Yamaha Tesseract Concept – Bike on Four Wheels

Yamaha has developed it’s new motorcycle which cannot be classified as a bike because all bikes have two wheels. Yamaha’s Tesseract turns just like a motorcycle on four wheels. It has dual side suspension which allows the bike to lean to the either sides when you turn.

In a regular two wheeler that we use, it can be risky when you apply your brakes on a rainy weather or on slippery surfaces and has a greater chance of slipping if you are at low speeds. The four wheeled Tesseract makes the riding more stable and enchanced while you can still enjoy the outdoor pleasure of riding a typical motorcycle.

The bike is powered by a V-Twin two cylinder hybrid powered gasoline plus electric engine. The upsides of owning such a bike is that it has more safety and stability and you do not need to put the side stand while parking! If this motorcycle comes out for commercial production, we can do wheelies and stoppies with more confidence!