Suzuki to Enter 100cc Segment – Wants to Roll Out Entry Level Bikes

Suzuki is looking to strengthen its position in to the Indian two wheeler market by entering the entry level 100cc segment. With this move Suzuki wants to take on major players like Hero Honda and Bajaj. Suzuki knows that the entry level 100cc segment is highly competitive and no manufacturer can survive the heat unless they have good product lineup, good after sale service and affordability.

Suzuki has been claiming that they can take on the competition and that they stand an equal chance on par with major players. Mr.Atul Gupta (Vice President, marketing and Sales) said that the entry in to 100cc segment will help the company gain considerably good amount of market share because 50% of the Indian bike market comprises of 100cc commuters. One thing is for sure that if Suzuki succeeds in developing a 100cc bike that has all the features like affordability, fuel efficiency and looks they can pocket some part of this humongous market share. Suzuki’s motive behind this move is to increase their goodwill, enhance their sales and gain customer loyalty.

Speaking on Suzuki’s road map, Mr.Atul Gupta said that the company will mainly focus on product quality and customer satisfaction. According to him these two things are major constrains that should be taken care off if the company wants to grow and prosper. Mr.Gupta further said that growing distribution network will be Suzuki’s strength. At this point of time Suzuki’s philosophy is to make valued products that generate excitement.

As far as the past is concerned, Suzuki did not have any huge success with its products. While few products did not pick up any sales, few picked up marginal sales. Suzuki’s only success came from Access 125. Also the company was late to enter 150cc segment and thus it lost most of its customers to its competitors. The company’s recent launch Suzuki Sling Shot did not have that much demand.

Firstly we have many competitors that are competing with one another to stay on the top of the market. Now Suzuki is also prepared to give this segment a try in hope that this will enhance their brand value and customer base. We will have to wait and see what they do to nail down their competitors. We can only hope that Suzuki does a great job this time around.