Suzuki Eyes 10% Market Share In 125cc Category Bikes

Suzuki is making lot of news these days; first they planned to raise their production capacity to 5.4 lakh units a year and now they are eyeing 10% market share under 125cc bikes category. Suzuki believes that 125cc bikes are meant for urban youth and thus increasing their stake in market wouldn’t be much of a deal. They are also planning huge investments of approximately 500 crores, which will be employed in enhancing their advertising techniques and also the production capacity.

Suzuki identified that the 125cc market have experienced a boom and is also popular because of the cost and the fuel efficiency features, thus they are targeting the segment. At a conference, it was revealed that the time frame by which Suzuki wishes to occupy 10% market is by the end of this financial year. Experts say that opting for long term plan can help Suzuki materialize its objectives. Suzuki wishes to produce more bikes in the 125cc category in the coming years. Let us wait and see if Suzuki can concur 10% of the market during this financial year. As far as the current situation is concerned, Suzuki doesn’t seem to impress youth with its 125cc range. Therefore, it will to be a rare site to see Suzuki succeeding in their aim of concurring 10% of the markets by the end of this financial year.