Suzuki Sales September 2022 – Highest Ever Monthly Sales Recorded Ever

Suzuki sales for September 2022 is a milestone for the company as they have registered highest ever sales in India…

Suzuki Motorcycle India have released their sales numbers for the month of September 2022. 

Domestic sales did really well for the company once again and they have proudly announced the highest-ever two-wheeler sales in India.

Suzuki registered Gross Sales of 86,750 units for September 2022. It is a growth of 27.55% compared to 68,012 units sold in September 2021. 

Suzuki Two-wheeler Sales September 2022

Year-over-Year Sales

Suzuki Motorcycle India registered Domestic Sales of 72,012 units in September 2022, up by 29.50% compared to 55,608 units sold in September of 2021.

Similarly, the Exports showed a growth of 18.82%, growing from 12,404 units in September 2021 to 14,738 units exported in September 2022. 

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Month-over-Month Sales

The MoM sales also paint a good picture for Suzuki, except Exports. 

The MoM Domestic Sales expanded by 11.38%, increasing from 64,654 units sold in August 2022. 

Conversely, the Exports contracted by 1.12%, down from 14,905 units sold in August 2022. 

Hence, the Gross Sales MoM expanded by 9.04%, increasing from 79,559 units registered in August 2022.