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Racing, stunting, impressing the girls are the activities which we perform on our bikes. We all love to ride fast bikes. They are the soul mates for the bike riders. Stunts are easy to perform on high pick-up bikes. Nowadays companies too are busy in making high pick-up bikes. The intense demand for the fast bikes has minimized the concern for fuel efficiency bikes. Anyhow here I have made a list of top 5 fastest Indian bikes whose ride every biker wants to make.

Bajaj Pulsar 220

Bajaj Pulsar 220 in the present time has made the highest sales for Bajaj among all five pulsars. Pulsar 220 has come with some of the new distinct features such as new carburetor, power output increased from 20 Ps to 21.04 Ps, smooth shift of gearbox and many more. I must say one good thing about this bike i.e. ride it before you say no to this bike.

Believe me this bike is fast enough to make your wet hair dry in seconds.

Hero Honda Karizma ZMR

Hero Honda Karizma ZMR is recently launched by Hero Honda, a new modified version of Hero Honda Karizma. This bike is too sexy and has a look of super bike. New Karizma ZMR costs around 1 lakhs.

There are some of the simplified features which older version of Karizma does not support such as its cushioned seats for better comfort, bigger foot pegs, there is a bit change in the speedometer too. New Karizma ZMR has a great look to make one see it for hours.

TVS Apache RTR 180

The stunning look of modified Apache i.e. Apache RTR 180 is loved by most of the Indian riders. With the revolutionary success of Apache 160, TVS introduced it’s another version which is also a big hit.

Some of the edited features which are not present in Apache 160 are its light weighted alloy, modified disc brakes and wider tyres and many more. No other bikes provides as much as features as Apache RTR 180 provides. One test drive and I promise you will fall in love with this bike.

Yamaha Fazer

Yamaha Fazer is launched by Yamaha after its two consecutive successes i.e. R15 & FZ. Yamaha Fazer comes with the fastest griped MRF tyres. One more key feature of this bike is its 7 step adjustable monocross suspension makes it a stable performer.

Its comfortable seat gives a constant balance to the rider. Your adrenaline rush will start pumping when you make a ride of it.

Kawasaki Ninja

Kawasaki Ninja is one of the most awaited bikes of the year. Its top speed of 175 kmph, six speed transmission, 250 cc fuel injected engine and many more features makes it distinct from other bikes. The cost price of this bike is around 3 laths. In above bikes I have mentioned its uniqueness and you must make a ride of that.

In regard to this bike I will like to tell you all that this bike has the power to make one fall in love who hates to know about bikes and cars. This bike is known to be the fastest running bike on Indian road.

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– Shubam

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  • Deepak

    FYI, I welcome guest posts from other bloggers. Contact me to get it rolling 🙂

  • Mahavir Kothari

    Dear Shubham,

    The list goes like this up to 250 cc.

    1. Kawasaki Ninja

    2. bajaj pulsar 220

    3. Yamaha R15

    4. Hero Honda Karizma ZMRFI

    5. Tvs Apache RTR 180



    Mahavir Kothari

    • Priyank Srivastava

      @Mahavir Kothari

      I totally agree with above top 5 fastest bike in India

    • Dhiraj

      thats good man!!!

  • santosa

    where is R15?

    • Deepak

      Yes I am also wondering about it!

      • santosa

        pls. have a comparo road test between 100cc.
        (passion pro,discover,cb twister,tvs star)

      • LOL, I’m also searching…. r15???

    • Rajesh

      I had preferred not to read this blog as I did not find the R15 on the news letter. Worst it was replaced by the Fazer.. !!!

      All this when we just had an awesome review on the R15 last week.

  • Pritam Dhamde

    Dear shubhum,
    Why u have included fazer in ur list and excuded r15 here?

    • laxmikanth

      ya pritam… also i wonder why he left this suzuki GS150R… very sad na.

      • venom

        lol 😀

  • Siddharth

    dude….where is the BLUE Yammy!!…THE R-15….it’s the ultimate performance tool in our biking market currently!!!…..try to replace the Fazer with the R-15 then it would be perfectly okay!!



    R15 is must in this segment next to P220.
    And Shubam, u mean to say it is Fazer 250??????


    dude you missed the r15 and added fazer ?


