Top Speed of 502 kmph Attained in a Bike

Attaining maximum speed in our bikes we own is always a thrill. Ever crossed 200 kmph mark in your bike? A serious Speedthrift (This is the word coined by me personally!) can cross 300 kmph with Hayabusa. Which is claimed to be the fastest bike on Planet Earth and there gets restricted our speed.

The previous speed record that a man has ever touched in a sit up motorcycle is 278.6 mph which is 448.33 kmph. Though higher speed records are set on clos3eed motorcycles, the above mentioned speed was the record for a long time.

Watch this video here to see the speed record being performed. The speedo dials are not covered in camera to visually see the speed, but turn on your speakers and listen to the voice towards the end of the video, which confirms the fact that a record has been set.

Now, Bill Warner from Florida has set a new record in his modified Suzuki Hayabusa of 311.945 mph. This means that he has crossed 500 kmph mark. The speed he has crossed in terms of kmph is approximately 302. Though the bike in not closed for better aerodynamics, the speed touched is really mind-blowing.

A small note to be mentioned here is that it was the same man (Bill Warner) who set the previous record of 448.33 kmph.

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