Triumph 400s – 5 Questions Answered | Fuel Efficiency | Deliveries & More

So, Bajaj and Triumph have taken the market by surprise, by announcing a very aggressive price tag for its Speed 400 (launch article here). Answers of many more questions have come up from the official press meet and here are five of them that we are discussing today, quickly…

  1. When will the deliveries commence?
  2. Where will the Triumph 400s be sold from?
  3. Where will the Speed 400 & Scrambler 400X be made?
  4. What is the fuel economy of the motorcycles?
  5. How many units can Bajaj make of the Triumphs?

In case you do not wish to read further, here is a quick video answering all these questions…

If you have reached here, I know you love reading and here are the answers…

Q: Speed 400 & Scrambler 400X – when will the DELIVERIES commence?

Speed 400 will be available right from the second part of this month of July! And that is real fast! Pricing of the Scrambler 400X will officially be announced in October and that is when it is expected to be available as well. Bajaj intends to take one product at a time. This is beneficial for them both in terms of marketing (as each bike will get individual attention) as well as production alignment.

triumph 400 fuel efficiency

Q: Where will the Triumph 400s be sold from?

The Speed 400 as well as the Scrambler 400X will be sold exclusively through Triumph showrooms. It will NOT be sold by KTM or Bajaj dealerships. Bajaj will increase Triumph showrooms to 100-120 by the end of this year and it will be present in around 80 cities of India.

Q: Where will the Speed & Scrambler 400 be made?

Speed 400 will be manufactured at Bajaj’s new Chakan plant, which they call as Chakan 2. It will be shipped to various international markets like the UK, etc. It will also be manufactured by Triumph in Thailand and Brazil for respective markets. It appears that these facilities will more or less assemble these models with parts shipped out of Bajaj’s Chakan plant.

triumph 400 fuel efficiency

Q: What is the fuel efficiency of the Triumph 400s?

Nick Bloor, CEO of Triumph Motorcycles said that these motorcycles are rated at around 80 miles per gallon which translates to about 34 kpl according to Indian standards.

Q: What is Bajaj’s capacity to make Triumph’s 400?

Bajaj’s new Chakan-2 plant has a capacity of 25,000 motorcycles which is available for KTM plus Triumph models. Out of this, it can make 5000 units of Triumph for now. Depending on the demand, this total capacity can be expanded to 40,000 units and then even be doubled if there is a need, in due course of timeā€¦