Travelogue: Across Bangadesh in 24 HOURS on Yamaha Fazer, a 1000kms Story

Bangladesh is a country with an area of 56,977 square miles. It’s only about 1000 km from the northern most tip (Tetulia) to southernmost tip (Teknaaf).

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In the year of 2010 myself and Rohit, who is my partner in all adventures, has made a plan to ride our motorcycle from Teknaaf to Tetulia within 24 hours. Our main objective of this tour was to have a life time remembering adventure. We considered this tour as our dream; in fact it’s a dream. Up to this time nobody has tried to do this journey by motorcycle. If we can complete this tour within 24 hours it will be a record of Bangladesh.

Since 2010 we had been planning for this tour. We have gone through various long ride stories to get ideas. We made details planning of the route, resting time, refuel station, starting point, end point, bike preparation and lots of things. I think I can write a whole article regarding the preparation. Even after every planning in details we were in fear, because it was dangerous. Roads of Bangladesh are not good for such type of long ride by motorcycle. Most of the highway of Bangladesh are narrow and over crowded with traffics.

After all planning and preparation we decided to conduct this adventure journey on 23 August 2013. We selected this date, because it was Friday and as Friday is weekly holiday in Bangladesh, it’s likely to face less traffic in the highway. Now the most important point to share with you is, which bike we will use for this tour? In Bangladesh market Yamaha Fazer is the only bike available which we can rely on for such type of tour. You can have a look on my review of Fazer at BikeAdvice here. After reading this you will understand why we have chosen Yamaha Fazer.

I and Rohit started our journey on 22 August 2013 at 1930 hrs from Chittagong. We reached Teknaaf at about 0300 hrs, which is our starting point. Teknaaf is southern most point of Bangladesh. After reaching Teknaaf we went to bed without any dely. After having adequate rest we started our journey from Teknaaf at 1028 hrs on 23 August 2013, to accomplish our long cherished dream.

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From Teknaaf we followed the marine drive road to reach Cox’s bazaar. This is a very narrow road but this road will take your breath away by its surrounding natural beauties. Left side of the road you can enjoy the largest beach of the world and right side you can have the scenic beauty of the hill tracts. On the way we have come across some natural water falls. Due to shortage of time we could not have pictures of those places. On the way we had a tea break in a natural forest with lots of big trees.

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After reaching Cox’s bazaar we followed the Chittagong-Cox’s bazzar road. We reached Chittagong at about 1600 hrs. After having lunch at Chittagong we started for Dhaka. We had a short break in Comilla at 1930 hrs. After that we reached Dhaka at about 2325 hrs. There Soikot was waiting for us with Bluetooth intercom and hydration pack. As my Bluetooth intercom was not working properly so I requested him to manage one.

After some photo shoot we headed towards Rangpur. We had our dinner break at Food Village in Sirajganj at about 0300 hrs 24 August 2013. We had one hour break there, this was the longest break during the tour. From Sirajgang we started for Rangpur at 0400 hrs.
When we were just 75 km away from Rangpur, my partner told me through intercom that he is feeling sleepy. Then we stopped by a tea stall in a bus station, had tea, chocolate and enough saline water. Then I told Rohit that we are only 275 km away to accomplish our dream, we already covered 725 km, if we give up at this close, we have to repent for whole life. My words worked like magic for him, after that he rode like superman. Without any break, we reached Rangpur. We had a short break at Rangpur just to have some water and chocolate as breakfast.

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Then we headed for Panchaghar. After reaching Panchaghar we found that we have only 2 and half hours to reach our destination and more 119 km, it was the last leg of our journey. In this last leg we pushed our bike to the limit. We rode our bike with full throttle open and reached up to 124 kmph. Honestly that road from Panchaghar to Tetulia is one of the best road I have ever seen in Bangladesh. Anyone can ride this road more that 200 kmph. It’s wide with no traffic.

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At about 0910 we reached our destination, that is Banglabandha Zero point, the northern most point of Bangladesh. We have taken 22 hours 42 minutes to cover Teknaaf to Tetulia. Our long cherished dream came true. We could make a record in Bangladesh. Due to some obvious reason we did not consider any media coverage. Because the objective of this tour was to have a lifetime adventure not to get any media attention or fame. Thanks to the Almighty, as we could successfully accomplish our journey.

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Few Realizations After This Journey

  1. You must have adequate lighting or additional lighting for riding in the highway at night. We had additional led spot light, which worked much better than headlight. Truly Fazer’s headlight is very poor, without those additional lights this journey would be very difficult for us.
  2. Lube your bike’s chain every after 500km. It’s important.
  3. Clean your visor whenever you get time. Clear vision is important.
  4. Have enough water.

After accomplishing this journey I got a confidence that ‘’I can do anything”. This journey gave me an inner strength. It’s not only about riding a bike. It’s more about nurturing own dream even how funny, uncommon or small it is. All have dreams but few can complete it. My favorite quote about dream is “Dream is not what we see in sleep. Dream is what that does not allow us to sleep.”
Heartiest thanks to Riaz from BDMotorcyclist, Russel and Soikot from BRC, all the members of BWR and all bikers and bike enthusiastic of Bangladesh. Without their help, support and inspiration, this journey would be difficult for us.

With Regards
Mohammad Masum Al Mizan

Dhaka, Bangladesh