    Everybody asked the same question which also struck me. If you are a biker and talk about fast bikes the first name which comes to mind is r15. Meaning less post.

    • Achiever

      Exactly! Except R15, all other “sports bikes” (pulsar, apache, karizma) are same old school craps.

      • Sorry Friends for not taking R15. I would Like to tell you I had its Ride once and It was not comfortable for me so I didn’t mentioned.

  • Shahriar

    how come fazer is included here???

  • myla

    Yeah guys all r right, R15 s missing, I think it comes somewhere in the third spot.

  • lee

    wat bout RD350?

    • Priyank Srivastava

      RD350 is now not available dude….

  • Swarup

    Hmmm…first that guy left out yamaha r15…and then he kept the ninja in no 5…LOL

  • yasho

    fazer!!!!FAZER!!!!are u nuts!are u crazy?!!!

  • Ravi

    Whats new in this post????we already know it…inclusion of fazer in the list is stupid

  • niks

    your ranking sucks man…….dumbest ordering!!!!!

  • niks

    rankings for the real india roads should be –

    1. TVS APACHE RTR 180/160 FI (high power to weight and better 0-60 timings , lower kerb weight and sporty riding position ,awesome handling)

    2. YAMAHA R!5 ( pure light sports bike , amazing handling anywhere…)

    3. HH KARIZMA / ZMR (there is just slight difference in performance btw both , good engine and gears with niumble handling)

    4. BAJAJ PULSAR 220 f/s (fantastic power and 0-60 timings, but lacks flickability and handling is heavy)

    5. YAMAHA FZ/S (not ugly looking heavy front FAZER , FZ ahs good handling comfortable riding but 0-60 timings is not very great , not a great perfromer , poor top end )

    • Bhanu

      S… its da correct n exact order!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Pramod

        Congrats!!!!!!!!!! Dude. You are the best judge or bike psycho. I 100% agree with u.

    • pavan

      Where is karizma R dude……………..

    • nis

      1)P220fi : fastest indian.
      2)Apache rtr 180: quickest indian.
      3)Yamaha r15 v2.0: D most amazing indian.
      4)Karizma zmr: humangous indian.
      5)Kawasaki Ninja 250r: d master of all 4 above indians!!!

  • krish

    Where’s the R15?Please do a compare between apache 160 and the 180.It would be of great help

  • Vicky

    Where is r15 ?
    U included fazer n excluded r15 instead of that , wow dude , u hav a vast knowledge about bikes , haha

    • Dhiraj

      yaa really this guy is BIKE GURU……he he he he

  • hari

    Fazer?Among the fastest Indian bikes!now that’s the best joke I have heard in this year.Where is the R15,RTR160,P200,P180 and even the Hunk performs better than that of a Fazer.But if you inend to give top 5 ‘GOOD LOOKING BIKES’ instead I wont disagree that the Fazer is an eyecatcher!

  • Mir Amjad

    The list goes like this up to 250 cc.
    1. Kawasaki Ninja

    2. bajaj pulsar 220
    3. Yamaha R15

    4. Hero Honda Karizma ZMRFI

    5. Tvs Apache RTR 180

    • santosa

      perfect list

    • Aryan

      RE are not known for performance…u can put 200kgs on RE and can expect same performance but not the same with other bikes…
      RE is not the quickest to reach 0-60 or 0-100 but it can giv u constant performance…

  • Mehavel

    oops after reading the whole blog, I was scrolling up and down searching for R 15.. 🙁 its not been added…

  • Ninja at #5!!!! funny.. 😀

  • shiva1486

    hello Boss where is R15

  • shiva1486

    Facer at #4 ..and ninja in #5 what is this?????

  • Priyank Srivastava

    If you all are talking about just the FASTEST bike which is available in India (leave every other feature like handling,reliability…. blahh blahh….)

