Is Suzuki Working on a New 600cc Semi-Faired Motorcycle?

Suzuki seems to be getting aggressive with each passing day. The word is that they seem to be developing a new semi-faired 600cc motorcycle to increase their presence in the middle weight category. The interesting point is that they already have a fully faired 600cc and semi-faired 650cc motorcycles so where does this new 6oo cc semi-faired fit in?

Suzuki 600 cc 1

The company had showcased a prototype of a somewhat similar looking motorcycle, Suzuki Stratosphere, back in 2005 but that was a 6 cylinder 1,100 cc engine. There though is a striking similarity in the head lamp layout which is graced with LEDs.

Reported by Young Magazine, which is a Japanese motorcycle magazine (via TMCblog), the spy picture also reminds us of the Suzuki Katana, a motorcycle which they made from the 80s to early 2000s. It is not sure whether they are developing an all-new engine or thinking of using the existing 599 cc, 4 cylinder mill, liquid cooled, DOHC mill.

The present engine, which finds a home in the GSX-R 600 churns out 125.8 PS of maximum power at 13,500 rpm and 69.60 Nm of peak torque at 11,500 rpm, a respectable output for a 600 cc, that too with a fuel efficiency claim of 55.08 mpg (23.42 kmpl).

Suzuki 600cc 2

The bike from the spy pic reveals very little, but we can notice upside down front forks, brembo discs. The indicators integrated into the fairing look great and so does the front visor. The semi-fairing goes on to be a part of the fuel tank, the angular looks of which makes the bike looks muscular.

Very initial days these to make out anything reasonable from this ‘scoop’ but with time, new details will crop up…Till then, we wait!