Speculation: Inazuma to be Completely Discontinued from India Soon

Suzuki Inazuma, known for its refinement, long and comfortable cruising capabilities and its insane initial price was launched in India only a few months back. At its original price tag of Rs 3.1 Lakhs, it was a very costly affair, one which just did not feel apt for such a motorcycle. However, soon after Suzuki realized their mistake and slashed a whole 1 Lakh off the bike’s price, but it was possibly a little too late or still too much…!

Inazuma 1

Apart from the not so aggressive looks, Inazuma failed because of its drab specifications and better prepared competition. The Inazuma, with its 248cc twin cylinder, liquid cooled engine produces a modest 26PS of power and 24 Nm of torque. Yes it is a very decent bike and impresses with its finesse, quality and simplicity, but it just doesn’t have that pull to attract customers.


A few weeks back, Suzuki India took the motorcycle off its website completely which created quite a stir but it was assured that it won’t get the axe. And amidst all the indications, here comes a report at Zigwheels, which claims that Suzuki is planning to discontinue the motorcycle completely from its line-up in India by March 2015. The reason quoted is the current price point of Inazuma which doesn’t make it viable for the company to continue selling it here!

Inazuma 2

If you are a current owner of Inazuma, don’t fret as the company does promise to provide all the spares and service support at their dealerships. Let us see how does Suzuki manage this discontinuation of Inazuma and take care of its existing owners. If you are a current owner of Inazuma, do keep us posted about your experiences…