Top Four Most Exotic Tourers You Can Buy in India [From 16 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs]

Motorcycling culture is on a rise. While the average Joe (okay Ramesh!) will take even the humble Splendors to the highways, if you thought there is a dearth of touring choices in this post-liberal and globalised India you need to take a look at the offerings we will talk about today…

The market is steadily growing including the luxury segment. India has managed to attract some of the best metal in business and we have manufacturers lining up to launch some of their best engineering marvels in our subcontinent.

Touring is one inseparable part of this motorcycling culture we are talking about. Every year the number of intra-country tourers are also increasing. Bikers are not only using their steeds for regular inter city travel but also for attending special motorcycling events which are also increasing by the day. So, here I present a list of the four most exotic tourers available in India.

Most Exotic Tourers in India

  • Indian Roadmaster :
Indian Roadmaster Price Rs  36,70,278

Indian-Roadmaster-Diamond-Blue-Pic-Auto-Expo (1)

On the top of the Indian food chain sits a monster by the name Roadmaster. Powering this bike is the same 1,811 cc ThunderStroke 111 engine which powers most of the other big Indians! It churns out 138.9 Nm of peak torque at 2,600 rpm and weighs a mammoth 406 kilos (dry). To carry your home, you get two saddlebags, one massive trunk with cushions for the pillion rider, lower fairing glove box and upper fairing storage. And if you ever get bored of riding… connect your smartphone to the 200 watt stereo, relax and just feel the monster gulping down roads without burping! While we are at it, you can read BikeAdvice’s Great Indian Roadtrip on Chief Vintage & Chieftain here.

Honda Goldwing: 

Goldwing Price Rs 28,50,000  Now increased to Rs 29,95,014

2015 Honda GoldWing

Next on our list is the only Japanese here, and it would not be wrong to say that she is nothing less than a penthouse on two-wheels. The Honda Goldwing, almost the epitome of tourers, is powered by a 1,832 cc liquid cooled flat 6 cylinder mill churning out 118 PS of maximum power at 5,500 rpm and 167 Nm of peak torque at 4,000 rpm. Apart from warmers, blowers, stereo and large storage space as seen in the rest of the line-up in this list, the Goldwing also gets airbags! If you are unaware that’s a first!!!

  • Triumph Thunderbird LT:
Thunderbird LT Price Rs 16,40,000

Not very often do you call a near 20 Lakh (which will be its on-road price in some cities) motorcycle as the cheapest but it IS the cheapest motorcycle in this list of exotics! The Thunderbird LT is one of Triumph’s crowning glory and is powered by a 1,699 cc parallel twin mill which produces 94 PS of maximum power at 5,400 rpm and 151 Nm of peak torque at 3,550 rpm. The bike gets detachable saddlebags, ABS, white walled radial tyres, belt drive and a full list of accessories to pamper you. However, unlike the rest of the line up, the Thunderbird LT does not get a music system. So why have we included her in our list? Triumph’s pricing bet. At 16.4 lakhs, LT is one of the torquiest offerings in the segment!

  • Harley Davidson CVO Limited: 
Harley CVO Limited Price Rs 49,32,000 Price now increased to Rs 50,62,00


Rounding up the list is the most expensive motorcycle in the Indian line-up for the US based manufacturer. The Harley Davidson CVO Limited gets a touchscreen infotainment system (did we mention a carbon fibre cone woofer?), feel of a king and hand laid graphics. Powering it is an 1,801 cc twin cooled twin cam 110 mill churning out 156 Nm of peak torque at 3,750 rpm.

I know you are feeling itchy and it would be anybody’s dream to ride these exotic top-of-the-line touring monsters. They are beautiful, massive, thunderous and signify the epitome of anything which could be called as “touring on two wheels”. If you are given a magical wand with one choice to make – which Indian road will you ride on and more importantly which one of these?

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