    Considering only the ACCELERATION (0-60,0-100) and TOP speed into account the list goes in the following manner:

    1. Kawasaki Ninja (because: no need to say any thing but its not an Indian bike)

    2. Bajaj pulsar 220 Dtsi (because: has highest top speed in Indian bike and good 0-60 & 0-100 timing)

    3. Yamaha R15 (because: has second highest top speed in Indian bike,good 0-60 & 0-100 timing and perfect blend of all technologies in Indian Bike)

    4. Tvs Apache RTR 180 (because:has very good 0-60 timing even better than P220)

    5. Hero Honda Karizma ZMR (because: nothing to say much…)

    and soon Mahindra MOJO will be there in top 5 Fastest bike in India

    • Akhil

      This is Absolutely correct !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yo man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amit

    Dude, seriously, did you end up posting this in this website by mistake? 😀

  • This guy has gone nuts… Ninja at the bottom, no Mach 500, no R15… Unless, he meant to review The Top 5 Fastest “Selling” Bikes For Indian Roads. Even in that case, this list is skewed!!

  • Gaurav Singh

    but all the above pulsar 220 is the best in looks & performance

    • Sakthi

      R15 is rated as the best looking indian bike by Overdrive, Bike India, Zig wheels.

  • Binu

    i must say its a useless review…i still not understand what he was trying to describe..

  • rtr180grey

    Fazer=14ps ,what is it doing among 16.9+ ps bikes …and what abt r15 ,one more is p180 that cheap bike u don’t even name it anywhere

  • sujay Roy

    You mean to say that TVS apache 180 and fazer are faster than r15..?

    • Ehan

      Dude TVS Apache RTR 180 is really faster that R15…..!!!!

      • nitin

        man listen firstlly sorry 4 da intruption bt. r15 reaches on 151 kph top speed n ware rtr 180 rech nly 138.

  • Darshan

    Where is yamaha r15
    ..The indian top 5 bike .Are
    1.Yamaha r15
    2.Pulsar 220
    3. Karizma Zmr

  • arjun

    where did r15 go and karizma zmr sucks it is bike here

  • I appologise for not taking R15.

    • vibhu

      dude apologies will nt do any plz edit or remove.gv yamaha d respect it deserves,if u cant god only knws wat kinda biker u r.

  • vibhu

    without r-15,d list sucks.Mr.shubham, its time 4 a reality check.i hate u 4 dat.plz remove dis crap or correct it.

  • bazith


    what karizma is doin in the list too…….. you could have put fzs… coz it the bike which changed whole scenorio of indian bikes with mixed genere. i mean its a bike with sporty look and comfortable as cruiser…….. karizma zmr looks like big brother of apaches in terms of headlight.

  • Don

    Where is our country’s only supersport bike The R15. This post is a joke.

  • shibin

    mmm….wer is r15?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

  • FAS

    The R15 is faster than a ZMR..

  • vas

    FYI, there is a bike called R15 in the INDIAN MARKET. Which part of world do you like Mr.Shubham? Wonder how this kinda crap stories are published on the web! Wake up KID!!!

  • vishal

    the pulsar 135 is faster than fazer!

  • sanat

    crazy guy!!!

  • Americruiser.

    With an actual sport bike frame, high rev engine that goes up to 11,000rpm, the only ‘true sports’ bike available in India below 1 lakh rs is YAMAHA R-15.
    The list should be like:

    1) Kawasaki Ninja
    2) Yamaha R-15

    And though cannot be considered as real ‘sports’ bikes, the following list also
    x) Pulsar
    x) Apache
    x) Karizma

  • pranjal

    you have listed the yamaha fazer
    thats ok
    but how can you miss the yamaha r15??

  • feroz

    where is pulsar ug4, nd how come the fazer is in list it hardly croses 90kmph. I myself touched 119kmph on pulsar ug4.

  • Vijyant

    Leave it guys, there is no point in telling a monkey that strawberries taste sweeter than banana..

  • imran

    Please have a compair apache rtr and PULSAR 220

  • Harpreet Chhabra

    This is very practical.

    last day i had test ride for P220, yamaha R15 & Apache 180, i was always provided ride with companies workshop man or employee sitting on my back seat

    R15 was stressed to make it pickup by 30 to 35% of its actual performance & i was not impressed by its acceleration as i told in the market.

    then on P220, the bike was not stressed for its acceleration performance, with man sitting on the back seat, but it gave little stressed performance in between 60 to 75 kmph.

    coming to Apache 180, the bike was stressed in acceleration with man seating on the back seat by 10 to 15% of its actual performance.


    i rode all of these three bike single seating the results were different as compare to weight vs power ratio.

