The Top 4 Ownership Reviews on BikeAdvice

Before you guys start bashing me for something, I want to tell you very clearly whatever written in the article is all my personal opinion and there is no intention to hurt or point out anyone. I’ve been the reader of bikeadvice since past more than 2 years and I’ve read a lot of articles ranging from technology, latest news in the biking segment or the reviews of the latest bikes being launched in the country. But, the thing that I like the most is the ownership reviews submitted by various people, owning, riding and living with their machines.

Owning a bike is just like being into a relationship, you have to give your time and effort to make sure that the relationship goes on well. To me, ownership review of a bike is just like an insight into the relationship. A good review not only talks about the pros but also the cons of the machine. The review should not talk about dreamy stuff like the bike can smoke any other bike in the country; instead it should talk about the bike’s performance in the real world scenario, which should help people to make their buying decisions.

And last but not the last thing, a good review is incomplete without photographs, if you are so happy after buying the bike then share the reason of your happiness with others as well 🙂

So, here is the list of some of the best ownership reviews that I’ve read on bikeadvice, there are not in any order and this is completely my opinion only.

Not Just an Another RTR 180 Review – Arun Thampi

What I like in this review the way Arun has explained most of the details of the bike, along with the real world performance. He has touched some of the points like suspension settings, tyre performance, and the digital dash which give quite a lot of knowledge about the bike, and at the end he has also described the negatives.

Read Arun’s Review Here: Apache RTR 180 Review

Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS Ownership Review by Shadab

One of the very good reviews on Pulsar 135 that I came across, the best part of Shadab’s review is the way he mentioned about the choices he had while deciding for the bike and how he decided to go for Pulsar 135. This review is very helpful for people who want to buy a bike with in a budget of 50-60k.

Read Shadab’s review here: Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS Ownership Review

Yamaha FZ16 Ownership Review by Rahul

FZ16 has been quite a popular bike on bikeadvice with a lot of ownership reviews coming across, but according to me this one takes the cake. The few things that I liked in this review is the way Rahul described about the design, he has talked about nearly every portion of the bike from the tank, forks, the digital meter to the exhaust system.

Rahul also mentioned how the engine is damn good in the city and how much uncomfortable is the pillion seat on long rides.
Read Rahul’s review here: Yamaha FZ16 Ownership Review

Kawasaki Bajaj Caliber – My First Love

Last but not the least, this is not a review exactly rather a story, I thought of mentioning it here just because I felt nostalgic after reading this.

Here is the link: Kawasaki Bajaj Caliber

Hope to see a lot more ownership reviews pouring in which will help a lot of people to make their buying decisions.

If you have been a reader of BikeAdvice for a while, you would have read a lot of ownership reviews yourself. Feel free to comment on your top 4 reviews. Click Here to see the list of ownership reviews on BikeAdvice.

– Kunal Chanana