2023 Avenis, Access & Burgman Street Launched – List of Changes

All Suzuki scooter prices 2023 inside with increments and list of changes…

Following Yamaha, Suzuki has also launched the updated 2023 scooters in the Indian market. It has a trio of 125cc scooters that it sells in the country today that include Access in the entry range, Avenis as a sporty scooter and Burgman Street as a maxi-scooter. Let us quickly list all the changes the scooters get and their prices.

2023 Suzuki Scooter Changes – Standard

Here is what all the scooters get..

  • OBD2-A Compliance – All the scoots now get this mandatory compliance of onboard diagnostics system. It helps in detecting system failures and Suzuki also informs that the instrument console lights up to inform the rider about the malfunction. This means that there may be minor changes to the instrumentation as well. It must be noted that Indian government has made the OBD2-A system mandatory from April 2023.
  • E20 Fuel Compatible – Gradually our government is inching towards reducing our dependence on petrol of which we are big importers. One of the solution that has been gaining traction is mixing of certain percentage of ethanol to petrol. However, due to certain characteristics of ethanol it may not be very suitable for our current engines and hence some changes have to be made. The 2023 version of Access, Avenis and Burgman Street come with this compatibility and that 125cc engine can tolerate upto 20 percent ethanol mixed petrol.
suzuki scooter prices 2023

Model Specific Updates

  • Avenis – In addition to the above the Avenis now comes with a new color shade of Metallic Sonic silver/Metallic Triton Blue.
  • Burgman Street – The maxi-scooter also receives a new color theme of Pearl Matte Shadow Green.

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Suzuki Scooter Prices 2023

Here is the complete list of latest prices of all the Suzuki scooters..

125 cc premium scootersColourEx-showroom, Delhi Price
Suzuki Access 125 Standard EditionMetallic Matte Platinum Silver No. 2, Pearl Mirage White, Metallic Dark Greenish Blue and Metallic Matte BlackDrum Brake Variant-INR 79 400
Disc Brake Variant-INR 83 100
Suzuki Access 125 Special EditionPearl Mirage White, Metallic Dark Greenish Blue, Solid Ice Green / Pearl Mirage White and Metallic Matte BlackINR 84 800
Suzuki Access 125 Ride Connect EditionMetallic Royal Bronze, Metallic Matte Black, Pearl Mirage White, Matte Blue, Pearl Moon Stone Grey and Solid Ice Green/ Pearl Mirage WhiteINR 89 500
Suzuki AvenisPearl Mirage White / Metallic Matte Fibroin Grey, Metallic Matte Fibroin Grey / Metallic Lush Green, Pearl Blaze Orange / Glass Sparkle Black and Metallic Matte Black / Glass Sparkle BlackINR 92 000
Suzuki Avenis Race EditionNew colour – Metallic Sonic Silver/ Metallic Triton Blue INR 92 300
Suzuki Burgman StreetNew colour – Pearl Matte Shadow Green Existing colours- Pearl Moon Stone Grey, Metallic Matte Black No. 2, Metallic Matte Bordeaux Red and Pearl Mirage WhiteINR 93 000
Suzuki Burgman Street Ride Connect EditionNew colour – Pearl Matte Shadow Green Existing colours- Matte Blue, Metallic Matte Black No. 2, Metallic Matte Bordeaux Red and Pearl Mirage WhiteINR 97 000

In this process, the Access has received a price increse of Rs 1500 whereas the Avenis has become costlier by 2100 across all rspective variants. The top of the line Burgman Street has received a premium of Rs 2800 (on the standard version) and Rs 3400 (on the Ride Connect variant). Suzuki hasn’t shared any word on the most premium EX variant and hence we are assuming that it is still awaiting this update.