Tork Answers All The Questions From Customers On Instagram; Details Here

Tork have taken to Instagram to answer many burning questions of their customers… Checkout all the details right here…

Say whatever you want to regarding the bad effects of social media, there are some undeniable merits of always connected apps like Instagram. Gone are the days where there was no way to directly communicate with various manufacturers other than sending an E-mail or waiting hours on their telephonic helpline which were never helpful.

Now, every manufacturer has its own social media handles which have opened an easy two-way communication channel between them and their customers.

The latest and best example is the Q&A session held by Tork Motors on their Instagram where they answered all the burning questions from their customers ranging from launch to test-rides to their charger availability. 

Q1. When will the deliveries begin??

The most obvious and asked question of the Q&A, Tork hinted that the deliveries will begin in the month of April. 

Q2. When will the next payment window open??

The second most asked question. Tork answered it directly saying that they will start receiving their Final Payment by the end of March. They further added that for those customers who have pre-booked their Kratos and Kratos R, the company will be contacting them shortly. 

Q3. Which customers will receive the first batch of Kratos and Kratos R??

Answering this, Kratos Motors showed their soft-spot for their home city. They explained that they will begin the deliveries of the first batch of Kratos and Kratos R in Pune to those customers first who have shown their faith in their company and have pre-booked the electric motorcycles during the early phase of booking. 

Q4. What about test rides of their Kratos and Kratos R electric motorcycles??

Tying for the third most asked question, Tork again favoured the customers of Pune, saying that the customers from their home city who have booked their motorcycles or have submitted their interest in their bikes, will be the first preferred customers who will be eligible for test rides

Q5. Will the Home-charger be fixed or portable enough to be carried while traveling??

A very technical question. Tork answered this by saying that the Home-charger is fixed in design. They cautioned their audience saying that though the home-charger can be carried while traveling, they recommend not to do so. They further add that the owners’ manual that they will provide with the bike will carry all the information regarding the handling of the charger.

Q6. When will cities other than Pune, could expect deliveries of Kratos and Kratos R??

Here, Tork very confidently shared their future plan with their audience. They explained that the Kratos and Kratos R will start reaching various cities in 3 Phases

In Phase 1, the deliveries, the test rides will begin in their home city of Pune and are also planning to establish a full fledged service setup along with their first showroom. They also shared their plan to setup a charger every 5 km starting from Pune. 

In Phase 2, they aim to begin deliveries and test rides in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Ahmedabad beginning in the second half of 2022. 

In Phase 3, they aim to reach other cities, starting in 2023. 

Price of Tork Kratos and Kratos R

The Kratos and Kratos R, being electric vehicles, do enjoy the benefits of FAME II and State subsidies which decrease their ex-showroom prices significantly

And there you have it. All the answers that the company gave to their customers on the Instagram giving a lot of information regarding test-rides, deliveries and future plans.