Suzuki Announces New Product on 18 Nov; What’s That?

Has Suzuki let out Burgman electric launch date? Or is it something else that the company is unveiling on 18th November…?

Out of nowhere Suzuki has sent us a ‘Block Your Date’ invite which talks about unveiling of a new product from the company. The date given is 18th November.

The teaser further reads..

Witness the

Unveiling of



We have no concrete clue as to what this could be. But the language used here suggests that Suzuki may be talking about a new easy-on-the pocket 2-wheeler.

Since the company has cleared that it will not venture in the entry level motorcycle (or scooter) space we turn our attention to the next possibility – the spotting of its electric 2-wheeler.

Suzuki has currently only been testing one product and that is its electric scooter. Spy pics suggest that the company may be keeping it simple by offering it under Burgman Street’s clothes.

Burgman electric launch date
Burgman Electric is the only product that Suzuki has been caught testing on the roads…

So, this event could give us the first official sneak of the Burgman electric which would become the first electric 2-wheeler from the company.

Apart from the design nothing else is known including the motor, battery, etc.

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If this goes true, Suzuki will join the electric 2-wheeler revolution that currently has Bajaj and TVS as the main rivals from the mainstream/legacy makers.

If 18th November is the Burgman Electric launch date, it would be very interesting to see what price points will the company eye with it. For reference, the Burgman Street with that 125cc ICE engine is priced between 86,000 to 90,000.