    R15 was good in acceleration but not as good as p220 & apache 180, naturally
    because of 150cc engine & it made me think that m spending rs 1.14k. on the bike which is not better than p220 & apache 180 in term of acceleration,
    (that comes in around under rs 80k) because the acceleration is main thing to bike lovers, top speed comes to second stage.

    after R15 i rode P220, at single seating i was impressed by the performance for acceleration delivered by this highly acclaimed bike by the Indian manufacturers.

    coming to apache 180, i was amazed to see the performance by single person riding, it was even having better acceleration than P220 & R15 as the performance.
    was really great, as it was just with 180 cc compare to P220, it gave me better result in pickup, it touched to 70 kmph in just little time frame, the exhaust notes were like flame coming out of silencer.
    there was a little vibration in this bike in between 60 to 70 kmph but after hitting 72 km the vibration was gone. at the end it was surprise ride.

    i didn’t had test ride for Krisma ZMR because i personally don’t like the fluffy looks of it, that doesn’t mean the bike is behind of these bikes, in term of performance & looks as i was told by the owners & they gave its feedback like P220 in acceleration & even better & stress free pickup with riding both seats occupied.

    coming to my buying results, i would go for Apache 180 that was like rocket ride, in terms of bikes in these days for rs 75K. i left the pulsar behind because m dam sure apache will beat P220 in 0 to 80 kmph speed. R15 lacks here for price vs performance test it can be more durable engine than these & top speed is also good like P220 & Apache. but at the end its 150 cc for rs 1.14k it could be fair to declare it winner if it could beat two of these in acceleration. but it was not better than P220 & Apache 180 in term of acceleration 0 to 80 kmph.
    P220 Is also good but it makes you feel common on the Road, while R15 & Apache 180 able to attract
    Peoples vision on the road & make u feel special, the handling & Brakes are also better in R15 & Apache 180 when compare to P220.
    Go and have test ride of Apache 180 for once than u feel the real mind blowing RTR thing
    that they call RAPID THROTTLE RESPONSE.

    • Ram

      It’s called as Racing Throttle Response & not the way you mentioned sirji!

      • Harpreet Chhabra

        some say it Rapid throttle response & some say it Racing throttle response & some say it Racing Total Response.

        so m also agree with racing throttle response, but everyone got here what i mean to say The term RTR.

  • dhiraj c raut

    common guys it is okay if somebody has committed a mistake…its okay …he must have learnt a new thing now…i dont understand if u guys now the fastest indian bikes then why should anyone post it for you,,…he might have tried for first time….well the post is about fastest indian bike that means only those bikes having fastest o-60 or 0-100 kph timings should be regarded irrespective of their looks ,on track performnce,class, cc,or power….simple fastest bikes only….no categories…
    my list ACTUAL LIST
    1.BAJAJ PULSAR 220
    3.YAMAHA YZF R15
    6.TVS APACHE 180
    7.TVS APACHE 160 EFI
    8.BAJAJ PULSAR 180
    10.TVS APACHE RTR 160

    1.DUCATI 1098 R TB
    3.SUZUKI GXR1000
    4.HONDA CBR1000R
    5.YAMAHA R1

    …2010 LEGAL ONLY
    2.MV AUGUSTA F4 1100C
    5.SUZUKI GXR1000R
    6.HONDA CBR1000R
    7.YAMAHA R1.
    8.DUCATI 848


    • sanat

      unicorn dazzler ??? huh..i think u hav gone crazy..if u consider dazzler then whr’z cbz,hunk,gs150r??? sick ???

      • dhiraj j raut

        the new dazzler is faster than cbz,hunk,and even gs150r…not by huge margin but it is….

      • dhiraj j raut

        if u think i am gone crazy….then it is actually you who didnt kn ow such a simple thing…

      • sanat

        Hello! u guys,dazzlers bhp is less than cbz n hunk,it may b faster than gs150r as their bhp r same…if u say dazzler can beat cbz or hunk then come 2 track…

    • jojo

      ur post is 100% correct..!
      Well done dude…

      • Dhiraj

        wht correct thing is there dude??? whr is R15 and why Ninja is at fifth place???

