Suzuki Fiero F2 and Ramesh’s Experience with Bikes

My name is Ramesh I am 38 years old and from Chennai. I have a deep interest and passion about bikes. I used to read every news and reviews about bikes published in magazines right from my childhood. When I was studying seventh standard I had a chance of riding my Father’s friend’s bike Enfield Silver Plus and had a nice experience of riding a geared two wheeler for the first time. Before that I had a chance of riding a moped called Suvega. It will be similar to a moped called Hero majestic.

For starting the engine the accelerator should be pressed on the reverse & the speed of the moped was really good when compared with other mopeds available during that period. I hope most of us don’t know about that brand before our Suzuki’s & kawasaki’s launched.. I bought my first two wheeler TVS Suzuki max 100R during 1999 & I rode it for nearly 5 years without any accident & major expenses. In Suzuki max 100 R the suspension is very hard when compared to other bikes. During 2004 I replaced the same with a one year old TVS Fiero F2 Bike which has clocked 10,000 Kms.

With the Fiero F2 I had a nice experience of having the extra comfort of additional engine cubic capacity when compared to my old bike. I had to replace my rear tyre with a TVS make Zapper tyre (Used in TVS Apache) for better road grip & comfort in my ride. I regularly commute to office by bike for nearly 35 kms in Chennai traffic. I care for my bike and take it for regular servicing @ dealer end. Once I had a peculiar problem of not starting due to ignition coil. Sometimes the bike will start and sometimes it won’t. Then I came to know that it was due to the coil.

We need to care for the bike like we care for our body. We should listen to every extra sound that is emanating from the engine or from the chassis of the bike. Regular replacement of engine oil at regular intervals will lead to better engine performance and mileage and better starting. Due to my good maintenance schedule, my bike gave a good mileage of 50 to 55 kmpl average. Also I used to enter the kilometer reading in the bill received from Dealer for better tracking. I used to maintain a separate file for filing the bike documents and bills for future reference.

I had taken by bike for a long travel of 200 kms at a single stretch with out any problem. I managed to make up a maximum speed of 105 Kms in my bike with less vibration. My bike’s vibration reduces when I accelerate above 60 kms speed. Atpresent my bike has clocked 58,000 Kms and still working fine. I am really happy about my bike’s performance. I use to clean my bike whenever I am taking it out for commuting. I enjoy my bike’s disc brake very much and the comfort it gives in sudden stopping. The spare parts of the bike should be replaced as per manufacturer’s recommendations as mentioned in the Owner’s manual.

– Ramesh