be priced fairly lower than Bajaj’s own 400…???

Now the question arises – will Bajaj/Triumph be able to keep the promise of a sub Rs 2 Lakh entry price point? For what looks like a near 400cc model?

Considering the challenges ahead – it will be very interesting to see what is announced on the D-day. Here are a few pointers to consider..

  • We know that these jointly-made motorcycles will be sold under Triumph’s moniker (and not Bajaj’s). Will it not dilute the Brit’s brand?
  • How will the public react to a 400cc Triumph placed under Bajaj’s own 400 (Dominar!).
  • How stripped out will the entry model have to be to be eligible for a Rs 2 Lakh price tag? Again, will it then justify a Triumph badge?

On the other hand, this 2-2.5 Lakh price tag is the crux of the sales for Royal Enfield. In fact, the largest selling RE – Classic 350 gets a 350cc engine and starts at around Rs 1.90 Lac.

What do you think will be the entry price of the upcoming all-new smaller Triumph’s…???