    • Dhiraj

      You tell me which one is the fastest bike if the Hayabusa (2007) is not with 317kmph mark and record braking speed of any production bilke???

    • nitin

      bro who gave u dis list tomahawk is fastest world bike 569kph speed
      n wareas busa 402 n mtt y2k 360 n fireblade n r1 299-310
      n 298 picked through augusta ducati bmw aprillia n world largest brand in 2wheelers

  • muthukumaran

    i think tvs 50 xl moped is better for the indian roads,

    • dhiraj j raut

      lol….too good on expressways too..?

    • Sam18881

      I think comparision should consider.
      1.engine displacement.
      3.actual top speed claimed.
      4. Maintanance.
      5. Looks n technology.

      now comments n see which are top byks.
      i think cbr150(i tink tis is perfect byk)
      3. R15
      4. P220
      5.apache 180
      6. Zmr

  • mustafa

    hey! i agree wid dheeraj……btw karizma r is also gud when it comes to dat which is fastest to go 0-60kmph in less seconds…

  • upendra katiyar

    i don’t agree with this, no place for R-15 yamaha’s most stylish bike , it also having a pottential to beat all the above bikes

  • Liionheart

    Guys commenting on R15 acc. please rememeber that R15 is racing bike so there is a special way to get acc. & optimum performance for racing bike . i.e. always revving the engine near redline, never geting the tachometer reading below its highest torque rpm doing gear change,and control on clutch, tire temperature, this need practice. tucking behind windshield to reduce air resistance also helps. Guys before commenting please learn to drive racing bike, don’t drive it like other street bike.

    • SriGanesh

      the topic is about fastest indian bike and not anything about race bikes.

    • SriGanesh

      If R15 is racing bike, then what about Ninja???? The post is about Fastest Bike and nothing about race bike or commuter bike.

  • guru

    Hey guys it is really happy to see all the comments from all over india, Can anybody tell me about the disc brakes. having disc brake in front is OK but having disc brake in rear wheel, is it enough safety for the rider. I am scared that wont these bikes skid very easily compared to drum brakes. In rural bangalore I find muddy roads, having two disc brakes, will it safety for rider. Sorry that i donot know enough on these disc brakes. Can any body help…………..

    • dhiraj c raut

      well buddy disk brakes are always good…think about this even mud bikes have disc brakes…..well your bike will skid even on drum brakes but discs provide better stopping power even on mud….for the mud thing there is only one thing that can avoid skidding i .e abs..and no indian bikes offer one…

      • guru

        Thanks Dhiraj……

        Any more info….

  • Sanketa S

    This guy does know about Fastest bike on Indian roads .,., I don’t know why he includes Fazer in the list .,.,. And how did he miss R15 , Classic 500 .,.,.,.

  • ikram

    1.cbr fireblaze
    3.yamahs R1

  • Pritam Dhamde

    @ikram bhaisaab
    Dekh bhai 1st of all its honda fireblade not fireblaze.
    And where have u seen current ninja 400 or 800.
    Tell me

  • in wat aspect u consider monster bike first explain bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Harish


    Do u hate Pulsars?????

  • sourjya

    nice buddy
    cool bike
    which is best of these pulsar or apache or zmr

  • @Sourjya: i think


  • sagar

    r15 shud have been included instead of fazer and karizma R instead of apache 180 bcoz apache is the bike with best pickup bt nt the fastest bike……. 😀

  • Ramesh

    Great list. Where is R15? Why ninja is in 5th place?

  • Nitin

    Appache n karizma R should not be the part of the list…

  • rockey


  • Dhiraj

    Where is R15?????

  • Dhiraj

    Is Fazer capable of taking top speeds like R15??? I didnt heard any more about this damn thing…..Shame on you man….

  • sachin m s

    hey dude where s R15???

