The Best Place to Buy or Sell Used Bikes

This is a review of the website This website offers free classifieds to either buy or sell used bikes. The listings on the site include specifically used bikes from anywhere in India. The website seems very easy to use as it has a user-friendly and clear layout. I particularly ventured trying all buttons and the primary motive is to buy or sell used bikes from anywhere. There is clear navigational icons to select make and model of the bike and then select the city and the state to place a listing either to buy or to sell a motorbike. There is even more I liked on the site. It has got a news column that feature ‘Two Wheeler Industry News’ which has news and events and product launches all archived according to the month. So you can pick up and check out the most recent happenings in the automobile industry or sift through quickly whats happened in the recent 30 days. Whatever way you choose.

Then there is a forum place for all those like-minded people to share news and views about various bikes. What I liked the most here is the sub-forum that features details of workshops including their address and reviews about the same workshop. Right now there is no information because the site seems just a couple of months old but will help many a users once the information is available.

Other interesting feature of the site is that it can be used by those who are comfortable with Hindi; because the web pages automatically translate to Hindi and becomes an eye candy page to all those who are conversant in Hindi. Additionally, there are bike pictures available which can be set as wallpapers. I also liked the videos the site housed, including the ad commercials of various bikes.

If you want to sell your bike soon all you can do is to become a premium seller by just paying Rs.100, and send all details to and as you hold on to your couch your listing appears in the google ads for relevant search results right from the next day onwards in addition to being listed on top deals section until its sold out. There seems to be quite many who have benefited from this service and I do think that just Rs.100 is well worth than taking that tension of running about to lousy brokers (if you know your maths you spend more in terms of petrol running to this and that broker who changes his tongue according to his whims and fancies). To find more information about it, or to start using the service, visit