Top Indian 2Wheeler Manufacturers April 2022 Exports Overview

Top-6 Indian two-Wheeler manufacturers did not do well in exports… monthly and yearly comparisons suffered…

We have all the Export numbers for April 2022 for six of the top manufacturers of two-wheelers in India – Bajaj, Hero, Honda, Royal Enfield, Suzuki and TVS. 

Let’s see how each of them fared against each other in terms of Year-over-Year (YOY) and Month-over-Month Exports. 

For April 2022, the Export ranking has changed significantly both in YoY Exports as well as MoM. 

This time Bajaj occupies the top position overtaking last month’s leader Hero MotoCorp. TVS Motors this time overtook Hero as well as Honda in Exports, pushing them to the fourth & third place respectively. 

Top-6 Indian Manufacturers Exports April 2022

  1. Bajaj Auto – Ranking at the top, Bajaj saw a drop this time of 14.95% YoY while seeing a rise of 26.29% MoM. 
  1. TVS Motors – Exporting the second highest for April 2022, TVS registered a gain of 4.94% YoY and gain of 3.68% MoM in exports. 
  1. HMSI –  Standing at third in rankings, Hero is red in export for YoY but massive growth is MoM exports. YoY the exports shrunk by 1.51% while the MoM exports grew by 258.61%. 
  1. Hero MotoCorp – Standing in fourth, the results are all in red. The YoY exports dropped by a significant 32.15% and MoM exports shrunk by a massive 42.36%. 
  1. Suzuki India – Dropping down to fifth rank, Suzuki registered growth in both criteria. YoY their exports gained 26.41% while MoM rose 19.64%. 
  1. Royal Enfield – Occupying the last position again, Royal Enfield exports are q mixed-bag. While the exports grew 84.14% YoY, the MoM exports dropped by 9.75%.