  • sumeet

    hey dude where is the r15…..without it the list is incomplete……


    1. BAJA PULSAR 220 FI
    3. TVS APACHE RTR 180


  • nitin

    honda cbr 250-r has launched price rate 1.5 to 1.7 lakhs
    top speed 190 kph
    liquid cool engine

    new version of r15 gono launched in july2011 wid revamping skills.
    rear tyre width increases as well as also of front tyre.
    reached upto 160 wid better initial torque n da most current news it would be of nly 1lakh

  • Max

    Hi all, i was just going through the blog. As evry one has told about all the bikes but i guess u people have missed out with one bike. Thats YEZDI, i do know that not all the yezdi bikes are fastest but there is one bike in Yezdi group which is fast and that is Yezdi ROADKING. According to me the list goes in this way. Royal Enfield 500cc, RD350cc, Ninja 250cc, Roadking 250cc, than comes all the other bikes…….

  • winish

    wat ma……. wer is R15….?
    i think u don’t knw much abt bykz…….

    • biker

      Ninja 250r n CBR 250 is the fastest bike 2day in Indian Market..

  • amil

    wer is the real sport bike R15
    name is inough dats ruling alll over r15 rox

  • biker

    R15 is n’t good in power trainer, it has only 150 engine, where as karisma ZMR comes wth 223 c and P220 comes wth 220 cc engine

  • biker

    R15 is n’t good in power trainer, it has only 150 cc engine, where as karisma ZMR comes wth 223 c and P220 comes wth 220 cc engine

  • Prem

    Hello,,all u searching only the fastest bike ah,,,read the topic heading,its noted by Indian roads…so v have long vision to clarify this..if u looking for fast fast fast only means ,thts the above comments r good… But u looking for fast with comfort riding+safety driving+best gripping+international standard engines means ,the above rating is perfect…i want to ask u peoples those scolding the fazer,”will u think the fazer 150 is not recommended for above ratings,, because of speed speed speed,thn the FAZER 250 and 900 is thr,,,mind it,,,fazer 150 is suitable for above ranking…

  • mukul

    its really great.

  • Aegan

    Dude, rtr starts shivering after it crossess 70(try it if u did.nt believe). Its pretty tough to take across 120. So check out the rankings. Ninja should lead d rankin. I’m using rtr180.

  • Suhas

    Where the fuck is cbr250.! According to me, the list goes like this! 1.kawasaki ninja cbr250 3.bajaj pulsar220 4.yamaha yzf r15 apache rtr180

  • Rahul raj

    1.pulsar 220
    2.pulsar 180(ug 4 moded)
    4.Apacha 180rtr
    5.unicorn dazller

  • Rohit raj

    1.Pulsar 220
    2.Pulsar 180
    3.apache rtr180
    4.cbz extreme
    5.karizma rock!

    Pulsar 180 ug 4 moded is best buy bike in india it gives upto 45km/l
    and top speed upto 170km/h (but pulsar 180 2008 model is the
    worst bike in india its top speed is 70km/h i have tested it

  • sohail

    220 is the best best best bike in the india


    1) NINJA 250 (175 km/hr) (3 lakhs) (22 km/l)
    2) CBR 250r ( 160 km/hr) (1.6 lakhs) (28 km/hr)
    3) PULSAR 220 (148 km/hr) (86 k) (40 km/l)
    4) YAMAHA R15 (135 km/hr) (1.19 lakhs) (35km/l)
    5) APACHE RTR 180 (128 km/hr) (88 k) (42km/l)

    these r the five fastest bikes for the indian roads…

    • SPEED

      2) CBR 250r ( 160 km/hr) (1.6 lakhs) (28 km/l)

      sorry I put km/hr instead od km/l and APACHE RTR with ABS model price is 88k
      ENJOY the ride and be the fastest..taking care of budget also.

  • santhosh matthews

    Dear all,
    Considering the top fastest bikes in India there are many because most of the legendary bikes have entered into Indian market as you know for example Ducati,BMW,Honda,Suzuki Etc., Apart from this well known bikes are few. In that comes below the fastest bikes..
    1. Ninja250-175Km/hr
    2. Cbr250 -164km/hr
    3. R15 -150km/hr
    4. Karizma r-145km/hr*
    5. P220 -143km/hr
    6. Zmr -140km/hr
    7. Rtr -128km/hr.

