The Top 5 Best Looking Indian Motorcycles…

Just a few days back, I was having a discussion with my colleague about the best looking bikes currently being sold in the country, and strangely the first thing that came to our minds were the Superbikes available and we both agreed that all the CBU’s and the CKD’s available are definitely lookers, so it made me think about good looking Indian bikes the bikes that the majority of the people own and ride.

So, I sat down to list down my top 5 good looking bikes, before someone starts bashing this list, I want to tell you beforehand that this list is purely my opinion, and the bikes are listed down in the order it came to my mind. I also want you to leave your comments on the top 5 of your choice. So here goes mine:

1. Yamaha YZF R15:

Let’s face it there’s something about fully faired bikes and R15 being the first bike in the country to have a full fairing definitely turns heads wherever it goes. The bike is a mini version of the big and powerful YZF R1, the twin headlights, the R1 inspired instrument cluster, and the fairing mounted mirrors, aluminium foot pegs all add to the character of the bike.

The rear of the bike is quite bland it’s pretty lack lustre in my opinion, but it still gives a different look to the bike in midst of all LED tail lamps. My only complaint is with the tires, though they are the best in the business, but it still does not go well with the look of the bike.

2. Yamaha FZ Series:

Another Yamaha on the list, the FZ-16 is the toned down version of the naked monster FZ-1, the beefy front forks (41mm), the exposed engine, the big tank, the fatter rear tire (biggest on any Indian bike till date), the midship muffler, they all add a lot of don’t mess with me attitude in the bike.

The bike looks good from all the angles, and demands a second look if it happens to pass by you. The digital console is definitely a spoil sport because of the small size as well as readability being an issue during day time.

3. Hero Honda Karizma R:

It was the year 2002, when Hero Honda launched the Karizma, it was India’s first bike to sport a half fairing, digital instrument cluster and above all an engine with a capacity of more than 200cc. The market has changed now, with exciting new models available, the Karizma is still one of the best looking bikes in the country, the fairing gels so well with the tank, and it doesn’t look disproportionate from any angle.

Hero Honda refreshed the bike by adding the R graphics (I am still looking for what does this R means), as well as the engine cover 3 years back. The still holds the charm against the new competition and looks hot in every colour.

4. TVS Apache RTR 180:

There are few bikes available in the market that can carry the yellow as well as the white colour effortlessly and RTR is one of them.

The 180 looks great in white, the golden coloured front forks, the bold RTR label on the tank extensions, the racing stripes running from the front mudguard, to the tank and the tail, the led tail lamps make the bike look really sporty. The petal disc brakes both front and rear as well as the rear 110 section tyre complete the look of the bike.

5. Royal Enfield Classic 350/500:

I was never a bullet fan, to me the Standard, Electra all looked the same, but this was one bullet that bowled me over, the post world war II styling, the pear shaped tank, the knee pads, the vintage instrument cluster, the single seat, the classically styled head lamp cluster, the rear fender, the tail lamp, each and every thing has been designed to keep the retro look of the bike and it all gels so well.

The simple look along with the modern machinery has made the Classic one of the hot selling models for the company, the Classic is attracting everyone from the hardcore bullet fans to the ones who always wished for a bullet but couldn’t gather the courage due to the past reputation and I am one of them.

Well, this was my list, and I agree that there are many more good looking bikes available in the market, but this is what I thought. Do let me know what your list is. I will be watching out the comments section 🙂

– Kunal