Suzuki Breaks Its Record; Registers Best Ever Sales in May 2024

Suzuki May 2024 sales come as a surprise and it is now conclusively ahead of rivals like Royal Enfield and Yamaha in India…

Suzuki Motorcycle has been looking impressive with continuous sales improvement – primarily driven by its scooters in India. In the month of May 2024, the company informs that it has achieved dispatches of 1,11,512 units – which are its best ever numbers. Last May the company registered total sales of 91,316 units signifying a 22 percent year-on-year improvement.

Out of this, Suzuki sold 92,032 units in the domestic market this May as compared to 67,040 units in May 2023 – again a significant growth of almost 25,000 units or 37 percent. This has meant that Suzuki has broken all its previous records and this could be the month that could set the tone for the coming year – which includes the very important festive season.

Suzuki may 2024 sales
Though these numbers should be inspiring for Suzuki but the Jap should look to offload its complete reliance on scooters…

Exports, on the other hand, were down to 19,480 units this May – as compared to 24,276 units in the same month last year.

Suzuki Sales May 2024

Domestic92,032 units
Exports19,480 units
Total1,11,512 units

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These numbers suggest that Suzuki may have taken a conclusive lead for the fifth place – which has been a fighting spot between the 2 Japs – Suzuki and Yamaha and Indian Royal Enfield for a fairly long time now. Royal Enfield registered total sales of 71,010 units in May whereas Yamaha is yet to release its sales data for the last month.

Suzuki hasn’t reported its motorcycle vs scooter sales numbers. As we highlighted few months ago, motorcycles have been the company’s biggest weakness. It is almost completely on the back of scooters that Suzuki is riding the Indian wave. How and when will motorcycles start firing for the brand is a game we are waiting to see…