    Many guys may be disgusted by placing Karizma r at 4. But it’s true because, Ma r is 150kg and ma zmr is 159kg existing with same engine capacity in both. Even Ma zmr loaded with new functions but HH failed to increase ps,nm so ma r is faster than ma zmr.


  • Megatron

    pick up of r15 is better tan pulsar…ride quality and sporty look is more in r15 than pulsar….but top speed of pulsar is more than r15….ask me u go for r15 it is more sporty bike…and looks of r15 is much better than pulsar… -varun, yahoo answers

  • jatin

    the ninja bike is very deshing and cool and very fast bike so drive it

  • krishna

    Pulsar 200 CC can beat present fastest bikes, and I road bike with a minimum speed of 150 km/hr, particularly I have reached 100 km distance (on NH5) with in an hour…

  • azeem

    the fastest bike will be apache rtr 160 and 180

    kawaski ninja sucks and the worst bike in the universe

  • harish harsha

    its not at all rite i m sorry…………piz put in a rite way…i request

  • hemant

    i have a ducati monster 795 its very-very fast………

  • shadab

    Karizma bohot aram se 160 chali jati he.ham chala chuke he

  • vicky singh thakur

    Rtr 180 is da racing breed. No 1 can stop him. Power to command others,aweaome,powerful bike nice look. And it always rule da road always.

  • hitesh

    i think u r wrong
    buy speed and pick up
    1) ninja 250
    2)honda cbr 250
    3) ktm duke 200
    4)pulsar 220
    5)karizma zmr 223

  • Identity

    Above All the Indian Bikes Yamaha RD350 Is A Break Through MONSTER SPEED BIKE…GUYS..

  • Adarsh

    Hey Rajesh…..its true that people had lost their sensitivity….how could they skip R15…?we guys love R15………

  • Ricky

    If we will talk about Top 5 indian bikes then I would rate as follow:

    For its 21 bhp power outstandin pickup and top speed.

    2.) Yamaha R15
    For its sporty looks……. just kidding
    For its power with 150 cc engine and feeling of a true superbike.

    3.) Apache 180
    For its amazing pick up and obviously for its off road capability.
    Actually this is a tru indian street bike.

    4.) Royal Enfield
    For its macho looks.
    For its power

    5.) Hero CBZ
    For changing the meaning of motorcycle in India.

    6.) Bajaj Platina, Hero Splender, Hero Passion, Hero CD Dawn
    For the people who drive it as rash as they can
    advice for them bhai logon moped ko jitna bhi bhagalo woh 100 se upar nahi jayegi .
    Tumhe dekh kar mujhe hansi bhi aati hai aur dar bhi lagta hai ki meri bike ke aage na bikhar jao kahin.

  • sri

    As i owned rtr 180 abs really its is faster than compare to r15 and neck to neck with p220

  • Abhishek

    I consider karizma zmr is the best byke after ninja because it goes 0-60 in just 3 sec and his top speed is 145 km/hr

  • dinesh karthik

    whr s cbr 250

  • nz abdulla

    the list given here is the bullsht …

    fastest bikes of india in my senses includes
    1.kwski ninja
    2.cbr 250
    3.duke 200
    4.pulsar ns 200
    5.pulsar 220/karizma
    6.yamaha r15

    ..why do you made t list of creepers??

  • Lio Pranam

    pulsar 200NS. z fastest bick in India. ..
    do u agree guyz? ??

  • Nil Kamal Nayak

    I have my own R15. Belive I have taken all bike for ride. Handling at ccorner apache and CBR 250R.
    For excellent pickup r15 and cbr 250r.
    If u go for stylish look then r15 is best.

    For stunt go for pulsar 220.

    Note:-dont go for karizma zmr because there is no pickup and exhaust sound also very bad

  • shu shu iwana bu a flying car in fuucture as a namibian

  • parvas24 .

    I would disagree with all the above bikes mentioned.Today India has higher capacity bikes avaliable locally. To me the top fastest bikes in India would be :
    Triumph X800
    KTM duke 390
    Honda CBR 650cc
    Suzuki Hayabusa
    Yamaha MT 01
    Harvey Davidson Street 750
    TNT Benelli 300
    Royal Enfield Continental GT 535